YumeTwins Magical Level Up Box Opening / Review

YumeTwins Magical Level Up Box Opening / Review

What is YumeTwins?

If you aren’t aware (I wasn’t until they reached out to me), YumeTwins is a subscription service that ships you a monthly box of kawaii goods straight from Japan. Each box comes with 5 – 7 items including plushies, stationery, and more.

Now, although I hadn’t heard of YumeTwins before, I had heard of TokyoTreat, which is another monthly subscription box service associated with YumeTwins. Some of the other associated services you may have heard of are Sakuraco and NoMakeNoLife.

YumeTwins monthly box of "kawaii" goods
YumeTwins monthly box of “kawaii” goods

Well, YumeTwins was kind enough to send me their November 2021 box, so today we’re going to take a look at what’s inside. This month’s box was “Magical Level Up” themed (that will make more sense in just a bit) and came with 5 items, including YumeTwins original and YumeTwins exclusive items

But before we get into the box, let me just say that I was impressed by the physical box itself. I don’t know if most people keep these boxes, but I am. It’s just like how I keep the boxes of all my anime figures despite the figures themselves going in a display case.

Magical Level Up!

Magical Level Up is the name of this box for two reasons. First, from my understanding, YumeTwins is launching a renewal of sorts of their service with this box. You could say they’re leveling up their game.

Second, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, the theme of this box is magical girls. And if there’s one thing I love, it’s magical girls. I grew up watching Sailor Moon, and Madoka Magica was the first anime I gave a perfect score of 10/10.

YumeTwins Magical Level Up box
YumeTwins Magical Level Up Box

Taking a look inside the box, the first thing that I was greeted with was a booklet about the Magical Level Up box. This might sound strange, but the booklet is actually my favorite item that came in the box.

Look, I appreciate a good booklet, what can I say? It’s extremely high-quality. The booklet details all of the items found in the box, highlights members of the YumeTwins team, shouts out members of the community, and also includes other miscellaneous pieces of information.

One cool part of the booklet is a two-page spread featuring a timeline of magical girl anime, starting way back in the 1960s with Sally the Witch. Maybe I should check that one out sometime.

Enough about the booklet, though. Let’s get into the actual goods.

Tuxedo Sam Sanrio Sweety Figure

Before receiving this box, I wasn’t very knowledgeable about Sanrio characters. Obviously, I knew Hello Kitty. But, I didn’t know the character whose Sweety Figure I got: Tuxedo Sam. He’s a penguin with a bowtie and a hat.

Tuxedo Sam Sanrio Sweety Figure from the YumeTwins Magical Level Up box
Tuxedo Sam Sanrio Sweety Figure

So, since I got this Tuxedo Sam figure, I decided to check out the other characters I could have gotten (all shown in the aforementioned booklet). There are 12 in total, and they’re all pretty awesome. Tuxedo Sam and Hangyodon are probably my favorite two.

This is the smallest item in the box. But, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I actually like that it’s small because it means I can keep it on my desk without taking up any room.

“Twisted Wonderland” Notepads & Tin Case

Twisted Wonderland is apparently a mobile game made by Disney. I don’t have time to play another mobile game since I already devote all my waking hours to Fate/Grand Order. But, if you’re interested in a Disney mobile game with a seemingly all-male cast, this could be the game for you.

I honestly don’t know anything else about Twisted Wonderland; I’m just relaying what I understand about it from what the booklet told me.

Disney "Twisted Wonderland" notepads & tin case from the YumeTwins Magical Level Up box
“Twisted Wonderland” notepads & tin case

Anyway, the Twisted Wonderland item in the box is a tin case in the shape of a coffin (I hope that’s supposed to be a coffin) with two notepads inside. Of all the products in the box, this is the one I don’t really care much about.

I don’t particularly have a need for tiny notepads. The tin case is cool and I’m glad I got the lavender one because I prefer it over the other color options. But I also don’t really know what to do with it.

I guess I just appreciate information booklets more than stationary.

Sailor Moon Playing Cards

Now, the Sailor Moon playing card deck is definitely something I do know what to do with. While not my favorite item in the box, this is the one that I’m going to get the most use out of. Playing cards are great and so is Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon playing cards from the YumeTwins Magical Level Up box
Sailor Moon playing cards

Here’s some “fun” DoubleSama lore for you: back in high school, my friends and I actually ordered custom decks of playing cards because we used them so much. So this deck of Sailor Moon cards is very welcome.

Also, going back to the booklet because of course I am, it has a page on how to play the Japanese card game of Daifugo. See? This is why I think the booklet is so cool.

Magical Nyan Nyan Plushie

Are you wondering what a Magical Nyan Nyan plushie is? Well, it’s a YumeTwins original item. It’s also a magical cat plushie, which you probably assumed by the name. Basically, it’s the YumeTwins version of Luna and Artemis from Sailor Moon.

Magical Nyan Nyan plushie from the YumeTwins Magical Level Up box
Magical Nyan Nyan plushie

The booklet aside, this plushie is my favorite item in the box. It’s cute, it’s soft, and it’s actually pinker than it appears in that picture. The lighting in my office doesn’t allow me to take pictures that do the Magical Nyan Nyan plushie justice.

It’s also a bit larger than you might expect considering the size of the box. That’s because it came within vacuum-sealed packaging that decreased the volume the plushie took up within the box. It was pretty fun to see it expand upon removing it from the packaging.

And just as with the Tuxedo Sam Sweety Figure, this plushie is going to be staying on my desk.

Cardcaptor Sakura Blanket

The final item in the box is probably the one that the majority of people would like the most. It’s a Cardcaptor Sakura Clearcard blanket that might be about 3 feet by 2 feet in size. It’s not a full-sized blanket, but it’s large enough to cover my lap in my office that currently doesn’t have working heat.

Cardcaptor Sakura blanket from the YumeTwins Magical Level Up box
Cardcaptor Sakura blanket

Of course, you can definitely use this blanket as a blanket. It’s extremely soft and comfortable. However, I think I’d like to hang it up on the wall at some point instead. In my mind, this is more of a display piece, unlike the Sailor Moon cards which are going to be used.

The one problem is that I actually haven’t seen Cardcaptor Sakura. I should probably do that before displaying a blanket of the series. And maybe after I watch it, the blanket will be my new favorite item from the box.


My final thought on my first YumeTwins box is that I’m impressed by the quality of the items as well as the presentation of the box. I wasn’t expecting it to be as much of an experience as it was. I figured it would just be some themed items thrown into a box and I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t.

Sure, I don’t have a use for all of the goods, such as the Twisted Wonderland notepads. But that doesn’t really take away from it for me. And on the other end of the spectrum, I also didn’t think I had a need for the Tuxedo Sam Sweety Figure. But now I kind of want the whole collection.

If you enjoyed this YumeTwins box review, you should probably check them out. The next box is All Purpose Bunny-themed. I don’t know what All Purpose Bunny is, but it looks amazing and I want it.

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