Naruto Chakra Nature Quiz

Naruto Chakra Nature Quiz

What chakra nature(s) would you have if you lived in the Naruto universe? Will you specialize in one nature? Have multiple in your arsenal? Or even wield a rare and powerful kekkei genkai? Take the quiz to find out!

What Are Chakra Natures?

Elemental Chakra Natures from the Naruto anime series
Elemental Chakra Natures

In Naruto and Boruto, chakra natures are different types of energy produced within the body, typically associated with an element. The five basic elemental chakra natures are Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, and Earth.

These basic elemental chakra natures can also be combined in various ways to produce even stronger chakra natures. Combining two basic elemental natures may result in a kekkei genkai nature. And, combining three may result in an extremely rare kekkei tōta nature.

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