Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 2 Review

Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 2 Review

Utena’s Introduction to BDSM

Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 2 confirms that Utena Hiiragi is literally me. How do I join Enormita? I want to have fun with magical girls too. It’s not fair that Utena gets to and I don’t.

Anyway, in this episode, Utena discovers what BDSM is — and that it’s what she’s into. So, that’s pretty neat. Of course, she doesn’t discover this by accident. When Utena visits a shrine, Venalita leaves a trail of BDSM magazines where Utena would find them. This is all part of Venalita’s plan to push Utena further into depravity.

Coincidentally, Sayo Minakami (Magia Azure) volunteers at the shrine Utena visited. And, I was expecting her to stumble upon Utena reading the magazines on the shrine grounds. But, that’s not what happened. Reading the magazines caused Utena to transform. And, sensing this, Sayo appeared as Magia Azure.

Magia Azure in a BDSM mask from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 2
Magia Azure in a BDSM mask

I would have liked to see Sayo’s response to finding Utena with the magazines. And, I would have liked to see Utena’s response to being caught red-handed — especially at a shrine. But, I suppose what we got instead is also good. This was Utena’s chance to try out her newly discovered kink.

Utena smacks a fox mask with her domination whip and it attaches itself to Magia Azure’s face. With this mask on, not only can Magia Azure not see Utena, but she can’t sense her, either. And, since it’s supposed to be like a bondage mask, she can’t take it off.

With Magia Azure defenseless, Utena proceeds to feel up her body. This scene was pretty good. But, I would have liked it to involve more bondage. How can we have Utena reading bondage magazines and then not copying what she saw in them? The mask alone wasn’t enough.

Let’s Have Even More Fun Next Time

I wouldn’t say that reading the BDSM magazines awakened anything within Utena. She was already into that stuff. She just didn’t know what it was called or that the “hobby” was so extensive. It’s not like she read the magazines and then started doing those things to Tres Magia.

However, something seems to have awoken in Magia Azure after what Utena did to her in this episode. Before running away, Utena said, “Next time, let’s have even more fun.” And, Sayo has been thinking about those words ever since.

What did the villain (Utena) mean when she said that? What horrific acts does she plan to subject Sayo to? And, will they make her feel even better than she did this time? It’s clear that Sayo isn’t scared of what Utena’s going to do to her next. She’s excited about and anticipating it.

Magia Sulfur from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 2
Magia Sulfur

After Sayo’s solo run-in with Utena, Kaoruko noticed something was off. So, she laid a trap for Utena by using herself as bait. She went off to a remote location by herself and transformed. And, sure enough, Utena appeared not too long after.

Now, it’s a bit unclear what exactly Kaoruko hoped to achieve here. Her obvious goal was to learn Utena’s techniques and defeat her. We saw that she figured out the domination whip was the source of Utena’s power. And, we saw that she had a secret weapon in store for Utena once she gathered enough information from the fight.

But, at the same time, I think Kaoruko was curious about what happened to Sayo. It doesn’t seem like Sayo told her or Haruka what Utena did to her. But, Kaoruko may have been able to make some assumptions based on their last fight. Did she want personal time with Utena, too?

Her Name Is Magia Baiser!

In her fight against Magia Sulfure, Utena breaks out a BDSM classic, hot wax. The hot wax was used better than the “bondage” stuff was against Magia Azure. But, I still felt like this scene was lacking. More could have been done.

However, something I liked about this episode over Episode 1 is that we got one-on-one time with the magical girls. Is Sayo’s kink going to be bondage throughout the rest of the series? Is Kaoruko’s going to be wax play? And if so, what do you expect Haruka’s is going to be?

Along those same lines, how do you think the other villains are going to interact with Tres Magia? At the very end of this episode, we see one of the other villains appear — though, it’s unclear if she’s a villain yet. Are the other villains also going to be into BDSM like Utena?

Magia Baiser dripping hot wax on Magia Sulfur from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 2
Magia Baiser dripping hot wax on Magia Sulfur

Moving on, as her battle with Magia Sulfur was coming to a close, Utena revealed her villain name. From now on, when she’s in villain mode, I’ll be referring to her as Magia Baiser. But, what does that name even mean?

Thanks to Google, I have an answer for you. It’s French for “a kiss.” However, that’s not likely the translation this series is going for. It’s also French slang for a vulgar act. I’m not going to give the exact English translation because I don’t use words like that on this site. But, think of her name as “Magia Sex,” but more profane.

Why did she add Magia to her name, though? Is it because she wants to be a magical girl herself? Or, is it because her name is supposed to mean “magical girl ____er?” I like to think it’s the latter.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 2? Did you want to see more bondage in Utena’s fight against Magia Azure? Did you prefer the Magia Azure or Magia Sulfur fight? And, what are your thoughts on the villain name Magia Baiser? Let me know in the comments.

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