Goblin Slayer II Episode 6 Review

Goblin Slayer II Episode 6 Review

Goblins on the River

Goblin Slayer II Episode 6 did the unthinkable. It included fan service. But, I’ll get to that in the next section of this review. First, I want to go over the attack on Goblin Slayer’s raft by the goblins along the cliffs.

This was a pretty unusual attack for a few reasons. But, the first is that it happened so close to the elves’ domain. It’s assumed that the elves don’t worry about the goblins very much. So, that could explain why they didn’t do anything about them. However, that doesn’t make too much sense.

From what we saw, the river is one of the primary ways to get to the elves’ domain. And based on the number of boats the goblins sank along the river, it seems pretty popular. So, why would the elves allow this blockade to stay in place?

Dwarf Shaman summoning a water spirit from the anime series Goblin Slayer II Episode 6
Dwarf Shaman summoning a water spirit

My initial assumption was that not many outsiders go there. But, again, the number of boats the goblins sank on the river seems to dispute this. And if there was regular trade between the elves and the capital, this would be a major disruption.

Another reason for this attack being unusual are the methods used by the goblins. They’re using copies of elven arrows and they built a dam. Since they’re using technology like this, to me, that implies they have a leader, like a goblin shaman. And, we see there are a lot of goblin riders, which also implies their nest is quite large.

I know High Elf Archer’s cousin claimed to have wiped out the goblins Goblin Slayer’s party missed. But, I have a feeling that’s not true. He might have killed the goblins he could find. But, my guess is that there’s more work for Goblin Slayer to do.

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Fan Service Time!

Okay, so, in my review of Episode 5, I was going back and forth over whether or not this arc would include fan service. At first, I thought it would because of the addition of Cow Girl and Guild Girl.

But then, I thought that there might not be fan service. Maybe the point of including these two is that Goblin Slayer and his party will have to protect them. After all, we know that women are prime targets for goblins. So, their inclusion in the arc would raise the stakes.

Ultimately, both reasons for including Cow Girl and Guild Girl may be true. But, we now know for certain that the fan service reason was true. And, I’m not mad about that at all. I know some people hate any and all fan service. However, I think there’s a time and place for it.

Cow Girl, Guild Girl, Priestess, and High Elf Archer wearing bikinis from the anime series Goblin Slayer II Episode 6
Cow Girl, Guild Girl, Priestess, and High Elf Archer wearing bikinis

So, what isn’t the time and place for fan service? Well, look at how Fire Force uses Tamaki. We’ll be in the middle of a serious battle, and her clothes will somehow fall off. That’s the worst time to use fan service because it detracts from the main focus of the scene.

The fan service scene in this episode of Goblin Slayer wasn’t in the middle of the action. Instead, it was used to separate the action from the next part of the episode. And, seeing the party in a situation like this reminds us that they’re not slaying goblins 24/7.

But, it’s still worth asking, is there ever a time and place for fan service in a series like Goblin Slayer? It’s dark, violent, and features sex crimes. So, I can understand not everyone being comfortable with sexualizing the female characters.

The Elven King’s Forest

In the final part of the episode, Goblin Slayer’s party makes it to the main city within the elve’s domain. I’m not all that interested in this city. It’s pretty standard for an elven city in fantasy series with big tries converted into homes.

Something I’m more interested in is whether or not we’ll get “names” for High Elf Archer’s family members. Am I going to have to keep referring to High Elf Archer’s sister and cousin? Or, are they going to formally be called the High Elf Princess and Prince?

Sure, I could call them that anyway. But, they seem like important enough characters that they’d get names. Even if we never see them again after this arc, they’re still important. And, based on the title of Episode 6, I’m assuming Elven King is going to be the “name” of the king, High Elf Archer’s father.

High Elf Archer's older sister from the anime series Goblin Slayer II Episode 6
High Elf Archer’s older sister

And, of course, I can’t finish this review without talking about the “elephant” in the room. I was actually surprised that High Elf Archer’s description of an elephant came up again. But, I guess Goblin Slayer isn’t only good at slaying goblins. He also has impeccable comedic timing.

So, what is the beast that attacks the Elven King’s forest at the end of Episode 6? The elves call it The One That Stops the Waters. And, according to High Elf Archer’s cousin, it’s been coming closer to the city recently. Though, High Elf Archer wasn’t sure if it existed at all.

From its appearance, it’s a dinosaur. Specifically, it’s some kind of sauropod. And, the fact that it’s a dinosaur may be important. After all, Lizardman Priest prays Bao Long from the Cretaceous period. Could this dinosaur be that very same god?

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Goblin Slayer II Episode 6? Do you think there’s something more going on with the goblins that attacked boats along the river? Who do you think looked best in their bikini, Priestess, High Elf Archer, Cow Girl, or Guild Girl? And, are The One That Stops the Waters and Bao Long one and the same?

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