One Piece Episode 1103 Review

One Piece Episode 1103 Review

Zoro Protects the Sunny

One Piece Episode 1103 was kind of an interesting episode. A large part of the episode was about Bonney and Dr. Vegapunk, who are two characters I want to know more about. And, at the end of the episode, we got to see what Kid and Garp are up to. So, that was cool.

But, the start of the episode was about CP0 attacking the Thousand Sunny — the Straw Hats’ ship. Did they successfully destroy the Sunny? Of course not. However, the reason why they didn’t was something I actually forgot about. Zoro and Brook are there.

I completely forgot that Zoro and Brook stayed behind on the Sunny until we saw them there in this episode. It makes sense, though. I feel like Zoro often opts to stay behind and protect the ship. And, Brook staying behind isn’t out of character, either.

Zoro protecting the Sunny from the anime series One Piece Episode 1103
Zoro protecting the Sunny

With these two protecting the ship, the rest of the crew doesn’t have to worry about it getting attacked. Obviously, Zoro is strong enough to protect the ship on his own. After Luffy, he’s the strongest member of the crew — and is even considered one of the Supernovas. Oh, and he was able to cut Kaido.

But, let’s not forget that Brook is pretty strong, as well. I don’t remember him doing anything particularly amazing in Wano. However, think back to Whole Cake Island. Brook fought against Big Mom one-on-one. It wasn’t a very long fight because he escaped. But, he still did it.

So, what I’m saying is that these two are more than enough to take on CP0. Even though they’re outnumbered, I don’t see them having a problem. At least, not if it’s only CP0. As we know, CP0 also has control of the Seraphim right now.

Bonney’s Futile Wish

Moving on to Bonney and Dr. Vegapunk, there are some things we need to talk about. First of all, Vegapunk says that he can’t turn Kuma back and that he can’t tell Bonney why. That’s weird, right?

At first, I thought there might be some crazy twist. You know, like that Kuma was either always a cyborg or had never been turned into a cyborg. That would be wild. But, it would explain why Vegapunk can’t change him back. There would be no “back” to change him to.

However, I no longer believe that’s what’s going on. And, my reason for this is that Vegapunk says that it was Kuma’s decision to basically end his own life in this way. The way Vegapunk phrased it makes it sound like yes, Kuma was alive, but now he’s not.

Dr. Vegapunk turned into a child by Bonney from the anime series One Piece Episode 1103
Dr. Vegapunk turned into a child by Bonney

Unfortunately, we don’t get to find out exactly what’s going on with Kuma in this episode. But, Bonney found a part of Vegapunk’s lab that has to do with Kuma. And, in there, we see a giant paw thing. Is this supposed to be what’s left of Kuma’s “soul” or something?

I don’t know. And, something else I don’t know about is the gems we see pop out of Vegapunk when Bonney makes him younger. Is this something we’ve seen before and I’m just forgetting? I’m pretty confident in saying these gems haven’t popped out of anyone else Bonney’s made younger before.

Also, the fact that Vegapunk explicitly says that these gems are the years Bonney removed from his body tells me this is new. If it wasn’t new, why would it need to be spelled out like that for the viewers? Now, I’m wondering what significance these gems are going to have.

Kid and Garp Make Their Moves

As I mentioned earlier, we get to see what the Kid Pirates and Garp are up to at the end of Episode 1103. We don’t get to see much. But, these ending scenes set up some sub-plotlines that I’m looking forward to.

Starting with the Kid Pirates, they’re off the coast of Elbaff, the island of the giants. Yes, Elbaff actually exists and it’s a place you can go. I mean, we already knew that since giants exist, and also Big Mom grew up there. But, it’s always felt like some far-away place no matter how deep into the New World the Straw Hats get.

What’s interesting, though, is that Elbaff doesn’t appear on the map the Kid Pirates have. They were surprised to come across it. So, is it intentionally left off maps? Or, is this an island that isn’t always in the same place, like Zou?

Vice Admiral Garp from the anime series One Piece Episode 1103
Vice Admiral Garp

Regardless of why Elbaff wasn’t on their map, one thing seems clear. This is where Kid is going to fight Shanks for the second time. The OP shows these two fighting and Elbaff is an island protected by the Red Hair crew. A fight seems inevitable.

Now, what’s Garp up to? In case you forgot (I did), Blackbeard took Koby captive. Garp personally trained Koby. So, there’s no way he’s going to sit back and allow something like that to happen. He doesn’t even ask the higher-ups for permission. He just decides he’s going to rescue Koby.

Of course, he’s not going alone. He makes a stop to pick up Helmeppo and Hibari. I’m not sure how much Helmeppo is going to help. But, in the OP, we see Hibari running with Koby on Beehive Island. And, in the OP, we also see Garp fighting Aokiji. I can’t wait.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of One Piece Episode 1103? Do you think Zoro and Brook are enough to protect the Sunny from CP0? Or, am I underestimating the CP0 agents? Do you remember Bonney’s ability producing gems before? And, what are you looking forward to more, Kid vs. Shanks or Garp vs. Aokiji?

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