Yuki Yuna is a Hero: The Hero Chapter

Yuki Yuna is a Hero: The Hero Chapter

Yuki Yuna is a Hero: The Hero Chapter anime cover art featuring the Hero Club
Yuki Yuna is a Hero: The Hero Chapter


I finally suffered through the final entry in the Yuki Yuna series, and by suffered, I don’t mean it was depressing, it just wasn’t that good. The Hero Chapter, like the Washio Sumi Chapter, was only six episodes long, which is good because I don’t think I could have made it any further.

While the Washio Sumi Chapter was a prequel for Yuki Yuna, the Hero Chapter is the sequel. The five girls we know from the first season are back at it again mindlessly doing whatever the church, known as the Amnesty, tells them to.

However, this time around they’re also joined by Sonoko Nogi, from the Washio Sumi Chapter, who should also know better than to trust the Amnesty. But, the Amnesty swears they’ve changed so why shouldn’t we believe them? What could possibly go wrong?

The Hero Chapter

Instead of doing a summary of this season, I’m just going to walk you all through the notes I took while watching it.

The first thing to mention is that I skipped the recap episode because forcing myself to watch a recap of a series I don’t particularly like that much sounded like torture. However, after episode one, I felt that this season was on par with the original Yuki Yuna series.

While in my review of the original Yuki Yuna series, I mentioned that Togo was basically Homura and Yuna was somewhat similar to Madoka from Madoka Magica, however it appears in this season their roles are now switched.

Togo has now become Madoka by making herself disappear in order to save everyone else, and Yuna becomes Homura by taking Togo’s place so she can be a normal girl again. Basically the same general concept as the end of the Madoka Magica series and the sequel movie.

After episode two I just have a note that says the subtitles were bad. Sure, this is probably just an issue with the translation I was watching, but there was a distinct lack of contractions. This means that no matter how emotional a scene was supposed to be, the characters spoke like robots.

By episode three I was annoyed with the characters themselves. Sure, they’re middle schoolers, but they’re middle schoolers who have been through hell and back and yet they seemed generally unphased and make terrible jokes. I have another note her once again mentioning the subtitles.

Once we get to episode four and the second half of the series, however, the plot gets better and it actually becomes watchable. I don’t know why in a six episode season they needed to make three episodes of essentially filler, but whatever.

Episode five was still good. If only the series as a whole was like that.

Finally, episode six was still pretty good, but when rating and reviewing a series or season I have to look at it as a whole. The fact is that the second half of a six-episode season being good just doesn’t make up for the first half being bad.

Think of it this way, if this was a full length 12 episode season and the first half (six episodes) were bad, I would have dropped it.

Karin Miyoshi and Yuna Yuki from the anime Yuki Yuna is a Hero: The Hero Chapter
Karin and Yuna


So what do I rate the Hero Chapter? It’s a 5/10. The worst parts were probably fours and the best parts were sixes so it averages out to be a completely standard anime.

Did I mention that the ending didn’t make sense? Their god died, and with it the world (supposedly), and yet somehow everyone is alive and well (except all the religious people, they’re dead too).

So I guess the moral of the story is that you’ll only die if you believe you’re going to die? I have no idea. As I said, it didn’t really make sense.

At this point I’m just hoping that there won’t be another season of Yuki Yuna because I don’t want to have to watch any more of it, but if another season is released I’ll still watch it because I’m in too deep at this point.

My review of the Great Mankai Chapter is available now.

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  1. “I’m in too deep at this point.”
    But you only experienced the anime entries though, that’s not deep whatsoever.
    Also you watched the Amazon subs, which is godawful so a lot of explanations wouldn’t make sense. Go for fansubs (MajiYuusha)

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