Shinobu Oshino Outfit Tier List

Shinobu Oshino Outfit Tier List

Shinobu Oshino Outfit Tier List

Shinobu’s Outfits

Throughout the Monogatari Series, Shinobu Oshino wears many outfits. If you were to ask fans of the series to describe what she wears, chances are you’d get multiple, conflicting answers as each person remembers a different one.

Today, I’m going to go through Shinobu’s outfits based on their appearance within the anime and then rank them on a tier list. But before I get to that, I need to set some parameters.

1. I’m only looking at her outfits from the anime, not the light novels or manga.
2. I’m focusing on Shinobu’s 8-year-old form (with one exception) because that’s how she most frequently appears.
3. I’m considering different versions of outfits as separate outfits (this will make sense in just a bit).
4. I’m not including one-off gag outfits, such as Shinobu dressing up as other characters from the series.

I’ll also be leaving a link to the tier list at the end of this article so you can rank Shinobu’s outfits yourself. If you do, make sure you tweet your tier list at me so I can see it.


Shinobu wearing her pink dress without the helmet from the anime series Bakemonogatari

Shinobu has two outfits in Bakemonogatari, though they’re really two versions of the same outfit. In this part of the series, she wears a pink dress with white frills on the chest area and a red ribbon around the waist. The skirt of the dress also has a white inner lining.

This outfit reappears later in the series, as well, most notably as one of Shinobu’s many outfits in Kizumonogatari.

Shinobu wearing her pink dress and helmet from the anime series Bakemonogatari

The alternate version of this pink dress outfit, and actually the version we see first, includes an unstrapped helmet with goggles on it. This particular outfit is definitely one of the most iconic of the series simply because it’s what we first see Shinobu wearing.

When Shinobu eventually opens up to Koyomi and stops sulking in the shadows, she also stops wearing the helmet.

Also, a fun fact is that thanks to this dress, we know Shinobu doesn’t wear underwear. At the end of the Tsubasa Cat arc, there’s actually a frame where we see up her dress and she’s covered by nothing more than a band-aid.

Her lack of panties is also reconfirmed in Kizumonogatari.


Shinobu wearing her white dress without the hat

Shinobu’s next outfit comes in Nisemonogatari. And this one also has two versions just like her Bakemonogatari outfit. Personally, I’d argue that this outfit is her most iconic because I believe it’s the one she most frequently appears in.

Of course, I’m talking about her white dress. The front of this dress is white with three pink ribbon bows. One bow is at the neckline and the other two are on the front of her hips. The back of the dress’ skirt is pink.

Shinobu wearing her white dress and hat

This white dress is also different from the pink dress in Bakemonogatari because rather than being held up by straps, it’s tied around Shinobu’s neck and waist.

The alternate form of this outfit includes a straw hat with a white band around it. I believe we only see her wearing the hat in Nisemonogatari, while the version of this outfit without the hat appears in other parts of the series, as well.


Shinobu Oshino wearing her kimono from Kabukimonogatari in the Monogatari Series Second Season anime

In Kabukimonogatari, which is part of the Monogatari Series Second Season, Shinobu debuts a new outfit. And, as you can see, this outfit is very different from those that came before (and after) it.

This time around, Shinobu is wearing a pink kimono with a pattern featuring bats, moons, and stars (because she’s a vampire). She also has a red and yellow obi tied around her waist.

And, for the first time, Shinobu is sporting a different hairstyle. Her hair is put up into two buns on either side of her head and held in place with red ribbons. This is actually the only time Shinobu sports an alternate hairstyle in her 8-year-old form.


Shinobu Oshino wearing her black dress from Otorimonogatari in the Monogatari Series Second Season anime

The next new outfit Shinobu wears is a black dress in Otorimonogatari, which is also part of the Monogatari Series Second Season. This dress is kind of like a combination of her pink and white dresses from Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari, but black.

While the dress is primarily black from the front and sides, the back portion is open to reveal a white lining within. This white lining can also be seen under the skirt and sticking out above the collar of the black outer portion of the dress.

This dress also features multiple ribbons. There’s a small, white ribbon at the collar, a pink ribbon on the front just below some ruffles on the chest, and a ribbon on the back. The back ribbon is also what laces the dress together.


Shinobu Oshino wearing her green dress from the anime series Tsukimonogatari

Shinobu shows off two new outfits in Tsukimonogatari. The first one is a green dress with a white polka dot pattern. This dress also has a white color with a four-leaf clover attached to her lefthand side.

As with most of her other dresses, this green one also has a white lining inside the skirt that peaks out from the bottom in the form of frills. This is the primary outfit she wears in the arc.

The second outfit Shinobu wears in Tsukimonogatari is a very fancy purple dress. This is by far the fanciest outfit we see Shinobu wear throughout the series.

Shinobu Oshino wearing her purple dress from the anime series Tsukimonogatari

Shinobu’s purple dress has a lot of different layers, which are primarily different shades of purple. The darkest part is the vest portion of the dress which covers her chest and is held together in the front by a single button.

Attached to this vest are frilly shoulder sleeves made of a slightly lighter colored material. Beneath the vest is the main portion of the dress, which features a diagonal striped pattern of two lighter shades of purple.

Farther down the dress, the skirt has multiple layers that alternate between the dark color of the vest and the lighter stripes of the corset. Coming out from the bottom of the skirt are two additional layers of white fabric.

Around her waist, Shinobu wears a light pink belt with a pink flower and ribbon dangling from it. Her other accessories include a dark purple choker and a matching hairband.


Shinobu Oshino wearing her pink sailor uniform from the Koyomimonogatari anime series

Technically speaking, Shinobu only wears one new outfit in Koyomimonogatari. However, this outfit has two versions depending on which release of Koyomimonogatari you watch.

The first outfit is a pink sailor uniform with a white collar and a white donut pattern along the bottom of the skirt. It also features a black bow beneath the collar and black leggings. That’s right, Shinobu has pants on (at first) with this outfit.

Shinobu Oshino wearing her blue sailor uniform from the anime series Koyomimonogatari

That’s just her outfit in the original release of Koyomimonogatari, though. Chances are, you’ve watched the Blu-ray release, in which she wears an alternate version of this outfit.

The alternate version of the outfit features a dark blue sailor uniform with a pink bow beneath the collar and lighter pink leggings (which she also takes off). This is the only time one of Shinobu’s outfits gets a palette swap for the Blu-ray release.


Shinobu Oshino wearing her frilly outfit from the anime movie Kizumonogatari

I debated whether or not I wanted to include any of Shinobu’s Kizumonogatari outfits in this post and on my tier list. She has many outfits in these movies, and we don’t ever see her 8-year-old form.

However, in the end, I decided to include Shinobu’s 6-year-old form and outfit here since this is her primary child form within the movies. If you want to discount this one from the tier list because it’s a different version of Shinobu, that’s fine.

This outfit features a light pink/salmon color top with multiple frills on the bottom and no sleeves. It also has a bit of a collar with a black ribbon hanging down from it on the front.

What really sets the outfit apart, though, is that it also features shorts. This is a shirt and shorts combo, not a dress. The shorts are black, puffy, and have small ribbons on the outsides of the thighs.

Back in the Bakemonogatari section, I mentioned that Shinobu also wore that pink dress in Kizumonogatari. She does, but it’s in her 11-year-old form so the dress is too short. This is when it’s reconfirmed that she doesn’t wear panties.

Outfit Tier List

Now that you know the outfits, it’s time to rank them on a tier list. Obviously, the higher up an outfit is placed on the tier list, the better it is. However, I haven’t ranked outfits against each other within the tiers. The order of the outfits within the tiers is just the order I happened to place them in.

Shinobu Oshino's outfits from the Monogatari anime series ranked on a tier list
Shinobu Oshino’s outfits ranked on a tier list

Starting with the S-tier, these may not be Shinobu’s most iconic outfits, but they’re my favorites. The kimono is easily her cutest outfit with the hair buns and everything. And I love that her kimono has a bat pattern on it. I also just really like the green dress; I can’t explain why.

The A-tier outfits are very good, but not my absolute favorites. The black dress just takes the best parts of the iconic pink and white dresses and combines them, so obviously it’s a great outfit. And I think the addition of the hat really elevates the white dress to new levels.

B-tier probably isn’t going to be all that controversial. The white dress without the hat is a little plain. The purple dress just feels a bit too fancy for Shinobu, in my opinion. And while I do enjoy the blue sailor uniform, it doesn’t have the same impact as the higher-tier outfits.

My C-tier picks are where I think people are really going to start disagreeing. I’m sorry, but I don’t think Shinobu’s pink dress is all that great — even with the addition of the helmet. I just view it as a worse version of the black dress. And, the pink sailor uniform is just a worse version of the blue one.

D-tier is reserved for Shinobu’s Kizumonogatari outfit. I’m just not a fan. The frills and puffy pants are cute, but I still think the outfit is bland. I also just much prefer dresses.


If you’d like to fill this tier list out for yourself, you can do so here. Just make sure to send me your completed list over on Twitter @DoubleSama and follow me while you’re there too. Or, if you don’t have Twitter, me know how you’d rank Shinobu’s outfits in the comments.

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