Overtake! Episode 7 Review

Overtake! Episode 7 Review

Kouya Yukihira’s Legacy

Overtake! Episode 7 follows the predictable plot development of most single-cour anime. Now that we’re passed the halfway point, it’s time for some drama to interrupt things. And, that drama comes in the form of Kouya’s past coming back to haunt him.

Due to the negative press his tsunami photo got, Kouya’s name became pretty well-known. But, he doesn’t go by the same name anymore. Back then, he was Kouya Yukihira. Now, he’s Kouya Madoka. Did he change his name because of the backlash he received due to his photo?

The backlash over his photo might have played some role in his choice to change his name. But, we also know that Kouya used to be married to Saeko. And Yukihira is Saeko’s family name. So, it seems more likely that he changed his name when they divorced.

Saeko Yukihira apologizing to Komaki Motors from the anime series Overtake! Episode 7
Saeko Yukihira apologizing to Komaki Motors

Of course, we don’t know the exact circumstances surrounding Kouya and Saeko’s divorce. But, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Kouya’s photograph had something to do with it. We know he disappeared for a while afterward. So, his mental state may have contributed to the decline of their relationship.

Anyway, Mikazuki Beverages, the sponsor of Komaki Motors, found out about Kouya’s past. And once they did, they decided to cut ties with the racing team. Kouya’s past hasn’t become an issue for them yet. But, they want to get out in front of any potential bad PR.

My question, though, is, “Would anyone even find out about Kouya’s connection to the company?” He could simply remove his name from being associated with the photo he took of Haruka crying. I doubt anyone would be looking into it anyway. But, if they did, they wouldn’t connect it back to Kouya.

Satsuki’s Luck Runs Out

Back in Episode 5, Satsuki Harunaga told Haruka and Toshiki that he always won because he was lucky. Sure, he’s a skilled driver. But, in his mind, what separates the skilled drivers who win from those who lose is luck.

Now, Satsuki also believes that he makes his own luck. So, you could argue that it is actually his skill that keeps him winning. But, it looks like his luck has finally run out with the big crash he suffered at the end of Episode 6.

Satsuki’s most likely going to be out of the car for the rest of the season. And, one of the things he’s realized since vacating his spot as the #1 driver is that his team doesn’t need him. Toshiki is very capable of winning races. It was only Satsuki who was stopping him from doing so.

Alice Mitsuzawa visiting Satsuki Harunaga in the hospital from the anime series Overtake! Episode 7
Alice Mitsuzawa visiting Satsuki Harunaga in the hospital

Of course, Satsuki knew Toshiki was a good driver. That’s why he didn’t bother giving Toshiki tips, as he does with the others. He knows Toshiki doesn’t need them. So, he gives Toshiki compliments instead. And yet, that doesn’t make seeing Toshiki replace him any less painful for Satsuki.

Will Satsuki actually be out for the rest of the season, though? If he is, that would solidify Haruka’s rival with Toshiki. There wouldn’t be a three-way rivalry anymore. Haruka and Toshiki would be going head-to-head. But, I’m going to predict that Satsuki will be making a return to the track.

Satsuki loves the Lauda vs. Hunt story and previously compared himself to Hunt. But, with his crash, he could do something very Lauda-like. He could come back far sooner than anyone expects and prove that he’s still got what it takes to win. That’s what I’d like to see.

The Missing Photographer

One of the main characters was missing from the majority of Episode 7. We saw Kouya early in the episode when he was meeting with Mikazuki Beverages. But, after that, he was nowhere to be found. He wasn’t answering anyone’s messages and he wasn’t at home.

Where did Kouya go?

As mentioned previously, Kouya disappeared after he took the tsunami picture years earlier. And when Saeko finally found him, he was helping with the disaster relief efforts. Why was he doing that? I assume that it was his way of atoning for taking the picture.

The current situation with Kouya feels very similar to that. Once again, he’s been put into an uncomfortable situation due to the picture he took. That’s why I’m betting his reaction is going to resemble what he did last time. He’s going to return to the scene of the photograph.

Haruka Asahina looking for Kouya Madoka in his apartment from the anime series Overtake! Episode 7
Haruka Asahina looking for Kouya Madoka in his apartment

By this time, I’m sure the town has recovered from the tsunami, at least mostly. So, there’s not likely going to be anything Kouya can do there to help. But, going back to that town and seeing how it’s recovered could be cathartic for him.

We might see Kouya try to get in contact with the family of the girl he took the photo of. Apologizing to them in person might do a lot for his mental health. And, he may find out that the family never blamed him. Maybe they knew there was nothing he could have done.

Alternatively, or additionally, we could see Kouya make a public statement. It’s unclear if he ever did this in the past. But, a public apology for the photo could win back some favor. It may make him less of a liability for brands to associate with.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Overtake! Episode 7? What do you think led to Kouya and Saeko getting a divorce? Are you expecting Satsuki to make a return before the end of the season? And where do you think Kouya disappeared to? Let me know in the comments.

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