Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 6 Review

Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 6 Review

Final Scene and Girlfriend

Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 6 wasn’t quite what I expected. Of course, there were some things I got right like Ruka finding out about the trip. Though, she didn’t show up at the inn. Instead, she showed up at the bus stop when they were leaving.

However, I was expecting a bit more to happen between Kazuya and Chizuru. There wasn’t any drama when it came to filming the final scene of the movie. And even sleeping in the same room at the inn went fine. Where’s the spice?

Something I noticed a long time ago about Kanokari might be the problem. The series constantly refers back to previous episodes and even the same episode. Like, more than Naruto, which is infamous for its flashbacks.

To be fair, Episode 6 wasn’t that bad with this. But, we still saw a few scenes from this episode more than once.

Chizuru looking at the night sky from the anime series Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 6
Chizuru looking at the night sky

There was one episode this season, maybe Episode 5, that showed the same scene at least 3 times. And I don’t mean a flashback to a scene from an earlier episode or season. I mean a scene from that episode that got flashed back to 2 more times in that episode.

It’s no wonder not much happens in this series. There’s not much run time for things to happen. We’re always either seeing a flashback of some sort or Kazuya is freaking out internally. Those two things are what the majority of each episode is dedicated to.

During the filming scene, Chizuru told Kazuya about her promise to her grandfather. So, sure, that’s something. Except, we already knew about that. The majority of that scene was also a flashback to a previous season. And that was one of the big, touching scenes of the episode.

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A Night at a Mountain Inn

If you’re like me, you expected some inn shenanigans from this episode. I mean, Kazuya and Chizuru were sharing a room. Something has to come of that, right? Well, nothing did. After getting back from filming, Chizuru went to sleep and Kazuya did the same shortly after.

Sure, Chizuru wasn’t actually sleeping. She was having trouble sleeping because of her feelings for Kazuya. But, that doesn’t actually matter because nothing came of it. I thought Kazuya would do something cliché like say how he loves her, thinking she was asleep.

Nope! We didn’t even get that much. So, what was the point of this whole mountain inn excursion? Was it only included as a scenic backdrop for when Chizuru talks about her grandfather? That’s kind of how it ended up feeling. Did anything else of any importance happen?

Chizuru in an onsen from the anime series Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 6
Chizuru in an onsen

There wasn’t even good onsen content. We got one shot of Chizuru relaxing in the bath. But, it wasn’t the best shot. And, as with the room, nothing happened in the bath. At one point Kazuya fantasized about Chizuru being in the bath next door. But, it wasn’t Chizuru and we never saw who it was.

That was another opportunity for something to happen. Maybe when Kazuya exits the bath, he runs into Chizuru in the hallway also exiting the bath. Then, he’d know it was her he heard. Or, it could have gone the comedic route and had him run into an old lady exiting the bath.

Literally anything would have been better than what we got. Though, that may be because I feel like this is the second or third time Kazuya’s been in this situation. We know they’ve shared a room before. So, the issue might be that Reiji is running out of ideas.

The Morning After

Chizuru talking about her grandfather may seem like the biggest scene of the episode. But, it wasn’t. The biggest scene of the episode was Chizuru falling asleep on Kazuya’s shoulder on the bus ride home. That’s the thing that brought the two of them closer.

When Kazuya woke Chizuru up, she didn’t say anything about what happened. She gave no indication that she even realized what happened. But, we know from the final scene with her in the bathroom at the end of the episode that she knows. She’s very aware that she fell asleep on Kazuya.

But, here’s the thing. Chizuru can stay calm and collected in situations like that. Kazuya can’t. And there were a few moments in this episode during which I was concerned for Kazuya’s well-being. Considering how much he freaks out when around Chizuru, how does he expect to be with her?

Chizuru on a bus from the anime series Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 6
Chizuru on a bus

If you really think about it, dating Chizuru would be like torture to Kazuya. He’d never be able to relax. And every time she so much as touched him, he’d have a heart attack. There’s no way he would be able to survive like that.

It’s for that reason that I’ve decided Ruka is the right girl for Kazuya. He’s much more relaxed when in her presence. And she isn’t bad for his heart. Also, that coincidentally frees up Chizuru to date me. Of course, that fact didn’t play into my decision. It’s a coincidence, after all.

But, really, the more I see Kazuya and Ruka interacting, the better they seem for each other. Kazuya’s interactions with Chizuru are always so awkward. Isn’t it better to be with someone you can be yourself around? The back-and-forth between Ruka and Kazuya at the end of Episode 6 is one example.


What do you think of Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 6? Have you noticed how much of each episode is recycled content? Were you expecting something to happen between Kazuya and Chizuru at the inn? And, what do you think Ruka is going to ask for for her birthday? Let me know in the comments.

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