One Piece Episode 1102 Review

One Piece Episode 1102 Review

Kuma Attacks the Red Port

One Piece Episode 1102 didn’t have the action of the previous two episodes. Instead, it was more about the plan to save Dr. Vegapunk from the Navy. So, it was a decent episode, overall, but not a great one.

Before getting into the stuff with Vegapunk, though, I want to talk about Bartholomew Kuma. The last time we saw him, he had escaped from the Kamabakka Kingdom. There, the Revolutionary Army was treating him, attempting to restore his mind. And, I guess their work paid off — to an extent.

It’s unclear if Kuma leaving the island and heading towards Egghead was his programming. It could have been. It’s very possible that Vegapunk programmed Kuma to come to his rescue if needed. But, from what we saw in Episode 1102, that doesn’t seem to be quite the case.

Bartholomew Kuma falling after crashing into the Red Line from the anime series One Piece Episode 1102
Bartholomew Kuma falling after crashing into the Red Line

Now, as we know, Egghead Island is in the New World half of the Grand Line. And, the Kamabakka Kingdom is in the Paradise Half. So, that means Kuma has to travel over the Red Line to get from one to the other. However, it appears he’s unable to do this in his current state.

At least, he’s unable to get from the Kamabakka Kingdom to Egghead in one go. We see him crash directly into the Red Line and fall to the Red Port. And, this is where his humanity begins to show. Kuma was visibly in pain and struggling. That’s not what I would expect from a mindless robot.

Either the Revolutionary Army was somewhat successful in reversing Vegapunk’s work. Or, what I think is more likely, Vegapunk never erased Kuma’s personality, to begin with. My guess is that he suppressed Kuma’s personality, but built in a trigger to release it.

Assault on the Control Room

With the defeat of Sentoumaru, the Seraphim are now under the control of CP0. This makes sense based on what we see in the OP. At one point, it shows some of the major fights we can expect in this arc and Zoro vs. S-Snake is one of them.

In fact, this fight is happening directly in front of the control room of the Labophase. How do I know that? Did I read ahead in the manga? No. There’s a doorway that literally says “CONTROL ROOM” above it in the background of their fight.

From this, we can be pretty sure CP0 is going to make it that far. And, you know, we also saw the Frontier Dome get shut down in this episode. So, there’s nothing in between CP0 and the Labophase at this point. Or, is there?

CP0 on Egghead Island from the anime series One Piece Episode 1102
CP0 on Egghead Island

Apparently, there’s someone else on the island whom Vegapunk is counting on to save him. It’s a woman whose identity we don’t yet know. But, we know that she’s strong enough that Vegapunk thinks she can stop CP0. And, my assumption is that she’s the one who disabled the Frontier Dome to lure CP0 in.

Who could this mystery woman be? Edison says it’s someone who will have to leave if they take Vegapunk’s side. And, he also says the World Government will hunt them down. So, it’s not someone the World Government is currently after. Or, if it is, they don’t know where this woman is at the moment.

That doesn’t give us a lot of information. But, I’m going to say it’s either a very strong pirate or a very strong Marine. And, I can’t think of any very strong female Marines who would be on Egghead. So, she must be a pirate, right?

Rescuing Stella and the Satellites

I’m not sure if we’ve heard this before, but the Satellites refer to Dr. Vegapunk as Stella. The first time they said it, I thought they were talking about some other character. But, then I realized my mistake. Stella is Dr. Vegapunk. However, no, that’s not his first name.

They call him Stella (Star) because they’re his Satellites (objects that orbit something, like a star). Why do they do this? Because science — particularly space — stuff is part of Vegapunk’s character. That’s why he sometimes says “Quasar” at the end of his sentences. He’s a nerd.

Anyway, the plan is, apparently, not only for the Straw Hats to rescue Vegapunk. They need to rescue Vegapunk and the Satellites. And, that’s going to be a bit more difficult for two main reasons. The first is that this means the Satellites can’t sacrifice themselves to let Vegapunk get away.

Sanji fawning over Lilith from the anime series One Piece Episode 1102
Sanji fawning over Lilith

The second is that Atlas is BIG. Bringing Vegapunk aboard the Sunny is no problem. Even bringing Shaka, Lilith, Edison, Pythagoras, and York shouldn’t be an issue. Sure, the Sunny will be a bit cramped. But, it’s actually much bigger on the inside than it looks.

Atlas is an issue, though. I don’t know exactly how big she is compared to the Sunny. But, I feel confident in saying that she’s too big to ride on it. She’d take up the entire deck. So, what are they going to do about that?

One option is for Atlas to simply not ride aboard the Sunny. The Vegaforce-01 might be large enough to carry her. And, another option is for Atlas to be shrunk down to a smaller size. This seems doable since she’s a cyborg. Put her “brain” in a smaller version of herself and call it a day.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of One Piece Episode 1102? Do you think Kuma’s personality and memories were intentionally suppressed instead of erased? Who do you think the mysterious woman who’s going to save Vegapunk is? And, how many of the Satellites do you think will successfully make it off the island?

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