One Piece Episode 1090 Review

One Piece Episode 1090 Review

Koby the Captive

One Piece Episode 1090 uses a classic One Piece bait title. The title is “A New Island! Future Island Egghead,” but it doesn’t really have much to do with Egghead Island. It’s not the worst case of One Piece title bait. But, I felt like we hadn’t had a bait title like that in a bit.

Anyway, the first thing I want to discuss doesn’t have anything to do with Egghead Island either. See that? I can bait too. Instead, I want to take a look at what happened to Koby after the attack on Amazon Lily.

We know that Silvers Rayleigh got Blackbeard to back down. And, in exchange for Blackbeard and the Marines leaving the island, Boa unpetrified their men. That’s where things left off in Episode 1088. But, it turns out that everything didn’t end as nicely as I thought.

Helmeppo begging for help saving Koby from the anime series One Piece Episode 1090
Helmeppo begging for help saving Koby

Apparently, Blackbeard took Koby captive. Why though? What does Blackbeard get out of doing that? Koby doesn’t have a devil fruit. And, it’s not like he’s a super high-ranking member of the Marines. From what I remember, he’s a captain. So, not a grunt, but not even a Rear Admiral or Commodore.

My guess is that Blackbeard took Koby because of his title. He’s known as the Hero Koby. A kidnapped Captain might not be much leverage in negotiations. But, a Hero? Blackbeard might be able to get some concessions from the Marines for the return of a Hero.

With that said, the Marines aren’t very interested in rescuing Koby. They know how dangerous Blackbeard and his crew are. They’re not going to approach the island. Instead, they’ll wait to see what Blackbeard wants to do. If he comes to them with an offer, they might consider it.

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Future Island Egghead

The only part of Episode 1090 that has to do with Egghead Island is that it’s where Jinbe, Luffy, Chopper, and Bonney washed up. It’s not even like they ventured into the part of the island. They’re in a cave by the shore.

It’s here, though, that we find out Luffy doesn’t remember who Bonney is. That’s no surprise. But, I would have thought at least Chopper or Jinbe would know. I mean, Chopper was there for the events of Sabaody two years ago. And, Jinbe seems like he would know about the Worst Generation pirates.

Anyway, It’s no coincidence that the Straw Hats ran into Bonney near this island. Vegapunk is to Bonney what Doflamingo was to Law. Bonney even says that the reason she’s here is to confront Vegapunk. But, at first, I didn’t remember why that was.

Jewelry Bonney putting her top back on from the anime series One Piece Episode 1090
Jewelry Bonney putting her top back on

It was only during the post-credits scene with Chopper and Robin that I remembered. Bonney had some sort of connection with Kuma. And so she wants to get revenge on Vegapunk for turning Kuma into the Pacifistas. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know anything more about their relationship.

I doubt Bonney was a member of the Revolutionary Army. So, it’s more likely that she has some other connection with Kuma from her childhood. Maybe he saved her when she was younger or something.

It’s also important to note that Bonney no longer has a crew. She was separated from them when the World Nobles and then Blackbeard held her captive. So, if she’s going to get her revenge on Vegapunk, she’s probably going to need the Straw Hats’ help.

Of all the Worst Generation Pirates, Bonney’s the one I most want to learn more about. Everything about her is mysterious. Who is she, really?

Dr. Vegapunk Appears

At the end of Episode 1090, the Sunny and remaining members of the crew are “saved” by a giant robot. The giant robot fights off the Mecha Shark that attacked the ship. And, it even brings the ship and the crew back to the surface of the ocean.

But, the woman who steps out of the robot doesn’t claim to have saved the ship. She claims to be the one also behind the Mecha Shark attack. And, she claims to be Dr. Vegapunk. But, is she really Dr. Vegapunk?

We don’t know that much about Vegapunk. But, we know Vegapunk formerly worked alongside Queen of the Beast Pirates and Judge of Germa 66. So, with that information in mind, Vegapunk should be pretty old. This woman looks pretty young — like in her 20s or something.

A woman claiming to be Dr. Vegapunk from the anime series One Piece Episode 1090
A woman claiming to be Dr. Vegapunk

Now, it’s not impossible for this woman to be Vegapunk. She could have created a technology that allowed her to reduce her age. And, although I assumed Vegapunk was a man, I’m not sure if their gender has ever been revealed. So, it’s possible that Vegapunk is a woman.

However, I’ve also seen the new opening for this arc. There’s an old man with a fruit on his head in it and I assume that he’s the real Vegapunk. But, if that’s true, who’s this woman?

For now, my guess is that she’s Vegapunk’s version of the Vinsmoke children. Judge Vinsmoke created superhuman children as weapons. And, I wouldn’t be surprised if Vegapunk saw that and decided to replicate it himself.

By that logic, this woman could technically be Dr. Vegapunk. As one of Vegapunk’s “children,” her surname could be Vegapunk. And, we know she’s a scientist who created the giant robot and Mecha Shark.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about One Piece Episode 1090? How do you think Koby is going to escape from Blackbeard’s island? What do you think Bonney’s connection to Kuma is? Was it already revealed and I’m just forgetting? And, how do you think the woman at the end of the episode is related to Vegapunk?

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