Chained Soldier Episode 2 Review

Chained Soldier Episode 2 Review

Paradigm Shift

Chained Soldier Episode 2 was better than Episode 1. But, maybe I only think that because this episode focused on my favorite girl of the series, so far, Shushu Suruga. Of the four girls we’ve met, I like her character design and personality the most.

And, I’ll say that Shushu has the most interesting ability, too. It’s not the most exciting. But, I like her ability more than the others. Nei has a simple sensory-type ability. Kyouka’s Slave ability isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be. And, Himari is just a worse version of Baby 5 from One Piece.

As we learned in Episode 1, Shushu’s ability allows her to turn into a giant. But, in Episode 2, we learned that’s not all she can do. She can also shrink her body. We don’t know exactly how small she can make herself. However, we saw her become small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Shushu Suruga on her phone from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 2
Shushu Suruga on her phone

During Shushu’s fight against the giant Shuuki, she also said that her ability takes a lot of energy. It takes a lot of energy to grow giant. And, it takes energy to stay giant. So, we know there’s a limit to how large she can get.

I would imagine that the same limitations apply when shrinking herself. We don’t know for sure. But, what we do know for sure is that Shushu can’t only alter the size of her body.

She can also alter the size of her clothes, which makes sense. It would be pretty inconvenient for her if she couldn’t do that. And, in addition to her clothes, she can change the size of other objects she touches. Though, it’s unclear if she can resize them without resizing her body, as well.

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Alone With Shushu

The main reason that this was a Shushu episode is that the other three girls left the dorms. They had a meeting or something to attend. So, it was Shushu and Yuuki holding down the fort while they were gone.

I imagine Himari is going to get a similar episode in which it’s only her and Yuuki. But, I’m not sure about Nei. She might. But, considering her age has been confirmed to be 11, I’m not sure if that will actually happen. It’s going to be uncomfortable if the series incorporates her into anything ecchi due to her age.

Anyway, back to Shushu. She’s interested in Yuuki. She says as much. She grew up with women and attended an all girls school. So, Yuuki’s the first man she’s ever been around. Naturally, she’d be interested in him. But, that’s not the kind of interest I mean.

Shushu Suruga smirking from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 2
Shushu Suruga smirking

What I mean is that she’s romantically interested in him. This is obvious at the end of the episode. However, we can also see it before then in how she teases Yuuki. She blackmails him and tells him she wants him to be her slave — like he is to Kyouka.

She’s not going to be able to take him away from Kyouka. So, she’s doing the next best thing. She’s trying to force him into a special kind of relationship with her, too. And, it’s working. At this point, it looks like Yuuki’s closer to Shushu than he is to Kyouka.

The only person I’d say Yuuki may be closer to than Shushu is Nei. But, his relationship with Nei is obviously very different. Yuuki views her as a cute kid and seems to be kind of playing along with her being his senpai. Though, she is his senpai.

Shushu and Yuuki Are Growers

What did you think Yuuki was going to do to help Shushu in the fight against the giant Shuuki? He realized that after licking Kyouka’s hand, he transformed into her slave monster. So, I figured he’d apply the same logic to Shushu.

That would have been a far more interesting development. Sure, Kyouka’s Slave ability allows her to turn Yuuki into her slave and order him around in battle. But, what if Yuuki himself had an ability? What if the reason he turned into a Shuuki-like monster after liking Kyouka was his own ability?

Before making Yuuki her slave, Kyouka had only ever enslaved Shuuki. So, that could explain why Yuuki sort of resembles them when he transforms. But, what if his ability allowed him to take on some powers from the person he licked?

Giant Shushu Suruga watching Yuuki fall from the sky from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 2
Giant Shushu Suruga watching Yuuki fall from the sky

If that was the case, then he’d be able to lick Shushu and potentially use her growth power to fight. And, the same would be true if he licked Himari or even Nei. In this episode, we could have found out that he had an ability that lets him use the abilities of others.

To me, that would have made Yuuki a more interesting character. But, of course, that’s not what happened. Like all men, Yuuki doesn’t have an ability. And, he didn’t try to lick Shushu. Instead, he went looking for something that belonged to Kyouka that he could lick.

Once it was clear what he was doing, I assumed a pair of Kyouka’s panties would be the item he needed. You know, because this is an ecchi series. However, Yuuki settled on one of Kyouka’s boots, which fits the series way better. That was a better choice than having him use her panties.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Chained Soldier Episode 2? Do you think Shushu has the best ability? Or do you prefer one of the other girls’ abilities? Which girl do you think is going to get the next solo episode? And, would you have preferred it if Yuuki turned out to have an ability? Let me know in the comments.

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