I Want You To Show Me Your Panties With a Disgusted Face 2 Review

I Want You To Show Me Your Panties With a Disgusted Face 2 Review

Best Maid Chitose Itou Returns

Chitose Itou, the only girl from the first season of IyaPan whom I gave a 10/10, returns for season 2. I said I wanted her to show me her panties with a disgusted face again, and she granted my wish. Truly, there can’t be a better maid out there.

I Want You To Show Me Your Panties With a Disgusted Face 2 is the same format as the first season. Once again, there are six episodes that are each about four minutes long. And, once again, my main complaint is that this isn’t enough content.

Now, you might think that Chitose returning is bad because she’s taking up a spot that could go to a new girl. But, her return is actually good — and not just because I like her. These additional four minutes of content are huge. Her screen time was doubled, which is what all the girls need.

Kano and Yuno Futaba – The Twins

The first new characters of this season are Kano and Yuno Futaba. Kano is the younger twin and Futaba is the older twin. And, both twins have crushes on their teacher (tutor), the viewer.

As a reward for doing well on their recent tests, the twins want the viewer to take them on a date. But, of course, the viewer tells them that they need to show him their panties first. You know, as you do. However, this turns out to be a dealbreaker, for some reason.

So, which of the twins is better? That’s easy; it’s Kano. Yes, they look identical. But, I like Kano’s personality more. She’s the more energetic and flirtatious of the two. Despite being “older,” Yuno is the shy one. Though, I do like Yuno’s zettai ryouiki (絶対領域) more than Kano’s tights. In the end, though, both Kano and Yuno get a 7/10.

Kano and Yuno Futaba from the anime series I Want You To Show Me Your Panties With a Disgusted Face 2
Kano and Yuno Futaba

Shiori Matsuura – The Bookstore Employee

Shiori Matsuura is the worst girl of IyaPan 2. Her character design, personality, and scenario are all pretty mediocre. Of all the girls, she wears the most conservative outfit. And, that’s saying something considering most of the girls don’t wear revealing clothes.

Her personality revolves around her love of books. She thought the viewer (a customer at her shop) was interested in the same books as her. But, as we know, that’s not the case. We (the viewers) just want to see her panties. Once Shiori learns this, she loses interest in the viewer because she only cares about books.

Okay, but what’s the issue with her scenario? I don’t think the bookstore employee is a very exciting premise. It’s no maid or nun or nurse. Those kinds of scenarios are exciting because there’s a sort of taboo around them. A girl working at a bookstore is boring, by comparison. Shiori gets a 5/10.

Natsumi Hayakawa – The Dental Assistant

Natsumi Hayakawa is my favorite new girl of IyaPan 2. She’s a dental assistant and fills the same role that Misuzu Tanahashi (the nurse) did in Season 1. Misuzu was good, so it only makes sense that Natsumi would be good, too.

But, Natsumi isn’t the same character as Misuzu in a slightly different setting. Her personality is quite different. Misuzu was a very friendly nurse. Natsumi actively hits on the viewer and tries to seduce him. She presses her chest against him while cleaning his teeth and drops hints by mentioning days when she’s free later in the week.

This is where the viewer fumbles. He says he’s not interested in going on a date with her. Instead, he wants her to show him her panties now. My guy, if you go out with her, you’ll be able to see her panties a lot more than once. Anyway, Natsumi gets a 9/10.

Natsumi Hayakawa smiling from the anime series I Want You To Show Me Your Panties With a Disgusted Face 2
Natsumi Hayakawa smiling

My Real and True Wife Maria Takayama Is Back

As with Chitose, I’m glad Maria Takayama returned for Season 2 of Iyapan. I like Maria a lot, despite the fact that I thought she went a little too easy on the viewer in Season 1. That’s still true in Season 2. But, the dynamic changed a bit.

In Season 1, Maria showed the viewer her panties in an attempt to “save his soul.” And, honestly, even I might convert if Maria did that for me. So, in this season, the viewer returns to thank Maria for what she’s done for him — and to ask to see her panties again.

I don’t blame the viewer for asking a second time after how she treated him the first time. Yes, she had a disgusted face while doing it. But, she didn’t take much convincing. And this time, she comments on how she doesn’t believe it will be the last time the viewer asks.

I’m upgrading Maria from an 8/10 to a 9/10.

Riko Fujino – The Little Sister*

Does anyone else see the name Riko Fujino and think it just screams “younger sister?” Like, how could a character with that name not be a little sister type? I can’t explain what it is about it that makes me feel that way. But, it’s something I feel deep down.

Now, Riko isn’t actually the viewer’s little sister. They’re childhood friends and have a sibling-like relationship because of their age difference. We know this because the viewer expresses that they only see Riko as a younger sister, not a potential partner.

But, that only makes what comes next worse — when the viewer asks to see Riko’s panties.

Of the panty reveals in this season, Riko’s was my favorite. But, the whole childhood friend/younger sister scenario is boring and overplayed. I mean, even Riko’s character design screams “generic middle/high school girl.” So, I have to give her a 6/10.

Riko Fujino blushing from the anime series I Want You To Show Me Your Panties With a Disgusted Face 2
Riko Fujino blushing

Final Thoughts

I Want You To Show Me Your Panties With a Disgusted Face 2 is a 7/10, just like the first season. I was considering rating it slightly lower. But, the inclusion of both Chitose and Maria kept it at a 7. Getting additional content of those two did a lot for this season.

A third season was announced at some point. I don’t know exactly when that was. But, considering it’s been four and a half years since IyaPan 2 and IyaPan 3 still doesn’t have a release date, we may never get it. I hope we do, though, because the key visual makes me think it’ll be the best season yet.

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