YumeTwins Magical Moon Festival Box

YumeTwins Magical Moon Festival Box

What’s In the Box?!

YumeTwins was kind enough to send me their September 2022 box to review. This box’s theme is Magical Moon Festival. That means all the goods within the box connect to the Tsukimi (月見 / つきみ) holiday in some way. In case you aren’t familiar, tsukimi is the Japanese word for moon viewing.

If this is your first exposure to YumeTwins, it’s a monthly subscription box service. Every box has a different theme and comes with 5-7 items. This Magical Moon Festival box is my second YumeTwins box. Last year, they sent me their Magical Level Up box.

YumeTwins Magical Moon Festival Box
YumeTwins Magical Moon Festival Box

It’s time to answer the big question, what’s in the Magical Moon Festival box? This box includes the following:

  • Magical Moon Festival Booklet
  • Rilakkuma Dango Plushie
  • Rilakkuma Rabbit Candy Bottle
  • BT21 Cooky Magnetic Cable Wrap
  • Mt. Fuji and the Moon Sticky Notes
  • Kirby Japanese Pattern Stationery

Before getting into these items, I want to mention how the box itself has changed since last year. The Magical Moon Festival box is slightly smaller than the Magical Level Up box. But, the quality of the box increased. The cardboard is thinner, yet sturdier. The design on the box looks nicer. And their logo is actually reflective (though you can’t tell in the picture).

Something I like about YumeTwins is that the packaging itself is aesthetically pleasing. They’re not sending a boring brown or white cardboard box. That wouldn’t be very kawaii. They take the time to make the box look good.

Magical Moon Festival Booklet

Once again, the booklet that came with the YumeTwins box impressed me. Everything about these booklets is great. And I love how every box gets a unique logo that’s displayed on the cover of the booklet. The Magical Moon Festival logo is clean.

YumeTwins Magical Moon Festival Booklet
YumeTwins Magical Moon Festival Booklet

Inside the booklet, there are pages that describe the products found within the box. That’s great and all, but what makes these booklets so special are the other pages.

For example, there are 2 pages that explain what Tsukimi is, its origins, and how it’s celebrated. You’ll also notice that there are quite a few Rilakkuma products within this box. Well, the booklet also contains 2 pages explaining the character Rilakkuma.

Another page in the booklet tells the story of The Rabbit on the Moon. This page includes a blurb about something I’ve written about before. That’s the fact that Sailor Moon’s name, Usagi Tsukino, comes from this story. Unfortunately, there are no Sailor Moon products this time around.

Lastly, the booklet contains instructions for making your very own Tsukimi Dango. Now, I’m no chef, but these instructions seem easy enough that even I could make them. If I do, you’ll see it on Instagram.

Rilakkuma Dango Plushie

Rilakkuma Dango Plushie from the YumeTwins Magical Moon Festival Box
Rilakkuma Dango Plushie

Every YumTwins box comes with one item that’s a YumeTwins exclusive product. This month’s exclusive product is the Rilakkuma Dango Plushie. It’s 22cm (8.7in) long, making it the largest item found within the box.

There’s not really much else to say about this item. It’s a plushie, it’s cute, and it’s not edible despite being dango.

What I will say is that while this is an exclusive item, some months feature an original item instead. The Magical Level Up box I got last year included a YumeTwins original Magical Nyan Nyan Plush. And next month’s box includes an original Magical Nyan Nyan Halloween Plush.

Rilakkuma Rabbit Candy Bottle

The Rilakkuma Rabbit Candy Bottle is easily my favorite item from this month’s box. It’s a small, glass jar with a Rilakkuma character (bunny version) rubber stopper for a lid. There are also four possible characters you could get. These are Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, Kiiroitori, and Chairoikoguma

Rilakkuma Rabbit Candy Bottle from the YumeTwins Magical Moon Festival Box
Rilakkuma Rabbit Candy Bottle

As you can see, I got the Rilakkuma bottle, which is actually the one I like the most. Kiiroitori seems like the best character. But, I think the Rilakkuma lid looks the best of the four options (shown in the booklet).

Something else I like about these lids is that the character’s legs are sticking out from the bottom of the lid too. This isn’t a Rilakkuma lid. Rilakkuma is the lid — or is at least stuck within the lid.

Oh, and since this is a candy jar, it actually comes filled with individually wrapped candy. They’re peach hard candies with Rilakkuma branding on them. I’m not much of a sweets person, but I tried one and they’re pretty alright. If you’ve had peach candy before, that’s what they taste like.

I’m not sure what I’m going to put in the jar once the candy runs out. But, it’s going to stay on my desk regardless of what I use it for.

BT21 Cooky Magnetic Cable Wrap

BT21 Cooky Magnetic Cable Wrap from the YumeTwins Magical Moon Festival Box
BT21 Cooky Magnetic Cable Wrap

Next, we have the BT21 Cooky Magnetic Cable Wrap. Apparently, Cooky is a character created by Jeon Jungkook of the K-pop group BTS. Don’t cancel me for this, but I know nothing about BTS. I’ve never heard a BTS song, and I probably never will.

I guess I could use this item to manage the cables in my office. Currently, I’m using binder clips to hold my cables together. But, the issue with using Cooky as intended is that he’d be behind my desk and out of sight. For now, I have him hanging off one of Rilakkuma’s bunny ears.

Mt. Fuji and the Moon Sticky Notes

Mt. Fuji and the Moon Sticky Notes from the YumeTwins Magical Moon Festival Box
Mt. Fuji and the Moon Sticky Notes

I know you’re supposed to use sticky notes to write things down. But, I think I’d have a hard time writing on and tearing off these Mt. Fuji and the Moon sticky notes. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t want to mess up how nice they look by using them.

The sticky notes are contained within a cover that has gold or silver foil stamping. Not only does this protect the notes inside, but it also makes it look nicer.

If you’re wondering why the moon is orange on these sticky notes, the booklet has an explanation. I wasn’t aware of this before, but in Japan, they view the moon as orange. The more you know.

Kirby Japanese Pattern Stationery

Kirby Seigaiha Wave Pattern Notebook from the YumeTwins Magical Moon Festival Box
Kirby Seigaiha Wave Pattern Notebook

The final item in the Magical Moon Festival box is a Kirby Japanese Pattern Stationery item. There were 3 possible stationery items to get. There’s a Kirby Dango Notebook, a Kirby Seigaiha Wave Pattern Notebook, and a Kirby Dango Drawstring Pouch.

As you can see, I got the Kirby Seigaiha Wave Pattern Notebook.

Before I went through the specific items in my box, I wanted the drawstring pouch. But, once I actually had the notebook in my hands, I realized I like it more than the pouch. I don’t have any use for the pouch. I do have uses for notebooks.


Once again, I had a great time opening my box from YumeTwins. Yes, the items within the box can be fun or even useful. But, for me, the best part about receiving a YumeTwins box is the experience of opening it. It’s fun.

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