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Kiss x Sis

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Kiss x Sis


Kiss x Sis (キス×シス) is another ecchi, harem series. However this time around there are two main girls, and they just so happen to be the protagonist’s twin step-sisters. Aside from that though, it follows the same route that most ecchi, harem series do.

There are the obligatory beach episodes, obligatory hot springs episodes, obligatory pool episodes, etc. But Kiss x Sis isn’t an anime with ecchi in it, it’s a full-fledged ecchi anime, and sometimes feels like it should have just been a hentai.

In fact, some hentai actually have more a fleshed out plot than Kiss x Sis does. In this series the entire plot is that the protagonist is trying to study for entrance exams and his sisters are competing with each other for his love. That’s it. There isn’t anything else, which is why there’s so much room for ecchi content.

Ako and Riko Suminoe from the anime series Kiss x Sis
Ako and Riko Suminoe

This series is also split up into two parts, a TV series and an OVA series, each made up of 12 episodes for a total of 24. Usually OVAs are extra episodes that simply add on to the story of the TV series, but that’s not the case this time around. The TV and OVA series are all one “narrative.”

And watching this series isn’t as easy as watching the TV series, then the OVA, or vice versa. Instead you have to constantly swap back and forth, meaning a viewing order is necessary. So if you want to experience this gem of an anime, here’s the order in which you should watch:

  • OVA episodes 1-3
  • TV episodes 1-9
  • OVA episode 4
  • TV episodes 10-12
  • OVA episodes 5-12

Keep in mind that although I numbered the OVA episodes 1-12, technically they’re numbered 0-11. Either way, there are 12 of them so you’ll be able to figure it out.

TV vs. OVA

While it’s a bit strange for there to be both a TV and OVA series for the same anime that are combined in this way, what’s even stranger is that they have different tones. Since the TV series is meant for, well, TV it’s much more tame than the OVA series.

This is what I meant when I mentioned that it sometimes feels like it should have been a hentai instead of an ecchi series. While the TV series can definitely get pretty raunchy, it’s no match for the content of the OVA series. And for this reason, the OVA series is far superior.

Interestingly, however, even the OVA series isn’t actually uncensored. Yes, you will see a lot more, and the things you’ll be seeing are a lot more explicit, but it’s still censored. That said, the censoring isn’t done by either random beams of light or areas covered by shadow, so it still looks natural.

But if the OVA is still censored, then how is it really superior to the TV series? It all comes down to the types of things shown in the OVA series that make it so great. While the TV series is fairly tame, anything goes in the OVA series which actually makes it pretty funny.

From the situations the protagonist finds himself in to the scene composition, there’s a lot to love about the OVA series. And if you’re anything like me you’ll find yourself saying, “ah yes, I too have been in this situation many times.” I mean, who hasn’t had one of their classmates pee on their head? This series is full of relatable scenarios like that.


Keita Suminoe is our protagonist. He’s a third-year middle school student (the equivalent of 9th grade in the US) and is studying for his high school entrance exams. He doesn’t really have much personality (as is the case with any good self-insert character), but over the course of the series we see him get a bit more confident in himself.

Ako and Riko are Keita’s older, twin step-sisters. Ako is the one with shorter hair, while Riko has the longer hair typically put up in a ponytail. Aside from their hair, the only other difference in their physical appearances are their bust sizes; Riko is larger than Ako.

And while Riko’s physical appearance is more my type, she’s also better character-wise as well. Ako is the more mature of the two and is seen as the more reliable of the sisters. Riko, on the other hand, is the wild card who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.

Now that we’ve established that Riko is the better of the two sisters, who’s the best other girl? Without a doubt, it has to be Mikazuki Kiryuu. While Ako and Riko are both one year older than Keita, Mikazuki is one year younger than him.

Much like Riko, Mikazuki is fairly straightforward about what she wants. She’s also definitely the cutest of the girls in this series both from character design and personality perspectives. Mikazuki also has an older sister of her own, Yuuzuki Kiryuu.

Mikazuki Kiryuu from the anime series Kiss x Sis
Mikazuki Kiryuu

Not only is Yuuzuki the older sister of Mikazuki, but she’s also the homeroom teacher of Ako and Riko. Yuuzuki sees Keita as a problem child who is corrupting the girls he comes in contact with, especially his own sisters. Little does she know that it’s actually all the girls who are corrupting Keita.

It’s unfortunate that Mikazuki and Yuuzuki don’t get all that much screen time because I think they’d probably be the best characters if they did. Yes, even better than Riko which pains me to say.

The final, and worst, girl of the series is Miharu Mikuni. Her personality is bad, her hair is bad, and the role she plays in the series is bad. Basically she was put into the series for people who have a particular fetish, and while it’s funny because of the situations it comes up in, it’s not for me.

Mikuni is also the same age as Keita and is almost like the Tsubasa Hanekawa of this series. She’s the smart girl with glasses and big boobs. And if you know my feelings regarding Hanekawa, then my dislike for Mikuni makes sense.


Overall I’d give Kiss x Sis an 8/10, 7/10 for the TV series and 9/10 for the OVA. I know that those ratings might seem pretty high for a series like this, but it was extremely enjoyable to watch, especially since I was watching with someone else and we were commenting on it the whole time.

But regardless of whether you watch this series alone or with other people, it’s clear that the OVA is the standout portion of the anime as a whole. No matter what reason you have for watching this anime, the OVA will deliver better than the TV series every time.

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