One Piece Episode 1101 Review

One Piece Episode 1101 Review

Luffy vs. Lucci – Round 2 (Continued)

One Piece Episode 1101 continues the fight between Luffy and Rob Lucci. But, for the most part, the animation during the continuation of this fight isn’t as good as in Episode 1100. Still, it’s good content.

Now, it was always obvious to me that Luffy was going to win this fight. It doesn’t matter that Lucci also has an awakened Devil Fruit. As I discussed in the previous review, Luffy’s Devil Fruit is simply stronger. The Cat-Cat Fruit Model: Leopard isn’t beating the Human-Human Fruit Model: Nika.

Lucci, for some reason, thought he stood a chance. However, by the end of the fight, he recognizes the difference in their power. He asks himself, “How powerful is he?!” And, I’d like to answer that question for Lucci. Luffy is powerful enough that he defeated Kaido and was named one of the Four Emperors.

Rob Lucci in his awakened Zoan form from the anime series One Piece Episode 1101
Rob Lucci in his awakened Zoan form

Forget about the fact that fighting Luffy is a bad idea because he’s an Emperor of the Sea. The real reason fighting Luffy is a bad idea is because he defeated Kaido. You know, the “World’s Strongest Creature” Kaido. The guy so powerful that he can’t even kill himself when he tries.

Luffy beat that.

Sure, you can always argue that one Devil Fruit or character is strong or weak against another. You could have a rock-paper-scissors situation. But, this isn’t that. It’s not like Luffy had an advantage over Kaido and Lucci has an advantage over Luffy.

At the end of the day, there are only a handful of people who could defeat Luffy as he is now. We don’t know much about Shanks, but he might be able to. Blackbeard might be able to, as well. And, I’m going to say Im, too. The Admirals? Probably not one-on-one.

The Strongest Form of Humanity

We now know how the Seraphim are able to use Devil Fruit powers that already exist. They have special green blood that basically contains the DNA of the Devil Fruit. This is not the same as the SMILE fruits created by Caeser, which are artificial Devil Fruit.

Why does this difference matter? As Dr. Vegapunk says, creating artificial Devil Fruit only works on Zoan fruit, so far. And, as we’ve seen, the success rate isn’t very high. By using his green blood technology, Vegapunk has been able to replicate the powers of Paramecia fruit. Though, Logia fruit are still too complex.

In simple terms, why recreate the entire Devil Fruit when you could just recreate its ability? The only downside seems to be the cost. That’s why there are only a handful of Seraphim. It’s expensive to make the Seraphim themselves as well as the green blood.

S-Snake blushing from the anime series One Piece Episode 1101
S-Snake blushing

Vegapunk also called the Seraphim the “Strongest form of humanity.” Is he right about that? I didn’t think so. Yes, they’re very robust. But, I have a feeling that they’re not actually stronger than their human counterparts. Like, are we assuming S-Hawk could beat Mihawk in a fight?

Well, at least, I thought that until we saw S-Snake interact with Chopper and Jinbe. Before this, I thought the Seraphim were little more than robots. It turns out that they actually have personalities — and S-Snake is adorable. If it’s S-Snake, I’ll gladly bow down to my new Seraphim overlord.

But, actually, the fact that the Seraphim have personalities is a big deal. The reason I thought the original humans would be stronger is because of their “human ingenuity.” For example, Mihawk could come up with a way to defeat S-Hawk. However, it now looks like the Seraphim can do that too.

Riding the Hyper Capsule Rocket

I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of Episode 1101 was the Jinbe and Chopper content. It started with them thanking S-Snake for pointing them in the right direction. And, it continued through the end of the episode.

As I’m sure many One Piece fans have noticed, there are different groups within the Straw Hat crew. And, members of the crew tend to interact most with other crew members who fall within the same groups.

For example, look at Zoro and Sanji. They’re both members of the “monster trio” with Luffy, so those three interact a lot. Sanji’s also part of a group that includes Robin and Nami since he loves women. And, Zoro is in the “original East Blue crew” group with Nami, so he interacts with her, too. But, Zoro rarely interacts with Robin. They don’t share a group.

Jinbe and Chopper on the Hyper Capsule Rocket from the anime series One Piece Episode 1101
Jinbe and Chopper on the Hyper Capsule Rocket

Now, why am I bringing up these groups? Because one of my favorite groups is the “post-East Blue” group. Robin, Chopper, Brook, Franky, and Jinbe are the five in this group. And, what I like about this group is that, for the most part, they’re older.

Robin, Brook, Franky, and Jinbe are all older than the original East Blue crew. Robin’s the youngest of those four, and she’s still 9 years older than Zoro, the oldest of the original crew. But, then, there’s Chopper — the real reason why I like this group.

Chopper is the youngest Straw Hat. But, he’s often grouped with the older crew members. And, this leads to some of my favorite inter-crew moments. I love seeing Chopper with Robin. Chopper with Franky and Brook are pretty good too. And now that Jinbe’s on the crew, Chopper and Jinbe is another pairing I love.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of One Piece Episode 1101? Do you think we’re going to be seeing a lot of characters returning with awakened Devil Fruit? Does the fact that the Seraphim have personalities change your opinion of them? And, which Straw Hat crew pairing is your favorite?

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