Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 40 Review

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 40 Review

Fushiguro vs. Fushiguro

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 40 might be the best episode so far. I’d say it had the best action and it didn’t have any ability explanations. It was the best of both worlds and should be the benchmark all other episodes are measured against.

The first great fight of the episode featured Megumi Fushiguro vs. Touji Fushiguro. And, the first thing I want to point out about this fight is that Touji didn’t recognize Megumi (at first). This means Megumi wasn’t targeted because of who he was. Instead, he likely had the most cursed energy of the nearby sorcerers.

Something else we should take note of is how long Megumi survived in his fight against Touji. Sure, he didn’t win the fight. And if Touji didn’t kill himself in the end, Megumi would have died. But, it’s impressive that Megumi was able to hang on for as long as he did.

Touji recognizing Megumi from the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 40
Touji recognizing Megumi

Remember, Touji is the guy who killed Gojou (sort of). That was when Gojou was younger and not quite as strong. But Touji still went up against Gojou and won. And now, Megumi is holding his own against Touji. Most sorcerers couldn’t do that.

Now, unfortunately, Touji did kill himself, ending the fight. He did so after he realized who he was fighting. And in his final moments, he was glad to learn that Megumi was using his surname, not Zen’in.

Why is it unfortunate that Touji died (again), though? Because I would have liked to see him fight some of the other strong characters. We saw him destroy Dagon. But, what about Jougo? And what about Sukuna?

The good news is that Megumi referred to Touji as a perfected version of Maki. So, maybe in the future Maki will be on par with him?

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I Guess Jougo Is Strong

In my review of Episode 39, I said I felt like Jougo wasn’t that strong despite being a special-grade curse. Well, now I realize that I was wrong. Jougo is very strong. Not as strong as Sukuna. But, he has way more destructive power than I thought.

It makes sense, though. He’s a volcano curse, after all. You’d expect him to be able to cause a lot of destruction. But, we hadn’t seen him do anything like he did in the fight against Sukuna until now. Previously, he used small bursts of fire. Here, he became a full-blown natural disaster.

Jougo was able to blast through buildings. He was able to melt large areas with his lava. And, at the end of the fight, he was even able to summon (create?) a meteor that crashed down from above.

Jougo fighting Sukuna from the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 40
Jougo fighting Sukuna

So, why haven’t we seen Jougo fight like this before? If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you won’t be surprised to know I don’t remember if he fought at all in Season 1. And the only other fight we saw him take part in was the one against Gojou in the subway.

Naturally, there’s not much Jougo can actually do against Gojou’s abilities. Even if he creates a massive wave of lava or summons a meteor, Gojou can stop it. When it comes down to it, Jougo just has a bad matchup against Gojou due to the physical nature of his ability.

This is also why Jougo didn’t bother using his domain expansion against Goujo. He knew he’d lose. But, could this have helped him in his fight against Sukuna? Sukuna seems to imply it might have. Although, even with his domain expansion, I’m sure Jougo still would have lost. Sukuna is simply too strong.

Sukuna’s True Ability

Before this episode, I hadn’t thought about what Sukuna’s ability was. But, each of the special-grade curses represents something. So, in theory, Sukuna shouldn’t be any different, right? Hanami represented plants. Dagon represented the ocean. Jougo represented volcanoes. And even Mahito represents death.

Of course, there are other special-grade curses beyond those. For example, there was the smallpox curse that Mei Mei exorcised. And, there are even some lower-grade curses that represent things. Remember when Itadori fought the locust curse earlier in the arc? It appears that only the lowest of the low-grade curses are “generic” curses.

So, what does Sukuna represent? And what’s his ability?

Obviously, I don’t have a definitive answer. But, I can theorize about both of these questions based on everything we’ve seen of Sukuna, so far. And, my prediction is that he represents the underworld or Hell.

Sukuna using his ability from the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 40
Sukuna using his ability

We know Sukuna is supposed to be kind of like a “king of the curses.” He’s the strongest curse, and according to brain-Getou, is on par with Gojou. So, wouldn’t it make sense for a Satan-like curse to be the strongest and considered the king? No? Well, I have a little more evidence.

Jougo was under the impression that Sukuna’s ability involved slicing and shredding. But, that’s not Sukuna’s true ability. That’s just something he does when fighting. When he reveals his true ability, it’s fire-based.

However, I wouldn’t say that Sukuna represents fire. If that was the case, you’d expect Jougo to be the stronger of the two.

My assumption is that Sukuna’s fire is supposed to be something like hellfire; a special kind of fire that burns hotter than anything else. Oh, and I think we’ve also seen Sukuna sitting on a throne of skulls, which is pretty Hell-like.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 40? Do you think Megumi will ever learn that the man he was fighting was his father? Who’s stronger, Touji Fushiguro or Jougo? And, what do you think is the true nature of Sukuna’s ability? Let me know in the comments.

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