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Hyper-Psychic Geo Garaga Review

Hyper-Psychic Geo Garaga Review

Hyper-Psychic Geo Garaga anime movie cover art
Hyper-Psychic Geo Garaga

Planet of the Apes (and Psychics)

Hyper-Psychic Geo Garaga, also called Garaga (ギャラガ), is a sci-fi anime movie from 1989. It was the worst, full-length, Japanese anime movie I found on MyAnimeList. There were worse movies, but they either weren’t full-length of were Korean.

So, of course, I decided we’d watch Garaga for August’s movie night in the DoubleSama Discord server. I was hoping that it would be so bad it was funny, like Garzey’s Wing. But, that wasn’t the case. Though, that could partly be because we watched it in Japanese, not the English dub.

Anyway, what makes Garaga bad is that it really doesn’t make much sense. While watching the movie, I thought I was following along with the plot just fine. But, after thinking back on the movie, I have no idea what was going on or why.

Jay using his weapon from the anime movie Hyper-Psychic Geo Garaga
Jay using his weapon

The basic plot of Garaga is that a space ship crash lands on a planet called Garaga. And on this planet are at least two sentient races, the Umlangans and the Lars. The Umlangans are ape-like creatures and the Lars are psychics who look like humans. Well, at least, that’s what Lars are supposed to be.

As far as I remember, there’s only one psychic in the whole movie, Farla. The other Lars we see don’t ever exhibit psychic powers. I could be forgetting when they do. But, they’re functionally the same as humans other than Farla.

Anyway, the Umlangans and Lars are in a war over control of Garaga. And, because of course, humanity chose a side and got involved. The humans are on the side of the Umlangans fighting against the Lars. But, not because they want the Umlangans to win. They want the Lars to lose so that the humans can strip Garaga of its natural resources.

It Was the T-800 All Along

So far, nothing I’ve explained should be confusing. The very basic plot of the movie makes sense. It starts getting messy once we introduce all the various characters and their goals. There are quite a few characters in this movie. And each one seems to have their own motive you need to keep track of.

Though, don’t worry if you forget why a particular character is doing a particular thing. The majority of these character arcs don’t go anywhere and are never explained. For example, there’s Galliego (pictured below), one of the bad guys.

For some reason, he raises Kina to believe that Farla is a traitor to the Lars. But, then on his deathbed, he admits he was lying about that the whole time. We never get an explanation for why he lied about Farla. Though, I assume the answer is because he wouldn’t be a villain otherwise.

Galliego from the anime movie Hyper-Psychic Geo Garaga

There are also multiple human factions running around Garaga doing their own things. Some want to assassinate the human general. Others want to deliver the general’s daughter to him in a warzone, for some reason. And then there’s Jay, whose mysterious background we never learn. He’s the protagonist, by the way.

So, who’s the actual villain of the movie? Is it Galliego, the “evil” Lars? Is it Farla, the traitor? Kromen Gornue, general of the Umlangans? What about General Yun, leader of the human forces? Well, it’s none of them. It’s a guy named Alf Dolf.

Alf Dolf, which is a great name, is a cyborg who works directly under General Yun. And like any good cyborg, his goal is to eradicate all the organic life forms in the galaxy. Why are the humans, Umlangans, and Lars fighting a war against each other? Alf Dolf manipulated them all.

I Guess the Apes Won?

The very end of the movie also doesn’t make much sense. Jay goes off on his next adventure without explaining things. But, that’s par for the course when it comes to Jay, at this point. What doesn’t make sense is how the war over Garaga gets resolved.

Once Jay defeats Alf Dolf, everything should be fine. He was the cause of the war. Alf Dolf was brainwashing General Yun into committing atrocities on Garaga. And one of those atrocities was turning the Umlangans into super soldiers. Before the humans arrived, the Umlangans were a peaceful race.

So, without Alf Dolf in the picture, General Yun has no reason to turn the Umlangans into soldiers. And, the humans pull out from Garaga, which resolves the war with the Lars. So, yes, everything is fine once Alf Dolf is gone. But, there’s still one confusing detail left.

Farla from the anime movie Hyper-Psychic Geo Garaga

You see, the humans aren’t the only ones who leave Garaga. All the Lars also leave Garaga. And I have no idea why. Wasn’t the whole point of the Lars (Farla) fighting to protect Garaga from being exploited? The Lars are also a native race of Garaga. So, why are they leaving?

My only guess is that due to the experiments the humans performed, the Umlangans became too smart. Maybe the issue is that there can only be one sentient species at the top. Before, that would have been the Lars. But now, the Umlangans have advanced technology and culture, as well.

That still doesn’t exactly make sense, though. I mean, without the humans in the picture, why would the Umlangans and Lars fight? Ideology? Maybe. But, wouldn’t the same thing happen if the Lars go to Earth with the humans? Though, to be fair, we don’t know where the Lars are going.

Garaga: 5/10

Hyper-Psychic Geo Garaga isn’t a good movie. But, it’s also not actually that bad. Yes, when you think about the movie after the fact, it doesn’t make much sense. However, while watching the movie, I thought it was pretty average for an old anime. So, it gets a 5/10 from me.

Some people would rate Garaga lower just for being old. I’m not going to hold that against it. Also, the basic plot is pretty good, even if it’s not executed well. The biggest problem with the movie comes from all the loose ends. But, I feel like a lot of older anime movies have the same issue.

I mean, look at Akira, a good anime from a year before Garaga. It only covers the first half of the story and then ends. So, plot points being left unfinished or rushed isn’t exactly unique to bad anime from that time.

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Tekkon Kinkreet Review

Tekkon Kinkreet Review

Tekkon Kinkreet anime movie cover art
Tekkon Kinkreet

The Cats of Treasure Town

Tekkon Kinkreet (鉄コン筋クリート) is a psychological action anime movie. It follows Kuro (Black) and Shiro (White) of The Cats, a two-man gang that controls Treasure Town. Well, they control Treasure Town as much as two homeless children can.

Before I go any more into what the movie is about, though, let’s go over the title. What is a “Tekkon Kinkreet?” Like most of you, I had no idea. But, don’t worry, I Googled it for you. Apparently, it’s a mispronunciation of “Tekkin Konkurito,” which is steel-reinforced concrete. I guess that’s referring to the construction of Treasure Town.

Now, back to The Cats. Kuro is 13 years old, and Shiro is 11. And, as I mentioned, Kuro and Shiro are homeless. But, they survive on the streets of Treasure Town by committing small-time crimes. You know, like stealing food and assaulting other kids who trespass on their turf.

Kuro surveying Treasure Town from the anime movie Tekkon Kinkreet
Kuro surveying Treasure Town

As you may have guessed, life isn’t very easy for The Cats. But, as the older of the two, it’s even harder for Kuro. He was forced to grow up fast in order to protect and provide for Shiro. Meanwhile, Shiro is very much still a kid who can’t fend for himself.

Also, it really seems like Shiro has a mental disability of some kind. He doesn’t appear to have the cognitive ability of a normal kid his age. So, that makes caring for him even more difficult for Kuro. But, despite that, Kuro would never abandon Shiro.

A fun fact about Kuro and Shiro is that they sometimes wear shirts with their names written on them in numbers. Kuro wears 96 (ku roku), and Shiro wears 46 (shi roku). Though, I should point out that’s not how you would read the numbers 96 and 46.

A Good Crime Drama

Kuro and Shiro are pretty good characters. But, the better characters are the Yakuza members. In particular, I’d say that Suzuki “Nezumi” (Rat) is the best character of the movie. He’s introduced as a villain. But, he’s more of an anti-hero than anything else.

Nezumi is an older Lieutenant of the organization who returns to Treasure Town at the start of the movie. I believe he’s originally from there. So, he has a certain respect for the city and its people. But, Nezumi’s issue is that he represents the old way of doing things. Treasure Town is changing.

Kimura is the other main Yakuza character. He’s a younger member who works under and respects Nezumi. Later in the movie he even says that he joined the gang specifically because of Nezumi. To Kimura, Nezumi is a sort of father figure.

Suzuki lighting a cigarette from the anime movie Tekkon Kinkreet
Suzuki lighting a cigarette

I actually think Tekkon Kinkreet would be a better movie if it only followed the Yakuza members. That’s not to say the stuff with the kids is bad. It’s still good, for the most part. But the crime drama content with the Yakuza members is the best content in the movie.

Unfortunately, Snake is the character who kind of ruins this aspect of the movie. Sure, there are good things about him. For example, he set in motion the events that led to my favorite scene. But, he also looks weird and isn’t one of the cool Yakuza guys, even though he’s allied with them.

Snake is a shady businessman who’s planning to build an amusement park in the middle of Treasure Town. He partners up with the Yakuza because construction and organized crime go hand in hand. Unlike the Yakuza, Snake has no honor. He has no problem destroying Treasure Town for his own profit.

Aliens, Espers, and the Minotaur

Now, it’s time to go over some of the things I really didn’t like about Tekkon Kinkreet. And to do so, I’ll have to include some major spoilers. There’s your warning. If you don’t want to be spoiled, skip to the end of the review.

So, the worst thing about Snake is his muscle — three giant guys who appear to be aliens or something. I don’t remember exactly what they are or if they had actual names, though. We watched this movie way back in May, and I just forgot to review it until now.

But, anyway, these guys can fly and stuff, which is why I call them aliens. They’re certainly not normal humans. However, they’re also not the only special beings in the movie. Shiro is one, as well. Though, we can be pretty safe in saying he’s human.

Snake pointing his cigar at Kimura from the anime movie Tekkon Kinkreet
Snake pointing his cigar at Kimura

What’s up with Shiro? Well, he’s an esper of some sort. Shiro can “feel” the future of the city and he knows things aren’t going to go well for it. When crime and other things that harm the city come in, Shiro knows. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the mental ability to cope with those feelings.

Kuro also doesn’t quite have the capacity to cope with the things he has to deal with. Shiro tends to avoid things he doesn’t like. But, Kuro doesn’t have that luxury. He needs to face the unpleasant side of Treasure Town head first in order to protect Shiro.

And, that results in Kuro bottling up his emotions until he explodes. Enter, the Minotaur. This is Kuro’s alter-ego that he’s not aware of until the end of the movie. The Minotaur is the embodiment of Kuro’s rage and is the strongest being in the city.

Tekkon Kinkrete: 8/10

According to MyAnimeList, I gave Tekkon Kinkreet an 8/10. Looking back on the movie, that seems a little high considering I didn’t like the ending. But, maybe I’m forgetting some of the stuff I liked about it since it’s been so long since I watched it. I’m sticking with that rating, though.

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Jujutsu Kaisen 0

Jujutsu Kaisen 0

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 anime movie cover art
Jujutsu Kaisen 0

Somewhere Between Seasons 1 & 2

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (劇場版 呪術廻戦 0) is a movie prequel to the Jujutsu Kaisen series. It came out back in 2021, after the first season of the anime. But, I never actually got around to watching it until only recently.

After watching the first episode of Season 2, I figured I should probably go back and watch the movie. After all, Season 2 also appears to be a prequel. I won’t be getting into major spoilers for that here. But, it takes place back before the events of Season 1.

So, I finally decided to watch Jujutsu Kaisen 0 so I wouldn’t miss out on anything in Season 2. However, I quickly learned that 0 and Season 2 don’t take place at the same time. The events of Season 2 — at least in the beginning — take place before even 0.

Satoru Gojou's eye from the anime movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0
Satoru Gojou’s eye

If you’re wondering if you need to watch 0 before Season 2, I’d say no. It doesn’t appear that 0 is mandatory viewing material for the second season. But, with that said, you’re going to understand a bit more in Season 2 if you’ve already seen 0.

For example, Suguru Getou is a prominent character in both the movie and the second season. From what I remember, we didn’t see too much of him back in Season 1. So, if you’ve seen 0, you’ll understand his character a lot more going into Season 2.

This movie also follows different characters than the first two seasons. Season 1 followed Yuuji, Megumi, and Nobara. And Season 2 is following Gojou and his friends from his time in high school. But 0 follows the current second-year students Maki, Toge, and Panda.

Oh, and it also follows a brand new character, Yuuta Okkotsu.

Yuuta Okkotsu & Rika Orimoto

The two new characters in Jujutsu Kaisen 0 are Yuuta Okkotsu and Rika Orimoto. Yuuta and Rika were childhood friends and promised they would marry each other in the future. However, Rika died shortly after when she was hit by a car in front of Yuuta.

After this traumatic event, Yuuta found himself cursed by what used to be Rika. Whenever people threaten or harm Yuuta, Rika’s curse appears and gravely injures them. There’s something else Yuuta and Yuuji have in common. That’s the grade of their curses. Both Sukuna and Rika are Special grade curses. That means they could cause catastrophic damage, hence the planned executions.

But, before his execution, Gojou intervenes. He believes that they shouldn’t kill a child like Yuuta. Instead, he suggests Yuuta attend Jujutsu High — which should sound surprisingly familiar. That’s exactly what happened with Yuuji Itadori in Season 1. He was set for execution before an intervention sent him to Jujutsu High.

Yuuta Okkotsu and Rika Orimoto (curse) from the anime movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0
Yuuta Okkotsu and Rika Orimoto (curse)

While at Jujutsu High, Yuuta learns to use Rika’s curse. Letting her go out of control is dangerous for both Yuuta and everyone around him. And the way he controls her curse is by channeling it into a sword. Well, at least partially. She also still acts autonomously.

There’s something else Yuuta and Yuuji have in common. That’s the grade of the curses they’re afflicted by. Both Sukuna and Rika are Special grade curses. That means they could cause catastrophic damage, hence the planned executions.

We already know how strong Gojou is from Season 1. His cursed technique allows him to control space, time, and matter. And yet, we learned that if Rika went berserk and Yuuta couldn’t control her, even Gojou may not be able to stop her. That’s how powerful Special grade curses are.

Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

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I Don’t Understand the Ending

I enjoyed Jujutsu Kaisen 0 while watching it. Though, I’m not going to say I thought it was an amazing anime. It certainly had its issues. But, one of the things it did well was made me curious about the rest of the series.

There were a few things that happened at the end of the movie that I don’t understand. And I’m not saying that the movie was bad because I didn’t get it. I’m saying that I hope Season 2 eventually explains some of these things. I want to know more.

So, let’s start the spoilers off by talking about Getou, the villain. At the end of the movie, it’s implied that Getou died. And yet, we know Getou is still around in the present timeline. We’ve seen him in Season 1. However, in the current timeline, he has a scar across his forehead.

Suguru Getou from the anime movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0
Suguru Getou

So, does this mean Getou actually died there and was revived somehow? Mahito is the cursed spirit covered in stitches. Could he have been the one to revive Getou somehow? Or, is it that Getou never died and Gojou somehow saved his life? And if that’s the case, how is he free again?

The other thing I didn’t understand was what happened to Yuuta. Obviously, Yuuta isn’t present in Season 1 alongside the other second-year students. But, he didn’t die. Instead, he’s found in Kenya with one of the other villains from the movie.

Why is Yuuta palling around with the enemy? I forget the guy’s name, but he was on Getou’s side. And during the big fight of the movie, this was the guy fighting against Gojou. But now, he seems to be on good terms with both Yuuji and Gojou. So, what happened there? And will Yuuta be returning?


In the end, I gave Jujutsu Kaisen 0 a 7/10. That’s a point lower than I gave the first season of the anime. The movie was still good. But, again, I didn’t think it was that good. And considering it redid some of the same tropes from the anime, it wasn’t too unique, either.

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Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle anime movie cover art
Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl the Heart-Devourer

Howl’s Moving Castle (Howl no Ugoku Shiro / ハウルの動く城) is a Studio Ghibli anime movie from 2004. We watched it over in the DoubleSama Discord server for June’s movie night event. And, this is the fifth Studio Ghibli movie I’ve seen.

First, I watched Kiki’s Delivery Service. Then, My Neighbor Totoro. And last year, I watched both Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. Compared to those, I don’t think Howl’s Moving Castle is that great. I’d put it above Kiki’s Delivery Service. But, that’s it. The other three movies are better.

So, what’s Howl’s Moving Castle about? There’s a guy named Howl and he lives in a moving castle. Well, there’s a bit more to it than that. Howl is a wizard or sorcerer or something. And he lives in a moving castle so he can run away from his problems.

Sophie and Howl walking on air from the anime movie Howl's Moving Castle
Sophie and Howl walking on air

Howl’s castle traverses the “waste,” which is the empty land between cities. Normal people don’t go out into the waste because dangerous sorcerers live there. And, yes, Howl is one of them. In at least one town, rumor has it that Howl kidnaps beautiful girls and devours their hearts.

However, the girls also all think Howl is incredibly handsome. So, at first, it’s a bit unclear if the whole heart-devouring thing is a metaphor. It most likely is — meaning Howl makes girls fall for him. But, our protagonist takes the rumors literally and is worried Howl will eat her heart.

Of course, it turns out that Howl isn’t a cannibal. But, there was one thing the rumors were right about: Howl is hot. At least, when he’s blonde. Later in the movie, his hair turns black and he doesn’t look as good. If you like black-haired Howl more, you’re opinion is wrong.

Everybody Loves Howl

As I mentioned, all the girls in town think Howl’s a cutie. But, it’s not only young women whom he attracts. You see, Howl has a special ability to attract old women. I don’t mean older women. I mean old women.

At the start of the movie, Sophie is a young woman who works in a hat shop. But, after running into Howl, her life takes a turn. Another mage known as the Witch of the Waste casts a spell on Sophie to make her old.

Sophie then runs away from home (and work) and traverses the waste. This is when she comes across Howl’s moving castle and hires herself as the maid.

But, why did the Witch of the Waste curse Sophie? It’s because she wants Howl’s heart for herself (both literally and figuratively).

Sophie (old) sitting at Howl's bedside from the anime movie Howl's Moving Castle
Sophie (old) sitting at Howl’s bedside

Later in the movie, we also learn that the Witch of the Waste is using magic to alter her own appearance, as well. Not only did she make Sophie look old, but she also makes herself look far younger than she is. So, Howl has two old women going after him (romantically).

Then, there’s also Suliman, another old woman mage with an interest in Howl. Suliman is a bit different than Sophie and the Witch of the Waste, though. As far as we know, she’s not attracted to Howl. Instead, she wants Howl to use his magic to help her win a war against a rival nation.

Howl’s Moving Castle is a bit odd in that it seems to have two, very different lessons. On one hand, it appears to be a commentary on how growing old isn’t that bad. And on the other, it’s an anti-war movie. These two aspects of the movie felt very disconnected.

And Then They All Lived Happily Ever After

The worst part of Howl’s Moving Castle was easily the end. Everything wraps up at once without any real reasoning. It’s not even a Deus ex machina ending. No magic power saved the day in the end. Instead, all the conflict ends for no reason.

Well, I shouldn’t say that all the conflict ends for no reason. The stuff with the Witch of the Waste had an ending that made sense. The Witch of the Waste relinquished Howl’s heart to help save him in the end. And I thought her arc was fine.

But, what about the whole war thing with Suliman? Well, once Howl and Sophie decided they love each other, Suliman called off the war. Why? I have no idea. It’s not like Howl’s love life had anything to do with the war. He was just another mage Suliman wanted to use as a weapon.

The Witch of the Waste (old) from the anime movie Howl's Moving Castle
The Witch of the Waste (old)

It’s also not like the war depended on Howl’s participation. It had been going on throughout the entire movie. And Howl had been fighting against Suliman’s forces. So, why is Suliman calling off the war now that Howl has a girlfriend? It doesn’t make any sense.

To me, it seemed like the whole war aspect of the movie was almost an afterthought. There was some interesting stuff about war turning people into monsters. For example, when Howl uses magic to fight, he turns into a bird monster. But, without a real conclusion, that was all pointless.

Oh, and then there’s the scarecrow. Sophie saved a magic scarecrow early in the movie and he shows up a few times. And then, in the end, he turns into a human and declares he’s always loved her. But, she loves Howl, so sucks to be him. What was that about?


I gave Howl’s Moving Castle a 6/10, which is in line with how I ranked it against the other Ghibli movies I’ve seen. Most of the movie was good. But, the ending left a lot to be desired. It didn’t feel like the movie had a real conclusion.

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Weathering with You

Weathering with You

Weathering with You anime movie cover art
Weathering with You

Another Bad Movie Night Movie

Weathering with You (Tenki no Ko / 天気の子) is a fantasy, romance, drama anime directed by Makoto Shinkai. And yes, he’s the one who also directed the fantasy, romance, drama anime Your Name. However, Weathering with You isn’t as good as Your Name.

You can think of this movie as being like a cross between Your Name and Penguin Highway. It has a lot in common with both of those movies. Unfortunately, the plot is far more like that of Penguin Highway. And, that explains why I don’t think it was very good.

You see, the things Weathering with You and Your Name have in common are pretty superficial. They’re directed the same way, they look similar, and they have some of the same themes. These movies also share at least 1 character, so we know they’re in the same universe.

Natsumi Suga winking (at me) from the anime movie Weathering with You
Natsumi Suga winking (at me)

What this movie shares with Penguin Highway are all the bad things about Penguin Highway. Well, other than the fact that they both have cute onee-san characters. Everything else they have in common are negatives, such as plots that really don’t make any sense.

And so you’re aware, I’m about to spoil some of those things right now.

Remember how Penguin Highway had a portal into a water world? Well, this movie has something similar, but with a cloud world. And remember how the female lead faded away in Penguin Highway? Again, the same exact thing happens in Weathering with You.

Over-promising and under-delivering are rampant among fantasy drama anime movies. They craft unique worlds to draw you in and set up interesting plot points. But then, they don’t have enough run time to follow through on what they set up. So, they cut out everything that’s not 100% necessary to conclude the story.

Sunshine Girls & Rain Boys

The main premise of the movie revolves around so-called “Sunshine Girls.” These are girls who can make the sun come out on rainy days. And, as you may have guessed, Hina Amano, the female lead, is a Sunshine Girl. When she prays for sunlight, the rain clouds dissipate.

Opposite the Sunshine Girls are some kind of rain people. I don’t remember what they’re actually called, so I’ll call them Rain Boys. These Rain Boys only got a single mention in the movie when we got the explanation of Sunshine Girls.

I assumed that they were going to play a role since it was always raining in this world. It seemed like there could be a Rain Boy behind it all. But, no. We never got an explanation for that. And it was only slightly implied that the main character, Hodoka Morishima, is a Rain Boy.

Hina Amano praying for sunshine from the anime movie Weathering with You
Hina Amano praying for sunshine

Anyway, Sunshine Girls are treated as a myth in this world. Most people don’t believe they exist. They might be familiar with the concept, but only from legends and fairytales from long ago. And yet, when a real Sunshine Girls appears, nobody seems that surprised.

When Hina is going to reveal her power to the public for the first time, people are skeptical. However, as soon as she makes the sun come out, they accept Sunshine Girls as part of their world and move on. This isn’t a fantasy-fantasy world. It’s the same as our world, but with Sunshine Girls. So, this acceptance was a bit jarring.

Imagine if tomorrow we found out that the Greek gods are real, live among us, and have magic powers. Now imagine that everyone accepts that fact within a few minutes and starts paying them to do odd jobs. That’s Weathering with You.

A Surprising Crime Thriller

Enough about the bad aspects of Weathering with You. What was the best thing about the movie? By far, the best thing was how it turned out to be a crime thriller. I can’t say I was expecting that to be the case.

Early in the movie, Hodoka comes across a handgun he thinks is fake. That is until he fires it at someone and goes on the run as a fugitive. Then, for most of the movie, the gun doesn’t play a significant role. Hodoka even throws it away at one point.

And, let me just say that throwing away the gun was a great decision. If you’ve committed a crime, you should usually get rid of the evidence. Unless tampering with evidence has a harsher penalty than the original crime, toss it. That’s being a criminal 101.

Hodoka Morishima in the rain from the anime movie Weathering with You
Hodoka Morishima in the rain

Unfortunately for Hodoka, he makes a huge blunder at the end of the movie. He returns to where he tossed the gun and retrieves it. And to make matters worse, he then uses the gun to threaten the police. Pro tip: don’t get into a standoff with police if you want things to work out in your favor.

The good news is that since Hodoka lives in Japan, he survived his encounter with the cops. However, what he got was a fate worse than death: 3 years of probation until he graduates high school. Honestly, I’m not sure how he made it through those 3 years.

Oh, and while this is unrelated, I almost forgot the funniest part of Weathering with You. Hodoka saved Hina from the clouds. But, in return, this caused it to rain 24/7 for the next 3+ years. And because of that, the entire nation of Japan is sinking. Classic.


Overall, I’d say Weathering with You is a 5/10. It’s not a good anime. But, it is funny at times. And something tells me I’d view Your Name the same way if I ever rewatched it. So, I won’t rewatch it and I’ll keep pretending that it was one of the best anime movies.

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