Goblin Slayer II Episode 11 Review

Goblin Slayer II Episode 11 Review

The Hero’s Party

Goblin Slayer II Episode 11 might have given us the most Hero’s Party content of any episode, so far. So, let’s talk about them. After all, as I mentioned in my review of Episode 8, Hero is the protagonist of this world.

First, just to reiterate, Hero is the sole platinum-ranked adventurer right now. There have been others in the past. But, they’re very rare. And, this isn’t a rank you can work your way up to. She’s a platinum-ranked adventurer because she was “chosen by the gods” or something.

She also seems to be very young. I don’t know if we ever got her age. But, my guess is that she’s not even 20. She’s probably around the same age as Priestess, whose age I also don’t know. But, again, Hero is a prodigy with a legendary sword. That’s why she’s platinum-ranked and Priestess is steel-ranked.

Sword Saint, Hero, and Sage from the anime series Goblin Slayer II Episode 11
Sword Saint, Hero, and Sage

Hero’s party has two other members, both of whom are gold-ranked adventurers. That puts them on par with Sword Maiden’s former party. And, it means they’re stronger than Goblin Slayer’s party members. Though, I believe Goblin Slayer himself is on par with them.

I could be wrong. But, I remember something being said about Goblin Slayer’s rank in Season 1. I’m pretty sure that he’s on par with gold-ranked adventurers. But, since he only ever takes on goblin slaying quests, the guild can’t give him the next rank up.

Anyway, Hero’s comrades are Sword Saint and Sage. From her title, I assume that Sword Saint is some kind of holy swordswoman. That’s not what Sword Maiden was, though. She was a priestess. Since I’m not familiar with DnD stuff, I don’t know how a sage differs from a priestess or shaman. But, Sage is a spellcaster.

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Dungeon of the Dead

I know there’s only one more episode in this season of Goblin Slayer. But, I was hoping that the Dungeon of the Dead “arc” was going to last longer. And, this is an issue I’ve had with the series all season.

This is, apparently, the first dungeon Goblin Slayer’s party has entered. And, when Sword Maiden mentioned the name of the dungeon to the King’s court, things got serious. So, my expectation was that this would be a significant arc. That doesn’t seem to be the case.

In this episode alone, Goblin Slayer’s party entered the dungeon and saved Princess. All they had to do was fight some goblins, go down an elevator, and fight some more goblins. Next week, we might see them escape from the dungeon. But, it seems more likely that it’ll cut to them back at the capital city instead.

Dwarf Shaman and High Elf Archer on a horse from the anime series Goblin Slayer II Episode 11
Dwarf Shaman and High Elf Archer on a horse

It’s been a while since Season 1, so I don’t remember how arcs were handled back then. But, this season has felt like it’s been speedrunning through arcs. Even the adventure into the mysterious temple in the Elves’ domain only lasted for an episode.

I’d like Goblin Slayer a lot more if it spent more time on each of these quests. The light novel might. I don’t know. But, as things stand in the anime, I’m always left disappointed. I want more dungeon-crawling content. And I want more world-building via quests.

Like, what was the point of hyping up this dungeon if it’s going to be over in half an episode? Hopefully, the final episode of the season proves me wrong and we get to see more of the dungeon. But, I don’t have high expectations. I’m preparing myself for disappointment yet again.

The Goblin Priest’s Sacrifice

While the quest arcs are short, the overarching arcs aren’t. For example, we still don’t know what’s up with the black hand goblins. And, I doubt we’ll get all the answers in the final episode of the season.

But, at the very least, we know the goblins in the Dungeon of the Dead and the black hand goblins are the same. The goblins in the dungeon had those same tattoos — as we saw when Goblin Slayer sucked some of them into the sky.

Oh, and the goblin priest that was performing the ritual on the fourth floor of the dungeon had a black hand staff. It’s unclear if this is the same “clan” that was operating in the Elves’ domain. But, at the very least, it’s related in that they worship the same deity.

Goblin Slayer about to bash a goblin priest from the anime series Goblin Slayer II Episode 11
Goblin Slayer about to bash a goblin priest

Alright, now let’s go over what the goblin priest was doing. According to Priestess, he wasn’t performing a normal ritual. He was attempting to perform a sacrifice. And, this may imply that the goblins specifically targeted Princess. She was wearing Priestess’s robes. Did the goblins target her because they wanted to sacrifice a priestess?

Also, why was the goblin priest performing a sacrifice? Unless I missed it, I don’t believe we know. Would this sacrifice have led to something happening? Would it have summoned whatever deity the black hand goblins worship? This is the kind of stuff I want to know.

But, I can understand holding off on giving us that information. As long as we get it eventually, I’ll be happy. What I don’t want is for it to never come up again. Before all this stuff with the black hand goblins comes to a close, I need some answers.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Goblin Slayer II Episode 11? Should the Hero’s party be more balanced? Were you expecting the Dungeon of the Dead content to last longer? And, what do you think the goblin priest was trying to do by performing a sacrifice? Let me know in the comments.

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2 Replies to “Goblin Slayer II Episode 11 Review”

  1. Personally I do hope that you’d try to read the Light novels, because you’re right at the fact that the dungeon crawl and the quest for saving the princess was actually longer (anime practically sped up the plot – the season 2 really do be speedrunning the plot of 3 LNs, similar to season 1) as in there’s actually more to what happened after the party left the capital and reaching the old town that used to guard the dungeon of the dead.

    > Did the goblins target her because they wanted to sacrifice a priestess?

    Nah, the goblins really HAD been targeting the princess specifically. Like there was more explanations to it in LN. And so far in terms of rituals that require sacrifices in the series, virgin princesses were always the target of choice.

    That said, Sword Maiden was not a priestess. She was originally a bishop and they had different skill set that they use, like Priestess can only do spells thru prayers but Sword Maiden can also use magic/word of power, aside from having ability to identify stuff.

    1. Maybe I’ll lead the light novels one day. But, I don’t have time to do that right now. I’d rather the anime just be better about this kind of stuff.

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