One Piece Episode 1094 Review

One Piece Episode 1094 Review

The Mystery Deepens!

The mystery surrounding Bonney’s father (Kuma) deepens in One Piece Episode 1094. Bonney still insists that Kuma is her father — she doesn’t say adoptive father. But, it also still seems like that isn’t quite accurate for a few reasons I’ll get into.

First, it’s said that the reason Vegapunk was interested in Kuma was his unique physique. Do we know if Kuma is something other than a “normal” human? To me, this implies that’s the case — like how the Long Arm Tribe is different. And, if that’s the case and Bonney is his child, why doesn’t she look like him?

Second, Bonney doesn’t seem to have all the information about Kuma that some others do — like Jinbe. Jinbe points out that Kuma was an evil king of the Sorbet Kingdom who got expelled by his citizens. Bonney’s reaction to that was simply that Kuma wasn’t evil.

Bonney (child) wielding a lightsaber from the anime series One Piece Episode 1094
Bonney (child) wielding a lightsaber

Why is this evidence? Bonney didn’t argue that Kuma wasn’t a king expelled from his kingdom. But, she also didn’t give any indication that she knows more about that backstory. Is it World Government propaganda? Was she born after it happened? Or, is it that she only met Kuma afterward and so doesn’t know?

Additionally, the end of the episode drops a huge bombshell. Apparently, Shaka Vegapunk is in contact with Dragon of the revolutionary army. That’s a big deal for a few reasons. Vegapunk works for the World Government and, therefore, the World Nobles.

But, more importantly, it means that what happened to Kuma isn’t so clear-cut anymore. If Vegapunk has a connection to Dragon, does that mean Kuma did, in fact, volunteer to become a cyborg? It’s hard to imagine Vegapunk forcing this on Kuma if he’s actually an ally of the Revolutionary Army.

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Everyone Else Gets New Outfits

Luffy, Jinbe, and Chopper got their new outfits for the Egghead arc in Episode 1093. Now, it’s time for the next batch of Straw Hat crew members to get theirs. That means Nami, Robin, Usopp, Sanji, and Franky.

Zoro and Brook haven’t gotten their new outfits yet because they opted to stay aboard the Sunny. If anything goes wrong on the island, they’re going to be the ones to swoop in and save everyone else. Oh, and Caribou is with them because he’s still stowing away on the ship.

Anyway, what are my thoughts on the new outfits? Well, my first thought is that this outfit somehow increased Nami’s bust size even more. I guess it’s padded. However, of the girls’ outfits, I like Robin’s more. I wish Robin’s had more going on below the waist. But, it’s still pretty good.

Robin wearing her new outfit for the Egghead arc from the anime series One Piece Episode 1094
Robin wearing her new outfit for the Egghead arc

Surprisingly, I actually like Bonney’s outfit more than both Nami’s and Robin’s. I like the purple of Bonney’s outfit more, and I like that hers comes with thigh-highs. If Robin’s outfit had those, it would be much better than it currently is.

As for the guys’ outfits, Usopp’s is pretty boring — as is Sanji’s. But, I kind of like Franky’s. I wasn’t too big of a fan of his when I saw it in the OP. However, now that I’ve actually seen it in an episode, I like it more. But, for now, I’m going to say that Jinbe’s is my favorite male outfit.

I’ll have to wait and see what I think of Zoro’s and Brook’s once we see them in an episode. It’s going to be hard to top Jinbe’s, though. And, I wonder if any other characters we already know will show up with new outfits.

Egghead Labophase

After changing into their new outfits, the second group of Straw Hats followed Lilith to the Labophase. This is the upper part of the island where the real secret experiments happen. It’s where Shaka seems to be located. And, it’s where the Seraphim are stored.

Before Episode 1094, we had seen two of the Seraphim. There was one that was clearly based on Boa Hancock. And, there was another that I suspect was based on Mihawk. Now, we’ve seen a third Seraphim that’s based on Jinbe. So, the fact that the Seraphim come from the Warlords is pretty much confirmed.

With that said, I have a feeling that there will not be a Buggy Seraphim. Mihawk makes sense since his Seraphim appears to have his sword skills. And, based on the stance Jinbe’s Seraphim took, I assume Jinbe’s Seraphim knows fish-man karate. But, what would Buggy bring to the table as a Seraphim?

The Jinbe Seraphim from the anime series One Piece Episode 1094
The Jinbe Seraphim

I suppose you could make the same argument about Boa’s Seraphim. Boa’s a strong pirate, for sure. However, the majority of her strength comes from her devil fruit ability. Unless the Seraphim can replicate that (this is unclear), a Boa Seraphim doesn’t make much sense.

I’d imagine that we’re going to see more of what the Seraphim are capable of in the next episode. Or, maybe we’ll just learn more about how Vegapunk made them. Though, that seems pretty clear already. He used their DNA and King’s DNA to make Lunarian hybrids.

Do you think Jinbe is stronger than the Jinbe Seraphim? This Seraphim can likely shoot lasers like the others. And it is part Lunarian, so should be sturdier than the real Jinbe. But, something tells me that Jinbe could still win. Of course, I have no evidence to back that claim up.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of One Piece Episode 1094? If Kuma’s a former king and Bonney is his daughter, is Bonney a former princess? That kind of sounds familiar, but I’m not sure. Which new Straw Hat outfit is your favorite, so far? And, do you think Jinbe could beat his Seraphim clone?

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