Goblin Slayer II Episode 4 Review

Goblin Slayer II Episode 4 Review

Splitting Up to Save the Rookies

Goblin Slayer II Episode 4 ended up almost exactly as I predicted last week. There was one detail I didn’t get quite right. But, we’ll get to that toward the end of this review.

Oh, and I guess I was wrong when I assumed the goblins didn’t mean to tunnel into the middle of the training area. They did, but the tunnel we saw at the end of Episode 3 wasn’t their only tunnel. The goblins knew there would be weak adventurers around. And, that explains why they attacked this location.

Now, some of the rookies were still at the training grounds at the time of the attack. There was a group with Goblin Slayer in the amphitheater. And there was a group in the middle of the village who hadn’t yet left for the night.

Witch casting spells in a goblin's cave from the anime series Goblin Slayer II Episode 4
Witch casting spells in a goblin’s cave

High Elf Archer initially went off to bring the rookies at the amphitheater to the center of the village. But then, Priestess pointed out that there was a group of rookies heading back to the main town. She correctly assumed that these rookies were the Goblins’ primary target.

Priestess takes the rookies Goblin Slayer was training and forms a rescue party. They’re going to go save the other rookies who are already making their way back to the town. Heavy Warrior stays in the village to protect the rookies still there. And the rest of the Silver-ranked adventurers form a goblin-hunting party.

The hunting party makes its way into the goblins’ cave system and flushes them out (literally). Goblin Slayer’s plan involves causing the ceiling of the cave to collapse. Since he knows the area, he knows there’s a lake above the tunnels. And, in classic Goblin Slayer fashion, he uses this to his advantage.

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From Obsidian to Steel

My first correct prediction was that Priestess would earn her rank-up. She’d go from Obsidian to Steel. I said that she’d lead a party of rookie adventurers into battle. The party included Rhea Fighter, Rookie Warrior, Apprentice Cleric, and Wizard Boy.

Of course, that was a pretty easy prediction to make. The previous three episodes didn’t hide the fact that this is what they were setting up. Priestess needed to lead a party of rookies to earn her rank-up. And there was a perfectly good party of rookies right there.

Unfortunately, Priestess wasn’t able to save all the rookies attacked by the goblins. By the time her party arrived on the scene, a few of them were already dead. But, not a single one died after she got there. So, that’s definitely a success and shows that she made the right calls.

High Elf Archer praising Priestess from the anime series Goblin Slayer II Episode 4
High Elf Archer praising Priestess

It’s also worth pointing out the goal of Priestess’s mission here. She and her party weren’t tasked with eradicating all the goblins. All they had to do for their mission to be successful was get everyone to the town. Once there, they’d be safe and the higher-ranked adventurers can clean up the goblins.

So, where does Priestess go from here? Well, the next rank above Steel is Sapphire. And while I do expect her to get there eventually, I can’t see it happening soon. She went from Porcelain to Steel in effectively a season and a half (I’m counting the movie in there).

At the earliest, I could see her making it to Sapphire at the end of Season 2. But, even that seems too soon. To me, sometime in Season 3 or a potential second movie makes more sense. And, by the end of the series, I expect her to reach Silver.

Onward to Adventure

The other big prediction I made is that we’d get a new rookie adventurer party out of this episode. That prediction was only half correct. I thought Wizard Boy, Rhea Fighter, Rookie Warrior, and Apprentice Cleric would team up. After all, they did within this episode.

But, at the end of the episode, these four don’t party up. Instead, only Wizard Boy and Rhea Fighter set off on an adventure together. Though, if I was Wizard Boy, I’d consider that a win. Going on an adventure alone with a cute Rhea girl? Sign me up.

However, from a viewer standpoint, this outcome is less ideal. I would have preferred if Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Cleric were part of the party, as well. Then, we could catch up with this rookie party every now and then throughout the series.

Rhea Fighter and Wizard Boy going on an adventure from the anime series Goblin Slayer II Episode 4
Rhea Fighter and Wizard Boy going on an adventure

Will we ever see Wizard Boy and Rhea Fighter again? My guess is yes. But, I don’t see them being all that important to the story. They’re side characters who will likely pop up from time to time. Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Cleric are already used in the same way.

With that said, Wizard Boy tells Goblin Slayer that he plans to become a dragon slayer. So, I’m looking forward to seeing if that ever happens. I assume it will and that this was a bit of foreshadowing. But, again, even if he slays a dragon, I don’t see it being plot-relevant.

Anyway, now that Wizard Boy is going on his adventure, we don’t have to worry about him anymore. While he got less annoying over time, he’s still not a likable character. Sure, he actually paid attention to the lessons he learned from Goblin Slayer & co. But, he’s also still a brat.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Goblin Slayer II Episode 4? Do you want to see Lancer and Witch working with Goblin Slayer’s party more often? How quickly do you think Priestess will make it to the next rank? And, are you expecting Wizard Boy to slay a dragon in the future? Let me know in the comments.

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