Goblin Slayer II Episode 3 Review

Goblin Slayer II Episode 3 Review

Training the New Adventurers

Goblin Slayer II Episode 3 focused on the rookie adventurers. These are Rookie Warrior, Apprentice Cleric, Rhea Fighter, and Wizard Boy. In this episode, the Silver-ranked adventurers helped to train the rookies. And, this appears to be a somewhat new development.

It’s not unheard of for higher-ranked adventurers to help out lower-ranked ones. Priestess joining Goblin Slayer’s party is the most obvious example. But, from what we’ve seen, adventurers tend to stick with others of their rank. We really don’t see any mixed-rank parties — at least not with multiple ranks between members.

For the most part, the only place adventurers of different ranks are seen together is at the guild hall. But, there’s a new training ground (and village) being built on the outskirts of town. And this is where we see Goblin Slayer, Female Knight, and Lancer training the newbies.

Rhea Fighter training with Female Knight from the anime series Goblin Slayer II Episode 3
Rhea Fighter training with Female Knight

Why would these established adventurers be training the rookies, though? The simple answer is that it’s good for everyone. Obviously, this is good for the rookies because they get training. It’s also good for the town because it means there are more adventurers who know what they’re doing.

And, I have a feeling that the guild is paying the Silver-ranked adventurers to do this, too. Though, even if that wasn’t the case, this still benefits them in another way. Fewer rookie adventurers will die if properly trained. And that means the stronger adventurers will be able to leave the simpler quests to them.

Now, we didn’t see all of the rookie adventurers in this episode. Heavy Warrior took some of them to train in a cave system. So, what that tells me is that the four we focused on are important. My guess is that they’ll end up forming a new party.

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Boys’ Night Out

The middle of Episode 3 was the worst part. I didn’t really care about this portion of the episode. But, I’ll discuss it anyway.

Lancer invited Goblin Slayer out for drinks with him and Heavy Warrior. This isn’t normal, as Goblin Slayer’s a bit of a weirdo. But, as we’ve seen, Lancer has been trying to be friends with him for a while now.

There aren’t too many adventurers of their rank around. So, it makes sense that Lancer would want to be friends with Goblin Slayer. In fact, these three are the only Silver-ranked men who seem to be from the area.

Yes, there are two more Silver-ranked men around, Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest. But, they’re not from around here. This is a primarily human settlement. And as adventurers, there’s no guarantee that those two will stick around in the area long-term.

Female Knight from the anime series Goblin Slayer II Episode 3
Female Knight

As everyone knows, that’s not the case for Goblin Slayer. He has no intention of leaving the area for long periods of time. This town is his home and the place he wants to continue to protect. So, it makes sense for Lancer and Heavy Warrior to invite him out with them.

The problem with this part of the episode is that I don’t care about what they have to talk about. I don’t care about their childhood dreams. Though, I’ll say it was interesting to see them all recognize that they’re not the main characters. That’s right, Goblin Slayer isn’t the main character in this world, Hero is.

But, there was one thing I found interesting — what they find most attractive about women. The only reason this is interesting is because of Heavy Warrior. He’s into big booty women. That’s fine. But, he expresses this sentiment while staring at a centaur girl.

Goblin Surprise Attack!

At the very end of the episode, there’s a surprise attack on the training grounds. Goblins have dug a tunnel that exits right in the middle of the village that’s under construction. And, as soon as the sun begins to set, they come crawling out.

But, is this actually a surprise attack? I’m not so sure. If it is, this seems like a pretty terrible plan on the goblin’s part. Why would they tunnel directly into the middle of the adventurers’ training grounds? It’s like they’re asking to be slaughtered.

Instead, it makes way more sense for goblins to attack unprotected villages. Goblins don’t want to fight adventurers. They want to kidnap women and bring them back to their nests. So, to me, the goblins didn’t plan to appear here. They just happened to tunnel up to the surface and this is where they ended up.

Goblin Slayer preparing to slay some goblins from the anime series Goblin Slayer II Episode 3
Goblin Slayer preparing to slay some goblins

Now, what can we expect from the next episode? It should be pretty obvious that things aren’t going to go well for the goblins. After all, Goblin Slayer is there. But, what I’m more interested in is how the rookies are going to do.

My assumption is that we’re going to see the four rookies team up. They’ll probably show off the new skills they learned from the Silver-ranked adventurers. Rhea Fighter and Apprentice Cleric can make use of their new slingshot abilities. And Wizard Boy can be useful by not spending all his magic on one spell.

We may even see Priestess jump in to serve as their party leader. This could be the “quest” that bumps her up into the Steel rank. That makes sense, to me, because it then means she won’t have to go off on another quest without her main party.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about Goblin Slayer II Episode 3? Are you expecting Rhea Fighter to survive long-term? Do you agree with Heavy Warrior that centaur’s are hot? And, is the upcoming battle going to be where Priestess earns her rank-up? Let me know in the comments.

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