One Piece Episode 1095 Review

One Piece Episode 1095 Review

Seraphim Devil Fruit Abilities

One Piece Episode 1095 reveals some pretty interesting things about the Seraphim. We aren’t introduced to any new Seraphim. But, the fight against the Jinbe Seraphim tells us a lot. And, one of the first things I want to mention that we learned is his name.

The Jinbe Seraphim’s name is S-Shark. That’s what I’ll be referring to him as from now on. But, what does that name mean? If I had to guess, the S stands for Seraphim. And, the Shark is probably in reference to the fact that Jinbe is a whale shark Fishman.

With that information, I’m going to make some predictions about the names of the other Seraphim. The Boa Seraphim’s name being S-Snake makes sense, to me. And, the Mihawk Seraphim’s name being S-Hawk also makes sense. They’re both based on the names of the actual people as well as animals.

S-Shark attacking Robin from the anime series One Piece Episode 1095
S-Shark attacking Robin

If we extend my predictions further, we can even assume what other Warlords may have Seraphim based on them. Crocodile, Kuma, Weevil, (Gecko) Moria, and Doflamingo also have names based on animals. But, since Kuma is already the original Pacifista, I’m guessing there won’t be a Seraphim of him.

Moving on, this episode also revealed something else about the Seraphim. They have devil fruit abilities. Specifically, S-Shark has the Swim-Swim fruit of Señor Pink. Does this mean Señor Pink is dead? Or, did Vegapunk somehow recreate Señor Pink’s devil fruit — like how Momo’s devil fruit is a recreation of Kaido’s?

That’s not yet clear. But, what is pretty clear is that this is an amazing devil fruit for S-Shark. Giving the Swim-Swim fruit to a Fishman is genius — as expected of Vegapunk. It allows S-Shark to make the most of his Fishman traits, even on land.

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The Six Vegapunks

Episode 1095 also gives us more information about the Vegapunks. We already knew there were six of them based on the OP. But, now it’s a bit clearer why they all claim to be the Dr. Vegapunk. They aren’t separate entities — they’re all connected.

So, each of the six Vegapunks has a role. Shaka is the good one, Lilith is the evil one, Atlas is the violent one, etc. I don’t know why they’re separated like that. But, they are. I guess it’s to make “Vegapunk” more efficient.

For example, Vegapunk’s violent tendencies may have been getting in the way of his science. So, he broke those off into Atlas. However, Atlas is still a part of Vegapunk. And, we know this because all six Vegapunks share the same biological needs. They all experience things like hunger at the same time.

Vegapunk York sleeping from the anime series One Piece Episode 1095
Vegapunk York sleeping

Now, this is where the efficiency of splitting into multiple bodies actually makes sense. Splitting Shaka and Lilith apart probably has some benefit. But, splitting off York is smart. York’s job is to do all of the bodily functions required for Vegapunk to survive. She eats, sleeps, and uses the bathroom so the others don’t have to.

In the OP, we also see what I’m still assuming to be the original Dr. Vegapunk — the old man. But, with our new knowledge about the Vegapunks, I wonder if he still exists. Did the six Vegapunks replace his original body? Or, does he still have an original body?

It might be that we only see his original body in the form of a flashback of some kind. And, right now, I’m leaning toward that being the case. After all, what would the point of the original body be if the others are doing everything?

An Ancient Future Island

Egghead Island is a future island. It’s the most technologically advanced island in the known world. And, it’s where all the cutting-edge technological advancements originate from. But, Shaka also claims that Egghead is an ancient island from the past.

What does this mean?

There are three main ways we can interpret this. First, the entire island literally came from the past and was brought into the future (present). Second, Egghead was built on top of the ruins of an ancient civilization that was once on the island. And third, the technology on the island is merely replicating technology of the past.

Since this is One Piece, anything is possible. Toki Kozuki is the only known user of the Time Time fruit. But, it’s possible that a user before her had awakened its ability and sent an entire island into the future.

An ancient robot on Egghead Island from the anime series One Piece Episode 1095
An ancient robot on Egghead Island

What seems more likely, though, is the second possibility. Many objects in the junkyard where Luffy, Chopper, Jinbe, and Bonney are looking very old. They could be the remnants of an ancient civilization that once inhabited the island. And, that’s what Shaka could have been referencing. Maybe this island was once part of the Ancient Kingdom from the void century.

The third possibility could also be true alongside the first or second. It could be that many of Vegapunk’s inventions are the products of him trying to reproduce ancient technology. The Vegaforce-01 could be based on the ruins of the giant robot in the junkyard, for example.

To me, the second and third possibilities both being the truth makes the most sense. But, it would be pretty cool if the first possibility was the correct one. In any event, I’m curious to see what this means for the World Government.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of One Piece Episode 1095? Do you think all of the Seraphim have devil fruit abilities? Are they copies of other abilities or the real abilities themselves? Do you think Vegapunk still has his original body? And, what do you think Shaka meant about the island being from the past?

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