Healer Girl Review

Healer Girl Review

Healer Girl anime series cover art
Healer Girl

Do You Like Musical Anime?

Healer Girl (ヒーラー・ガール) is a musical slice of life anime about three girls who are training to become healers. Healers are those who use the power of music (songs) to heal or soothe others. But, healers don’t replace traditional medical professionals in this world.

That last part is important. As far as we know, a healer can’t heal every injury or illness. They can heal minor injuries or assist in the healing of injuries by making them heal faster. So, a big part of the story of Healer Girl is figuring out where exactly healers fit into the medical community.

If what you need is some first-aid or palliative care, a healer can handle that. If you require major surgery, you’re still going to need to see a surgeon. But, that doesn’t mean a healer would be totally useless in that situation. The power of their songs can help in the operating room, too.

Kana Fujii from the anime series Healer Girl
Kana Fujii

Now, let’s get to the question in the title of this section. Do you like musical anime? And by musical anime, I mean musicals. Healer Girl isn’t just a music anime. It’s a musical anime. But, what do I mean by that?

Think of something like BanG Dream! That’s a music anime because it’s an anime about music. Healer Girl is a musical anime because the characters often break out into song. They’ll sing what would otherwise be normal lines of dialogue. This doesn’t always happen, but it happens enough.

So, does that mean it’s like Love Live!? No. I also wouldn’t classify Love Live! as a musical anime — it’s a music anime. Yes, the girls in Love Live! break out into song. But, when they do it, it’s a full-on performance. That’s not the case in Healer Girl.

Meet the Student Healers

There are four student healers in Healer Girl. Three of them are main characters and one is a supporting character. The main characters are Kana Fujii, Reimi Itsushiro, and Hibiki Morishima. The supporting character is Sonia Yanagi. Kana, Reimi, and Hibiki study under Ria Karasuma, a professional healer.

Let’s start with Kana Fujii, the “main character.” Of the three main characters, the’s the most main — the mainest, if you will. As a child, Kana wanted to be just about every profession under the sun. But, she decided to become a healer after a healer saved her during an asthma attack.

Reimi Itsushiro (the best girl of the series) is a rich girl whose parents are professional musicians. Her parents are always overseas, so she lives with her maid. But, being rich isn’t Reimi’s defining character trait. That would be her obsession with her teacher, Ria.

Hibiki, Kana, and Reimi singing from the anime series Healer Girl
Hibiki, Kana, and Reimi singing

Hibiki Morishima is somehow related to Ria (I think). I want to say they’re cousins. But, they might not actually be related by blood at all. I know Hibiki grew up with Ria as an “older sister” figure. But, I can’t remember the exact nature of their relationship. Anyway, Hibiki now lives with Ria at Ria’s clinic.

Before moving on to the final student healer, let’s look at Ria Karasuma. Ria was originally going down the traditional medical professional path. But, in college, she decided to become a healer instead. Now, she’s considered one of the top healers in Japan.

Finally, we have Sonia Yanagi, the other student healer. She’s half-Russian, arrogant, annoying, and views Ria as her rival. Her teacher is the grandmother of her friend Shinobu. And, this is why she views Ria as her rival Shinobu’s grandmother was also Ria’s teacher back in the day.

I Didn’t Expect It to be Good

I knew Healer Girl existed when it aired in the summer of 2022. Each season, I make sure to look through what’s coming out. So, it was on my radar. But, I hadn’t heard anyone talking about it both before and after it aired.

Because of that, I assumed it was another “filler” anime. You know, one that doesn’t make a splash and which I’d give a rating of 4-6/10. I’m also not particularly interested in music/musical anime. I enjoy Love Live! for what it is. And Bocchi the Rock! was fun. But, I don’t seek out music-related anime — especially musicals.

I want to make that point clear. I’m not someone who likes musicals. When characters randomly break out in song, I usually can’t wait for it to end. And yet, I thought Healer Girl was a good anime.

Reimi Itsushiro from the anime series Healer Girl
Reimi Itsushiro

The random singing in this series wasn’t as annoying as I would normally expect. I didn’t know it was going to be a musical when I started it. I thought it was a regular music anime. But, even once it became clear that it was a musical, I didn’t mind.

And, the main reason I think I didn’t mind that in this series was the characters. I like the main characters and their singing brings out more of their personalities. In particular, I like Reimi. Kana and Hibiki are still good. Kana’s a bit of a generic female protagonist, but that’s okay.

When it comes to slice of life anime, I often say that the characters are what’s most important. Without good characters, a slice of life anime can’t be good. It’s impossible. The characters carry these kinds of series. And, that’s something Healer Girl does well. I enjoyed my time with these girls.

Final Thoughts

I give Healer Girl a 7/10. It’s a good anime. And if you’re into musicals, you might even rate it higher than I did. But, even if musicals aren’t your thing, if you like cute girls doing cute things, you’ll still probably like it. And who doesn’t like cute girls?

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