Goblin Slayer II Episode 10 Review

Goblin Slayer II Episode 10 Review

Visiting Old Party Members

Goblin Slayer II Episode 10 featured some characters we haven’t seen in a while. Though, some of those “features” were more references than anything else. There are three I want to go over in this review: Wizard, Warrior, and Noble Fencer.

Let’s go through those three in order, starting with Wizard. This is probably the character you remember the most. Wizard was one of the other women in Priestess’s first party. Goblin Slayer was actually the one who killed Wizard. However, he only did so to end her suffering after goblins stabbed her with a poisoned dagger.

More importantly, Wizard was the older sister of Wizard Boy. He decided to become an adventurer to restore his sister’s honor. But, as far as I remember, he never learned about Priestess’s and Goblin Slayer’s connection to her. I wonder how that knowledge would change his opinions of them.

Priestess visiting Wizard's grave from the anime series Goblin Slayer II Episode 10
Priestess visiting Wizard’s grave

Anyway, Priestess visits Wizard’s grave in the capital city. And, afterward, High Elf Archer asks if she has anyone else she wants to visit. Priestess responds that there’s one more, and this is the only reference in the episode to Warrior. At least, we can assume that’s who she’s referring to.

Warrior was the other one of Priestess’s original party members who died. But, unfortunately for him, he’s not even important enough for us to see his grave. In fact, it looked to me like Priestess and High Elf Archer actually skipped visiting his grave.

The final character I want to mention is Noble Fencer from the Goblin’s Crown movie. She’s the girl we see attending the royal court. She introduced Goblin Slayer’s party to the King at the end of the episode. The last time we heard anything about her was back in Episode 1 of this season.

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The Princess in the Bathhouse

Episode 10 doesn’t only mention old characters. It also introduces some new ones. The most important two are King and Princess. King is, obviously, the king of whatever nation the series takes place in. As far as I know, it doesn’t have a name.

I’m also not entirely sure how this kingdom and the elves’ domain are related. Do the elves live under King’s rule? It doesn’t seem like it, since they have their own king and customs. But, at the same time, it also does seem like it.

We saw a fair amount of elves within the capital city. The elves’ domain doesn’t appear to be that far away. And, High Elf Archer hasn’t ever said anything about them being separate. It may be that the elve’s domain functions as an autonomous zone within the kingdom. We don’t know, though.

Princess talking to Priestess in the bathhouse from the anime series Goblin Slayer II Episode 10
Princess talking to Priestess in the bathhouse

Something we learned right at the beginning of the episode is that King used to be an adventurer. And, because of that, his younger sister, Princess, wants to be an adventurer, as well. But, King won’t let her, probably because he knows how dangerous the job is, especially for young women.

Of course, this doesn’t stop Princess. She’s dead set on becoming an adventurer, much like Noble Fencer was before her. The difference is that Noble Fencer actually knew what she was doing. Her issue was that she and her party got in over their heads.

Princess doesn’t appear to have any of the necessary skills for being an adventurer. She doesn’t have gear, training, or a party, and she’s not even registered as an adventurer. And yet, she thought it would be a good idea to steal Priestess’s identity and set out on her own. We saw how that went.

A Job for Goblin-Slaying Pros

As we saw, the goblins that kidnapped Princess are part of the black-hand group. And, as such, the location of their nest is unknown. But, Sword Maiden predicts that they’re likely using the Dungeon of the Dead as their home base.

Based on the reactions of everyone else in the royal court, this isn’t somewhere you want to go. And, King doesn’t want to send the military in to rescue Princess because it would become a scandal. He can’t have people finding out that she fled the castle and impersonated a priestess.

So, I naturally assumed that King himself would lead a party to save his sister. After all, he’s a former adventurer. But, this isn’t what was suggested. Instead, the other members of the royal court turned to Sword Maiden to save the day.

Sword Maiden relieved to see Goblin Slayer's Party from the anime series Goblin Slayer II Episode 10
Sword Maiden relieved to see Goblin Slayer’s Party

I don’t know what rank King was when he was an adventurer. But, we know Sword Maiden was gold ranked, which is the highest natural rank. You can’t just work your way up to platinum. Only heroes, like Hero, who were “chosen by the fates” or whatever can receive the platinum rank.

Anyway, it makes sense that the members of the court would want Sword Maiden to take on this quest. She has a proven track record. And, it’s probably not a good idea to send the king himself. But, there’s one small issue. Sword Maiden can’t deal with goblins at all.

What surprised me even more than Sword Maiden getting nominated was her response. She didn’t immediately recommend Goblin Slayer’s party. Noble Fencer had to be the one to do that. I was so sure that she was going to mention the fact that Goblin Slayer, a silver rank, is in the royal capital.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Goblin Slayer II Episode 10? Did you also assume the other grave Priestess wanted to visit was Warrior’s? What was your favorite part of the episode and why was it the entire bathhouse scene? And, were you surprised when Sword Maiden didn’t volunteer Goblin Slayer’s party? Let me know in the comments.

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