WorldEnd anime cover art featuring Chtholly
WorldEnd Cover Art


WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? is much too long and unnecessary for an anime title so I’ll be referring to it simply as WorldEnd from here on out.

This anime takes place 500 years after humanity (just one of the many races) almost went extinct and the surface of the planet was lost to giant monsters. All intelligent life now lives on floating islands, safe from the beasts on the surface below.

We follow Willem, a human soldier, as he becomes the caretaker of a group of girls known as Leprechauns. These girls are being raised for one mission: to fight the beasts and take back the surface. However, Willem is unable to see them as mere soldiers or weapons.

WorldEnd is a combination of the sci-fi and fantasy genres and also includes both drama and romance. At some points, it’s an action anime about war, and others a slice of life about raising a bunch of girls in what’s essentially an orphanage.


Willem is the protagonist of the series. He’s a human (which is rare these days) who once fought the beasts which took over the surface of the planet. I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but somehow, after losing in battle he was put into suspended animation for roughly 500 years. He struggles with his duties as a soldier and his desire to not lose anyone else close to him.

Chtholly (I swear that’s how it’s spelled) is the female lead of the anime. She’s the first of the Leprechauns to be introduced in the anime as well as the eldest of them. Similar to Willem, Chtholly also has an internal struggle. She knows she must go into battle to fight the beasts, but she doesn’t want to die because then she wouldn’t get to be with Willem anymore.

Other than those two, I can’t think of anyone else who is anything more than just a supporting character so instead, I’ll just briefly introduce them in groups.

Along with Chtholly, there are four other girls who are of age to fight the beasts. These are Ithea, Nephren, Rhantolk, and Nopht. Besides those five, there are five others who are still too young to go into battle. Lakhesh, Tiat, Pannibal, Collon, and Almita make up this younger group.

Lakhesh, Tiat, Pannibal, Collon, and Willem (from the WorldEnd anime)
Lakhesh, Tiat, Pannibal, and Collon (from left to right)


Apparently, a lot of people liked WorldEnd and thought it was good. I, however, am not one of them. I think the anime was alright and so I gave it a 5/10, but it’s nothing special by any means. I’ve heard it’s getting a second season at some point this year, so we’ll see if it gets any better.

The best way I can describe how this anime felt to watch is that it felt like an adaptation of a fan-fic rather than its own entity. Maybe it was just the setting or something, but it didn’t really feel like anything new was going on here. Instead, I felt it was just borrowing things from various other sci-fi and fantasy works.

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