My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog OVA

My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog OVA

My Life as Inukai-san's Dog anime key visual (school swimsuit version)
My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog key visual

Swimming in the Dog Pool with Karen Inukai

My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog OVA (Inu ni Nattara Suki na Hito ni Hirowareta. Specials / 犬になったら好きな人に拾われた。OVA) features 2 new episodes. In the first episode Karen Inukai, Mike Nekotani, and Pochita head to a public pool.

But, this isn’t just any public pool. It’s a dog pool where dog owners can swim with their pets. Of course, it makes sense why Inukai would want to go to a pool like this. But, why did Nekotani tag along? Isn’t she afraid of dogs?

Well, Nekotani didn’t realize they were going to a dog pool. Inukai mentioned that she was going to a pool, and Nekotani decided to join her. It was only once they arrived at the pool that Nekotani realized her mistake. But, by that point, she wasn’t going to leave.

Karen Inukai in the pool from the My Life as Inukai-san's Dog anime OVA
Karen Inukai in the pool

Of the two OVA episodes, the first one was better. While both were uncensored — as long as you watched the uncensored versions — the first episode shows more. That’s because Inukai and Nekotani are wearing bikinis (or less) for the whole thing. That alone makes this a good episode.

So, in this episode, we got Inukai and Nekotani bikini content and we got uncensored content. That’s more than what we got from the main series. But, there is one more thing I wish we got from this episode: Tsukishiro bikini content. Unfortunately, the best girl of the series doesn’t appear in the pool episode.

We got a version of the key visual for the series featuring the three main girls in school swimsuits. And yet, as far as I can remember, we never got an episode like this in the main series. The OVA was the perfect opportunity to do that.

Exercising with Mike Nekotani

Wanting to swim with Pochita wasn’t the only reason Inukai decided to go to the pool. She also wants to lose some weight; swimming can be a great form of exercise. But, the kind of swimming she’s doing with Pochita isn’t the kind that’s going to help.

So, Inukai decides to do some additional exercises next to the pool. First, she attempts to do some crunches, but can’t manage to do a single one. That is until Pochita holds her feet down with his paws. Suddenly, Inukai becomes a crunch machine and has no trouble.

After that, she does some squats. And again, she can’t manage to do any correctly. At least, not until Pochita gets involved again. Then, Inukai turns into a squat pro.

This was probably the best part of the OVA even though it wasn’t uncensored. We got some great shots of Inukai.

Mike Nekotani sitting by the pool from the My Life as Inukai-san's Dog anime OVA
Mike Nekotani sitting by the pool

Inukai isn’t the only one exercising by the pool, though. Nekotani decides to join in when she sees Inukai preparing to do crunches. And, much to my surprise, Nekotani can actually exercise. I assumed she was going to be too clumsy to actually do anything.

It turns out that Nekotani is an athlete. I assume that was mentioned in the main series at some point. I didn’t remember it, though, and I’m not sure if we ever learned what sport she plays. But, at the very least, that explains why she’s able to do proper exercises.

The only problem with this exercise scene is that we don’t get too many good shots of Nekotani. We get the head-on shot of her doing crunches, which is good. But, we missed out on seeing Nekotani doing squats from below. I’ll never forgive the creators of this anime for that.

Seeing the School Festival with Usagi Tsukishiro

The second My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog OVA episode was far worse than the first. Instead of a pool episode, it was a school festival episode. And school festival episodes are among my least favorite episodes in any anime.

With that said, it’s not like this was a bad episode. Sure, it didn’t feature the main girls in bikinis. That’s one reason why the previous episode is better. But, this episode did focus on Usagi Tsukishiro, who’s my favorite girl of the series.

And not only was Tsukishiro in this episode, but she was wearing a bunny outfit in it. Specifically, a bunny outfit with a top that wasn’t very secure. The only way her bunny outfit could have been better is if it was one of those clear ones. You know the ones I mean.

Usagi Tsukishiro wearing a bunny outfit at the school festival from the My Life as Inukai-san's Dog anime OVA
Usagi Tsukishiro wearing a bunny outfit at the school festival

Anyway, as I’m sure you remember, Inukai’s class was putting on a dog cafe for the school festival. And Tsukishiro’s class was doing a bunny cafe, hence the outfit.

Well, both Inukai and Tsukishiro ended up having their breaks at the same time. And since both girls wanted to spend time with Pochita, it turned into a competition. So, Inukai decided that Tsukishiro could tag along with them as she and Pochita went to the haunted house.

Of course, Inukai knew that Tsukishiro didn’t want to go in the haunted house. That’s why she chose it. And, this is where the good content of the episode comes in. Tsukishiro gets scared, the top of her outfit comes down, and Pochita finishes her off with his tail.

Then, we get a questionable scene with Inukai where “Inukai juices” were all over the floor. It’s up to you to determine what those juices were.


In the end, I gave the My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog OVA a 4/10. It’s not good, obviously. But, because these OVA episodes were uncensored and more ecchi than the main series, I rated it higher. Really, the whole series should have been more like this OVA.

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