Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 39 Review

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 39 Review

Touji vs. Dagon

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 39 wraps up the fight against special-grade curse Dagon. But, the fight didn’t end the way I expected when it first began. Nanami, Maki, and Naobito didn’t defeat Dagon. And (Megumi) Fushiguro didn’t help them escape Dagon’s domain.

Instead, Touji Fushiguro saved the day. At the end of Episode 38, we saw Touji appear through the hole Megumi made in Dagon’s domain. And in this week’s episode, we got another reminder of just how strong Touji is. He’s arguably the second-strongest person ever after Gojou.

As we saw, Touji used Maki’s weapon to destroy Dagon. Dagon didn’t stand a chance. And we know Dagon was stronger than the other sorcerers present combined. Touji could have easily killed them, too. So, why didn’t he?

I thought Touji’s directive upon being summoned was to kill all the sorcerers in the area. Dagon isn’t a sorcerer. Why did Touji target him?

Touji Fushiguro fighting Dagon from the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 39
Touji Fushiguro fighting Dagon

Well, the narrator gives us a partial explanation. According to the narrator, Touji was targeting the strongest opponent around. Since Dagon was stronger than the sorcerers, that made Dagon the strongest around. And so, Touji targeted him.

But, how does that match up with the whole “kill all the sorcerers” directive? My guess is that Touji was determining the strongest sorcerer by their cursed energy. Sorcerers have cursed energy. So, the strongest sorcerer around must be the one with the most cursed energy. But, as a special-grade curse, Dagon also has a lot of cursed energy.

The most interesting thing to come out of this, to me, was who Touji targeted next. After exorcising Dagon, Touji turned his attention to Megumi. Was this because he recognized his son? Or, does this mean Megumi has more cursed energy than Nanami and Naobito?

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RIP Nanami, Maki, and Naobito

Getting singled out by Touji isn’t great. But, at least that saved Megumi from suffering the same fate as Nanami, Maki, and Naobito. After Touji took Megumi outside, Jougo appeared before the other three sorcerers.

Now, we know Jougo is a special-grade curse. And we know he was able to survive a fight against Gojou. Though, he wasn’t alone and there were some mitigating circumstances. Still, it’s impressive that he didn’t die there. And yet, I don’t feel like he’s all that strong. But, as Nanami mentions, Jougo is stronger than Dagon.

So, it’s no surprise that Jougo was able to quickly deal with the injured sorcerers. First, he burnt Nanami to a crisp. Then, he burnt Maki to a crisp. And finally, he burnt Naobito to a crisp. None of these sorcerers even stood a chance.

Jougo reacting to Sukuna's presence from the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 39
Jougo reacting to Sukuna’s presence

Here’s the thing, though. Nanami, Maki, and Naobito actually dead? They sure looked dead based on how badly burnt their bodies were. But, my prediction is that they’re not. Or, at least, not all of them are dead. I can’t see Nanami and Maki dying here. Naobito isn’t an important character, though. So, he might be dead.

Assuming I’m right, the question is then, “How do Nanami and Maki survive?” And the answer may have come from later in the episode. When talking to Sukuna, Jougo thinks to himself about Sukuna’s ability to heal others. That seems pretty relevant right about now.

If Nanami and Maki didn’t immediately die. And if Itadori can reclaim his body and make it to them in time. There’s a chance Itadori might be able to save them. That’s what I’m guessing is going to happen. Though, it requires them to still be alive and Itadori backtracks to get to them.

Also RIP Mimiko and Nanako

Two characters who I’m guessing definitely won’t be coming back are Mimiko and Nanako. Unfortunately for them, they don’t seem important enough to bring back. And, also, their injuries were immediately fatal. Nanako doesn’t even have a body at all anymore.

I suppose you could make an argument for Mimiko and Nanako coming back from the dead. After all, they came back to life after Jougo incinerated them. So, there is precedent here. But, I still don’t think that’s going to happen for a few reasons.

The main reason is that Jougo noted that it didn’t seem like something the girls could do again. Sure, they managed to survive his inferno once. But, whatever trick they used to do it wasn’t something they could repeat.

What exactly did the girls do to survive, though? I’m not sure. But, it seems like it was Nanako’s ability.

Mimiko and Nanako Hasaba from the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 39
Mimiko and Nanako Hasaba

I don’t remember if the cursed techniques of these girls were ever explained. We might have seen them use their abilities earlier in the series. I’m not sure. So, I’m basing everything I’m saying right now on what I saw in Episode 39.

And, what I saw in Episode 39 was Nanako taking a selfie with Mimiko right before they died (to Jougo). After Sukuna kills them again, he picks up Nanako’s phone and says her ability must have used the camera in some way. Remember, she also pointed her camera at Sukuna in anger after he killed Mimiko.

So, while I don’t know the details of how Nanako’s ability works, it seems to be an ability she can use in a variety of ways. She can use it offensively, like when she tried to attack Sukuna. And, she can use it defensively, like when she revived herself and Mimiko.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 39? Do you think Touji targeted Megumi because he had the next highest amount of cursed energy? Are you expecting Nanami, Maki, or Naobito to survive their encounter with Jougo? And, do you think Mimiko and Nanako are dead for good this time? Let me know in the comments.

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