One Piece Episode 1087 Review

One Piece Episode 1087 Review

Protecting the Land of Wano

The beginning of One Piece Episode 1087 wasn’t the most exciting. But, it was important. We needed to wrap things up in Wano before moving on to the next arc. And, that’s exactly what happened. We now know why Yamato didn’t join the Straw Hat crew.

As much as Yamato wanted to set out to sea, he (yes, I’m using Yamato’s preferred pronouns) has an important job to do. Kaido and Big Mom have been defeated and Momonosuke is the shogun of Wano. But, that doesn’t mean the threats to Wano are all gone.

With Kaido out of the picture, it opens the gates for the World Government to intervene. Why does the World Government want to control Wano? Because Wano is where the ancient weapon Pluton is located. Also, the World Government doesn’t exactly like countries that refuse to be a part of it.

Yamato smiling at Luffy from the anime series One Piece Episode 1087
Yamato smiling at Luffy

What really convinced Yamato that she needed to stay behind, though, was Ryokugyū. Ryokugyū is the other “new” Admiral besides Fujitora. He has the Woods-Woods Fruit and is strong enough to beat the samurai, Yamato, and Momonosuke. The only reason he didn’t continue attacking Wano was because of Shanks.

Shanks isn’t near Wano anymore. And Luffy, Kid, and Law are all leaving the country, as well. Once that happens, there won’t really be anyone left in Wano who can defend it from major threats. And so, Yamato chooses to stay behind and grow stronger so that he can defend the country.

Sure, Yamato isn’t strong enough right now. But, one day, he probably will be. He’s Kaido’s son, after all. And, as we know, Kaido was the strongest person in the world. The reason the World Government didn’t try to mess with Wano for the past 20 years was Kaido.

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The War on the Island of Women

As we know from Episode 1086, the Marines are going around and trying to arrest the former Warlords. This brings them to Amazon Lily, home of Boa Hancock. But, they aren’t the only ones after Boa. Blackbeard and his crew are, as well.

Let’s focus on the Marines, for now. Koby and Helmeppo are among the Marines who landed on the island. And, Koby has two brand new tools at his disposal — the Seraphim. The Seraphim are the latest and greatest version of the Pacifista cyborgs.

Now, while we see two Seraphim here, my assumption is that there are at least seven of them. This is because of how the two Seraphim we see look. The female one is very clearly based on Boa Hancock. And, we can use that to figure out the identity of the male one.

A Seraphim based on Boa Hancock from the anime series One Piece Episode 1087
A Seraphim based on Boa Hancock

I didn’t immediately recognize who the male Seraphim was. But, looking back, it seems like it’s based on Mihawk. Why? Well, like Boa, Mihawk was one of the former Warlords. And, this Seraphim is an extremely good swordsman who uses a sword that kind of resembles Yoru.

So, if we’re assuming these Seraphim are based on Boa and Mihawk, it makes sense that there would be more. Why would there only be two based on Warlords? Why not all seven? We could also have Seraphim for Buggy, Weevil, Crocodile, Moria, and Doflamingo. Or, any other former Warlords, I guess.

Something else I need to point out is that these Seraphim also appear to be Lunarian. This probably comes from when the World Government captured King. And, that means they could have something from Kaido, as well. After all, the World Government captured him for a time, too. That’s not good for the Seraphim’s opponents.

Blackbeard’s Devil Fruit Collection

Obviously, the introduction of the Seraphim in this episode was interesting. But, I’d say the most interesting thing that happened was Blackbeard showing up. Blackbeard went to Amazon Lily specifically to steal Boa’s devil fruit. He has two, and he wants more.

When Blackbeard killed Whitebeard, we learned he could have more than one devil fruit. Because of that, we know he currently has two: The Dark-Dark Fruit and the Tremor-Tremor Fruit. We also know that his crewmates have devil fruit previously held by other characters.

I don’t remember if his crewmates’ fruit have anything to do with his power. I feel like they do — in that he somehow extracted a devil fruit from one person and implanted it in another. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can kill the previous owner and have a regular fruit nearby.

Blackbeard holding Boa Hancock by the neck from the anime series One Piece Episode 1087
Blackbeard holding Boa Hancock by the neck

What’s always been unique about Blackbeard is that he somehow has two devil fruits at once. That shouldn’t be possible. We know that if you eat a devil fruit when you already have one, you die. The body can’t handle having the power of two fruits at once. So, how does Blackbeard do it?

We finally have an answer. He tells Boa that he’s going to use the power of his Dark-Dark Fruit to absorb her devil fruit. This seems to be why he was so set on acquiring the Dark-Dark Fruit. It’s not only a powerful logia-type fruit. It also has a special property that lets him absorb other fruit.

So, is there a limit on how many fruit Blackbeard can absorb? We don’t know. He might even already have 10 or more devil fruit within him that he hasn’t revealed. We can’t know for certain.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of One Piece Episode 1087? Are you okay with Yamato staying behind in Wano as Vivi did in Alabasta? Which of the Warlords do you think the Seraphim will be based on? And, do you think Blackbeard would be able to make efficient use of Boa’s Love-Love Fruit?

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