Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

Vivy Fluorite Eye's Song anime series cover art
Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song

Series Overview

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song (ヴィヴィ -フローライトアイズソング-) is an original, sci-fi action anime series by Wit Studio. It was one of the best anime of the spring 2021 season, about on par with Nomad: Megalo Box 2 and Fruits Basket: The Final Season.

The series follows an AI singer whose mission is to make everyone who visits her at the theme park she works at happy through her singing. Basically, think of if Miku or your favorite idol VTuber performed on stage in a robotic body.

However, one day, Diva (later known as Vivy) is visited by an AI named Matsumoto who claims to be from the future. According to Matsumoto, there’s going to be a war between AI and humans 100 years in the future, and it’s up to him and Vivy to alter the course of history to prevent it.

Over the next century, whenever a critical moment that would lead to the AI vs. human war comes up, Matsumoto appears before Vivy with the details of their next mission. Also, although it sounds like it is, Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song is not episodic.

Other than the fact Vivy has some fantastic art and animation at times, what makes this series so good is actually the dynamic between Vivy and Matsumoto, and how the two of them react to the various situations they find themselves in.

Vivy tends not to agree with Matsumoto’s methods or priorities. If sacrifices need to be made, Matsumoto has no problem making them, which can make him seem ruthless. But on the other hand, Vivy is often incapable of seeing the big picture that Matsumoto is working toward protecting.

And, although this is an action series, I definitely recommend it to anyone who’s interested in drama and character growth.

Main Characters

There are quite a few important characters throughout the series, but most of them are only really featured in specific arcs. So, in this section, I want to discuss Vivy and Matsumoto in a bit more detail so their dynamic can be understood better.

Vivy, like all AI, has her set mission which is to make people happy with her music. This is important because it directly clashes with Matsumoto’s mission of saving the future of humanity with Vivy.

Matsumoto tries to convince Vivy to help him do something, like fight against a terrorist organization planning to start the “race war.” And in response, Vivy says that has nothing to do with making people happy by singing, and so she won’t help.

Momoka and Vivy from the anime series Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song
Momoka and Vivy

It seems like the two of them shouldn’t be a pair. Vivy doesn’t want anything to do with Matsumoto, and Matsumoto doesn’t understand why he was told to seek out Vivy in the past. But, as the story progresses, it becomes more clear why it has to be these two.

They both possess qualities that make up for what the other is lacking. For example, while Matsumoto is able to think more fluidly and human-like, it’s Vivy who has a better understanding of human emotions and how to interact with humans, despite being an AI herself.

Going back to Matsumoto’s tendency to make sacrifices, he does so because he’s able to realize that not everyone or everything can be saved. He’s always going to choose the success of the mission over saving a single person.

Meanwhile, Vivy’s approach is much different. She’s less interested in the outcome itself, and more on the path to get there. Vivy is concerned with what led to the catastrophe happening in the first place, while Matsumoto only cares about preventing it.

He’s focused on the how, while she’s focused on the why.

Reverse Violet Evergarden

Have you watched Violet Evergarden? Did you like it? Then you’re probably going to live Vivy. Violet Evergarden is one of my favorite anime, and while Vivy definitely isn’t as good, the story is very similar and Vivy has a lot in common with Violet as a character.

First, let me explain the title of this section: Reverse Violet Evergarden. In that series, Violet has to learn how to be a normal civilian after having been trained and used as a weapon during a war. The series is all about her transitioning away from being a soldier, but her soldier training still comes in handy.

Vivy is exactly the opposite in this regard. She has to learn how to be a soldier despite her original mission being to sing and make people happy. The series is all about her transitioning away from being an entertainer, but her experience with people still comes in handy.

Vivy from the anime series Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song

I know what I just explained probably doesn’t make Vivy and Violet seem all that similar, but there’s more to it than that. Violet and Vivy are also both fairly robotic at the start of the series and learn to act more human (despite Vivy not being human).

In the beginning, Violet doesn’t really understand emotions, and the big question she’s seeking an answer to is “what is love?” Vivy is effectively the same. She starts out not understanding anything beyond her stated mission, and the big question she wants the answer to is “what does it mean to have heart?”

As they both progress through their lives, these are the questions they ask those they meet. And over time, both girls eventually come to their own conclusion about the questions they’re asking.

Even though Violet transitions from soldier to civilian and Vivy transitions from civilian to soldier, their character growth mirrors each others’.


Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song is a 7/10 from me. It’s a good anime, and some episodes, especially toward the end, were very good. But I think one of the biggest downsides of this series is that Violet did a lot of it both first and better.

Sure, Vivy has some crazy action animation, which is cool. But overall Violet looks better and hits way harder on an emotional front, which matters more to me.

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