Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 34 Review

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 34 Review

Satoru Gojou Has Been Sealed

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 34 is the episode in which Satoru Gojou is officially sealed. But, before Gojou gets locked away, something interesting happens. He asks Getou how long he plans to let the brain curse use his body.

Under normal circumstances, that question wouldn’t lead to anything. But, since this is Jujutsu Kaisen, it does. Getou’s body reacts to Gojou’s words and begins to strangle itself. His body is trying to kill itself along with the curse that’s controlling it.

Of course, this doesn’t make much sense. Getou’s brain is gone. It’s not in his body anymore. So, how is his body reacting to Gojou’s words? The brain curse has a theory that this proves that the body is what makes a person who they are. Even after Getou’s dead and his brain is gone, his body remembers who he is.

Satoru Gojou being sealed in the Prison Realm from the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 34
Satoru Gojou being sealed in the Prison Realm

The brain curse’s theory goes against Mahito’s theory about the soul, though. Mahito believes that the soul is what makes someone who they are. And his proof for this is in how his cursed technique works. He manipulates the bodies of humans through corrupting their souls.

But, why does any of this matter? It matters because of the conclusion that Mahito comes to. This is that the rules of the world may differ depending on a person’s (or curse’s) cursed technique. One thing may be true for Getou while an entirely different thing is true for Mahito.

That sets up for some interesting developments to happen down the line. For example, it could be used to explain how Getou might come back to life in the future. If the sorcerers can exorcise the brain curse, Getou might be able to regain control of his body.

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A World Without Gojou

After Gojou’s sealed we learn a little more about why this is such a big deal. With Gojou out of the picture, it should be far easier for the curses to win their war against humanity. Gojou was so strong that he was keeping humanity on top.

Without Gojou to stop them, the curses should also now have a far easier time reviving Sukuna. But, Getou points out that with Gojou gone, there’s not really a need to bring Sukuna back. Reviving Sukuna and sealing Gojou were two strategies to achieve the same result.

Sealing Gojou weakens humanity’s strength enough for the curses to win. And reviving Sukuna strengthens the curse’s side enough for them to win. So, the curses only needed to do one or the other. And, in fact, reviving Sukuna was actually the backup plan in case they couldn’t seal Gojou.

Nanami hearing Gojou was sealed from the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 34
Nanami hearing Gojou was sealed

The curses being able to take over isn’t the only problem with Gojou being gone, though. There are also a lot of politics within the sorcerer ranks. Now that Gojou isn’t around, who’s the strongest sorcerer? And, more importantly, which faction of sorcerers is going to gain power?

As Gojou was easily the strongest sorcerer, few other sorcerers tried to stand up against him. This meant that whatever faction Gojou supported ended up being the dominant faction. But, at the end of Episode 34, we see what appears to be another faction take notice of his sealing.

It seems pretty obvious that this other faction isn’t going to succeed. I’m sure Itadori, Megumi, and Ino will take them out. But, that doesn’t mean a different faction won’t rise to power while Gojou’s gone. It will be interesting to see if that happens and how that will affect things if it does.

Gojou Rescue Mission

Because Gojou is Gojou, he doesn’t get sealed that easily. Even after he’s trapped in the Prison Realm, he can still use his techniques. And one technique he used increased the gravity of the Prison Realm. This made it so Getou could no longer carry it away.

Eventually, the seal will be complete and Gojou’s powers won’t be seeping out anymore. But, until then, Getou has to stay in the subway station and protect the Prison Realm from the sorcerers. And so, the battle over Gojou begins in Shibuya.

I’m pretty sure that Getou’s going to escape with Gojou still sealed. If he doesn’t, then the series is going to go back to business as usual. That’s not very exciting. So, that’s why it makes the most sense for Gojou to remain sealed. To break the status quo, Gojo needs to stay in the Prison Realm.

The curses and humans fighting over Gojou from the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 34
The curses and humans fighting over Gojou

With that said, I’m also pretty sure things won’t go so well for all of the special-grade curses. In particular, I’m predicting Mahito is going to meet his end here at the hands of Itadori. Itadori already has a personal vendetta against Mahito. And now we know that Mahito did, in fact, kill Mechamaru.

We can also get a potential hint pointing toward this from the OP. In it, we see Itadori going up against Mahito. And, before that, we see Sukuna taking over Itadori’s body. So, that’s likely how Itadori is going to be able to beat Mahito.

Remember, the special-grade curses are actually a bit worried about Sukuna. Yes, reviving him would be great in the war against humanity. But, he’s also not necessarily the ally of the other special-grade curses. It’s very possible he’d kill them the same as he’d kill any human.


What do you think of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 34? Do you think reviving Getou might be possible? Are you expecting a new faction to take over the sorcerers? And, how many of the special-grade curses do you think will make it out of Shibuya? Let me know in the comments.

At this point, reviving Getou seems possible. But, I don’t want it to happen because that’s lame. I also think a new faction is going to take over. However, I don’t know what that faction is at this point. And, I’m expecting Jougo, Chouso, and Getou to escape, but not Mahito.

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