WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me

WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me

WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me anime series cover art
WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me


WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me (Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! / 私に天使が舞い降りた!) is a slice of life anime about a shut-in, college student who finally makes her first friends in the form of elementary school girls. It’s a bit creepy, but I swear it’s not as creepy as you think.

Yes, Miyako does some questionable things like having the girls dress up in cosplay she made for them so she can take their pictures, but it’s not like these are random girls she picked up off the street. Instead, one of them is her younger sister, and the others are her sister’s friends from school.

Lolicon tendencies aside, this was actually an extremely wholesome anime, much like the previous season’s UzaMaid! However, in this series the roles are a bit reversed compared to UzaMaid! This time around, it’s the adult who learns a thing or two about friendship from the child(ren).


Miyako Hoshino is about as close to a protagonist as we get in this series, despite there really being four main characters. She’s a college student who only seems to go to class when it’s absolutely necessary. Other than that, she spends all of her time at home.

Because of her shut-in tendencies, she doesn’t typically interact with anyone other than her mother and younger sister, Hinata. This also results in Miyako being unable to properly communicate with anyone who isn’t part of her immediate family.

However, it’s not like Miyako is just sitting at home in the dark all day. I mean, she is, but she has a hobby which she puts all her time and effort into, so at least she’s doing something productive. What is this hobby? Creating cosplay that she’s too embarrassed to wear.

But, while Miyako doesn’t like to wear the cosplay outfits she creates, she loves to have other people (originally just her sister) dress up in them for her so that she can take pictures of them.

The next character is Hinata Hoshino, the younger sister of Miyako. Hinata is currently in elementary school, but it’s clear by the way she acts that one day she’ll be the protagonist of her own anime, likely taking place in a high school setting.

Why is that? Because she has all the qualities of your generic female protagonist. She’s overly optimistic, hyper, and considers having fun with her friends to be the #1 priority in life. Basically, take any anime with a mostly, or all, female cast and Hinata will act just like the main character from it.

However, one thing that sets Hinata apart is her undying affection for her older sister. Not only does she want to spend every waking hour with Miyako, but she also prefers to sleep with her too. And, unfortunately for Miyako, Hinata isn’t one to stay still while sleeping.

This unhealthy obsession with her sister also makes its way into Hinata’s classroom, where she brags to all the other kids about how great her sister is. As far as the other kids know, Miyako is a beautiful, actress, entrepreneur who can do anything and has thousands of friends.

Hinata Hoshino, Noa Himesaka, and Hana Shirosaki from the anime series WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me
Hinata, Noa, and Hana

The first friend Miyako makes outside of her immediate family is Hana Shirosaki, one of Hinata’s classmates who she brings home for a playdate. Originally, Hana is put off by Miyako’s obsession with her, but she’s quickly won over upon learning that Miyako is an expert at baking sweets.

For the price of some sweets, Hana puts up with dressing up in cosplay for Miyako on a daily basis. And, over the course of the series she begins to see Miyako as a responsible adult despite the way she presents herself.

Other than her extreme love of all things sweet, Hana also has a weird obsession with a particular character who sports an afro and mustache. Despite clearly not being a cute character, she doesn’t understand why nobody else thinks he’s cute.

The fourth and final of the main characters is Noa Himesaka, the self-proclaimed cutest girl around. Everything Noa does has a purpose, and that purpose is to further cement her position as the undisputed champion of cute. She even practices how to do things, like being scared, in ways that make her seem even cuter.

However, despite how cute Noa tries to make herself, Miyako always thinks Hana is cuter by default, much to Noa’s chagrin. At least one thing Miyako probably likes more about Noa is that she’s always up for trying on new cosplay outfits without first needing to be convinced.

Final Episode

While I generally liked this series overall, I felt one of the weakest points was actually the final episode. In my opinion, the final episode for a slice of life series should be a culmination of everything that made the rest of the series great, not something that deviates from the established formula.

Unfortunately, the creators of WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me don’t agree with that sentiment. Instead they chose to make the final episode one of my least favorite types of episode in all of anime, a school festival episode.

School festivals themselves are fine to include in anime I suppose, but the issue is that they’re always done the exact same way, despite how bad it is. If school festival episodes were simply about the characters going around and enjoying the festival, that would be one thing, but they always have to add in a class play or something similar.

I’m not really sure who likes to see these class plays put on by the main characters in an anime. They’re always worse than the rest of the show, so I’d rather just skip that part and have 15 or so more minutes of actual content.

At least this time around the play wasn’t just set on the stage. It actually acted like the play was a real part of the anime in that the characters were actually depicted in the settings they were supposed to be in, but it was still worse than the rest of the series.

And, unfortunately, since school festivals generally come towards the end of the school year, that also means they generally come at the end of anime which include them. Like I said, a series should finish strong, not with the weakest episode of the season.


Overall, I’d give WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me a 6/10. It was cute at times, and the jokes were pretty good, but it wasn’t anything special. Even without the final episode being a school festival episode I still would have given it this same score, but it didn’t help.

But, what are your thoughts on the series? Did you like the anime? Who was your favorite character? And, what do you think about school festival episodes? Let me know down in the comments.

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