Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 10 Review

Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 10 Review

Loco Musica x Leberblume

Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 10 was a very good episode. I wasn’t expecting the title “Loco Musica x Leberblume” to be like this. Obviously, that title implies something. But, I didn’t think that was the direction the episode was actually going to go in.

My expectation was that this episode would simply be about those two. From what we saw in Episode 9, it was clear that they have a pretty complex relationship. And, at the start of this week’s episode, we saw that they’ve been together since they were young.

What I wasn’t expecting was for Loco Musica and Leberblume to not only kiss but to go all the way. That might have been the best content of the whole series. I’m not sure if anything in these final three episodes will be able to top that. Unless, of course, we get more Loco Musica x Leberblume content.

Loco Musica and Leberblume kissing from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 10
Loco Musica and Leberblume kissing

I guess I should also mention that Magia Baiser forcing those two to do that wasn’t expected, either. She said she was going to punish them for hunting magical girls. And, she said she wasn’t going to let them out until they satisfied her.

What I took this to mean was that she was going to make them see the error of their ways. She was going to force-feed them propaganda until they loved magical girls. That would have been pretty entertaining to watch. But, I have to admit that what we got was even better.

Toward the end of the episode, Baiser agreed to go to a hotel with Leoparde after they defeat the Lord Squad. Could this lead to a Baiser x Leoparde scene similar to Loco Musica x Leberblume? I hope so. But, I’m still not sure that it will be better.

Lord Enorme’s Ability

Okay, so we still don’t exactly know what Lord Enorme’s ability entails. But, we know that she can produce an army of infinitely-respawning blob monsters. Leoparde compares this to Baiser’s ability since Baiser also creates monsters. But, these two abilities seem pretty different, to me.

Baiser turns inanimate objects into monsters that bind her enemies. But, Lord’s monsters aren’t so specific. It doesn’t look like she has to rely on anything around her to produce them. She can simply produce them from her own energy. And, they’re generalist monsters that attack, get destroyed, and respawn infinitely.

Lord controls an immortal army while Baiser only controls a few underlings. The scale of their abilities isn’t even remotely similar. And, again, if there are no objects for Baiser to turn into monsters, she can’t do much. What’s she going to turn into a monster within the Nacht Base?

Lord Enorme using her ability from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 10
Lord Enorme using her ability

In this episode, we also get confirmation of how many stars each of the girls have. We already knew that Nero Alice, Loco Musica, Leberblume, and Sister Gigant have three stars. We also knew that Lord has four. And, we thought we knew that Leoparde had zero — more on that in the next section.

But, the big confirmation we got from this episode is that Baiser only has two. In my review of Episode 8, I was questioning how many she had. She has one under each eye, one on each horn, and an additional four when she goes into her crazed mode.

Well, now we know she only has two stars as a baseline. That means the stars on her horns don’t count. But, it also likely means that she can have up to six. With that power, she should be able to defeat Lord.

Leoparde’s Stars

I’m not going to call Leoparde’s revealed number of stars a confirmation. It didn’t confirm anything — it contradicts the information we previously had. And, for now, we don’t know why that is. Was she hiding the fact that she had three stars? Or, did she only just acquire them?

It’s entirely possible that Leoparde had three stars all along. They’re located on her chest, which I don’t think we’ve seen before. Leoparde’s outfit covers her chest. And, from what I can remember, we’ve never seen her topless before. So, they could have been there the whole time.

The other option is that Leoparde only recently awakened her stars. She may have done this through a training arc that we didn’t see. After all, I’m sure she was embarrassed when the Lord Squad pointed out she was the only one without any stars.

Leoparde revealing her stars from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 10
Leoparde revealing her stars

Or, she may have awakened her stars right here in this fight against Sister Gigant. We don’t know which is the case. But, I’m hoping that we’ll get more information about it in the next few episodes. At the very least, I assume we’ll find out when Baiser returns from defeating Lord.

When Leoparde reveals her stars, something else happens that we haven’t seen before. Her stars light up and she transforms into a new form. Her new form has cat ears and claws made of smoke — giving the impression that her ability has changed. She’s no longer fighting with guns.

Is this kind of transformation something all of the girls can go through? Is it the same as when Baiser’s stars multiply? And, will it alter the ability of anyone who undergoes the transformation? If that’s the case, it can spice things up without the need to add more characters.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 10? After seeing Loco Musica x Leberblume, which pairing of girls do you want to see next? Do you think Lord Enorme really only has four stars? And, what are your thoughts on Leoparde’s new transformation?

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