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Cop Craft Episode 8

Cop Craft Episode 8

Smells Like Toon Spirits

Aside from the obvious Nirvana reference, this week’s episode title doesn’t really make sense. I mean, it does make sense, but you really have to stretch it. Latena, the “stuff” that makes magic is some sort of spiritual energy, and Tilarna can smell it. I have no idea where the word “toon” comes into play though.

But anyway, this episode sets up what I assume is going to be a two or three episode arc. It starts off with Tilarna (and Kei) bringing down an airplane which was smuggling something — probably hentai. However, after the plane crashes in a marsh, there’s no sign of the pilot or any illegal goods.

Instead, all they find are scattered pieces of junk which are collected and cataloged. However, while these pieces of junk seem innocent enough at first glance, Tilarna smells the scent of latena on them. And later on, she get pierced by a miniature crossbow which was among the items.

Tilarna getting pierced by the miniature crossbow bolt from the anime series Cop Craft
Tilarna getting pierced by the miniature crossbow bolt

Unfortunately, Tilarna doesn’t awaken her stand after getting pierced by this arrow (bolt). But, that doesn’t mean everything is fine. After all, this was the source of the latena she smelled earlier. And since I don’t think I’ve discussed latena yet, now seems like a good time to do so.

What is Latena?

So now comes the part where I argue that this entire scene is actually a JoJo’s reference. Okay, it’s not really (probably), but there are similarities between this scene and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

First of all, the arrow piercing Tilarna and causing something strange to happen to her is obviously a similarity. But what you may not think of is how this happened. In JoJo’s the stand arrows have a will of their own and will seek out certain people to pierce. The same is kind of true in Cop Craft.

As I previously alluded to, latena seems to be some sort of spiritual energy in the world of Cop Craft. It’s implied that it’s always been in “our” world, but that humans simply aren’t able to sense it.

We learned earlier on in the series from Tilarna that Kei’s handgun has the scent of latena, and that this is probably due to Kei’s close connection with it — after all, his life depends on it working. I don’t think we’ll see Kei’s pistol working like The Emperor or Sex Pistols from JoJo’s, but due to the latena it may have some slight auto-aim.

So, coming back to the crossbow that shot Tilarna, if it’s giving off the scent of latena, does that mean Tilarna getting pierced by the bolt was its will? Was this incident actually similar to the will of the stand arrows? I think so, though that doesn’t mean this is supposed to be a JoJo’s reference.

A Request from the CBP

Shortly after Kei and Tilarna round up all the various pieces of junk which fell into the swamp from the aircraft, a member of the CBP shows up to claim them. I’m not sure if the CBP has been fully explained yet, but it’s an investigative branch of the police, kind of like the FBI.

However, my assumption is that this man actually wasn’t a member of the CBP, but was instead the missing pilot from the aircraft. We never saw what the pilot looked like, and I don’t think Kei or Tilarna did either.

The pilot probably posed as a CBP officer in an attempt to get the crossbow back from the police. The one problem with my theory is that he wasn’t exactly insistent enough about the handing over of the junk pile when he first approaches Kei. You’d think that he wouldn’t wait until after the items were cataloged to try to get the crossbow back.

However, it’s possible that he simply wasn’t trying to push his luck. If he was too insistent, Kei may have gotten suspicious. Kei does eventually get suspicious, but only after the police chief tells him the CBP officer he talked to on the phone made no mention of the interaction.

This “officer” instead calls Kei personally in a panic when the crossbow is found to be missing. And at this point it seems like Kei understands something isn’t quite right about this supposed CBP officer.

Tilarna is Officially a Catgirl

This is the kind of Tilarna content I’ve been waiting for all season — catgirl Tilarna. Apparently her stand ability allows her to swap minds with cats, in this case Kuroi. But actually this seems to be the work of an enemy stand the latena-coated crossbow bolt and the fact that Kuroi was nearby.

If it had been Tilarna and Kei in the same room, we can assume the two of them would have had their minds swapped. Tilarna also assumes that in order to swap back, she’ll need the crossbow once more. The only issue is that it’s gone.

Kuroi knocked it into the trash, Kei took out the trash, and the trash collectors did what they do best, collected the trash.

Kuroi in Tilarna's body drinking from her bowl from the anime series Cop Craft
Kuroi in Tilarna’s body drinking from her bowl

But somehow, even though she’s now in the body of a cat, Tilarna is able to use her smartphone just fine. That’s right, out of everything in this episode, the one thing that ruins my immersion is the fact that Tilarna can use a cat’s bean toes to type flawless paragraphs on a smartphone.

Also she can apparently hold the smartphone in one hand because we see her doing this while waiting for Cecil in the car.

But let’s be honest, nobody actually cares about Tilarna in Kuroi’s body. The content we’re all here for is Kuroi in Tilarna’s body. I really appreciate how Kuroi had the courtesy to take her pants off before climbing into Kei’s bed.


What did you think about this episode? Do you think the crossbow scene actually was meant to be a JoJo’s reference? What are your thoughts on catgirl Tilarna? And, do you think this episode was a waste of time? Because I do. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Cop Craft Episode 7

Cop Craft Episode 7

Girls on Ice

I’m pretty sure this new arc of Cop Craft is unrelated to the hentai smuggling operation from the previous episode, but it does touch on some similar topics. Specifically, I’ll be discussing how both adult content and photography play a role in this week’s episode as well.

Last week we learned that hentai is a highly sought after commodity beyond the Greater Gate, but why exactly is that? Is it solely due to the fact that Semanians don’t have photography in their world, or is there more to it? Could it also have something to do with Semanian culture?

In this episode we see Tilarna infiltrate a Semanian brothel and pose as a prostitute. She does this as part of a sting on the business, but she also ends up catching a high profile, Semanian politician as well.

However, my question is this, is there a reason we only see Semanians involved? Does this brothel solely employ Semanian girls and is its target audience solely Semanian men? Or was it a coincidence that we only saw Semanians involved?

Based on what we’ve learned from Tilarna — the fact that she doesn’t seem to know anything about sex — it’s easy to assume that it’s a fairly taboo subject in her home world. Perhaps the Semanians view Earth as a place where they can break the taboos of their home world and are therefore more willing to partake in things like hentai smuggling, brothels, and other crime.

Tilarna herself is a knight, so perhaps her world is a highly structured one with a more utilitarian outlook. Perhaps it’s ruled by a religious organization of some sort. Or maybe it’s just more conservative in it’s view of sexuality than our own.

Mr. Mozeleemay

The politician who got caught up in the sting operation is Mr. Mozeleemay, a Semanian man who’s currently running for the mayor’s office. He has a wife, but it doesn’t seem like they have any children of their own.

Mrs. Mozeleemay is an interesting woman. She clearly knows that her husband hasn’t been faithful to her, and she doesn’t attempt to hide her disdain. However, she’s not about to let her way of life be destroyed just because her husband got caught up in this situation.

As we learn later on, it’s Mrs. Mozeleemay who puts out a hit on the person blackmailing her husband with evidence about the crime he committed. She seems to be the true power holder in their relationship, but she exerts this power from the shadows and for her own gain.

But back to Mr. Mozeleemay, the fact that he’s running for mayor is a pretty big deal. I’d imagine that it would be difficult to run for an office of any kind on Earth as a Semanian, especially considering there seems to have been a war between the two worlds not that long ago.

Did he take part in that war? Or did he and his wife come to Earth after peace had already been achieved? And how large is the Semanian population in the city in which he’s running? I’d imagine there would be many humans who still don’t want a Semanian to hold an office of any kind purely due to their own racist ideologies.

Whether you love him or hate him, you have to give Mr. Mozeleemay credit for his achievements in what we can assume is a difficult field for any Semanian to break into.

Zoey, Daily Life Photographer

One of the women Tilarna meets while infiltrating the Semanian brothel is Zoey, a prostitute who happens to be a daily life photography hobbyist. Zoey represents the other side of how the technology of photography can influence Semanians.

She’s not interested in how photography can be used to make hentai for sexual gratification, but instead sees it as an art form in and of itself. Her photographs are exclusively daily life shots, meaning she takes pictures of real people doing real things in their natural environments — such as a man sweeping the street in front of his shop.

Zoey taking a picture of Tilarna from the anime series Cop Craft
Zoey taking a picture of Tilarna

After the sting operation, Zoey was arrested and later released on bail. In return for a reduced bail, she agreed to wear a tracking bracelet, though this fact never actually turns out to be important. I assume it was just to keep her from running, not to keep tabs on her every movement around the city.

During her time out on bail she befriends Tilarna, who she believes is a girl from a rich family who ran away from home, not a cop. As the two grow closer, she confides in her that her dream is to open an exhibition hall to showcase her photography to the world.

It’s too bad Zoey had to go and blackmail Mr. Mozeleemay, because otherwise her dream may have come true. I imagine her work would be widely popular if she opened her exhibition back in her home world.

Cops & Criminals

The police learn that Zoey had been accessing the client records while she worked at the brothel. She then sold these records to Mr. Mozeleemay so that he could leak them to the public in an attempt to have his case thrown out by mixing in false names.

If some of the names on the client list turned out to be fake, then who’s to say his name wasn’t also falsely put on the list? This would have been a major blow to the investigation. So, as her friend, Tilarna decides to be the one to confront Zoey about the information she was selling.

Unfortunately, Zoey doesn’t take kindly to being lied to about who Tilarna really was. But that doesn’t matter for long, because an assassin shoots her from a building across the street. Zoey dies from the injuries she sustained.

Zoey getting shot next to Tilarna from the anime series Cop Craft
Zoey getting shot next to Tilarna

So why does Zoey’s story matter? Because it’s clearly going to have an impact on how Tilarna views the world. At the start of the series Tilarna’s view on justice was fairly black and white. If you were a criminal, then your rights are void and you must be a terrible person.

However, she’s changed over the course of the series. Tilarna from episode 1 would never have viewed a prostitute like Zoey as someone she could befriend. She would have seen her as a criminal, not someone she has anything in common with.

What Tilarna learned from her brief friendship with Zoey is that good and evil isn’t as black and white as she once thought. There can be truly good people who do bad things. But at the same time there are still truly evil people out there, such as those responsible for Zoey’s death.


What are your thoughts on this episode of Cop Craft? I thought it was actually really good, though I didn’t expect Zoey to be gone so soon. I figured she would join the police force and put her photography skills to work as a crime scene photographer.

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Cop Craft Episode 6

Cop Craft Episode 6

Need for Speed

For those who didn’t read my most recent episode review of Okaa-san Online, the reason this Cop Craft episode review is on Wednesday rather than Monday is due to technical difficulties. Simply put, the episode wouldn’t load for me so I had to write about something else in the meantime.

But now that I’ve seen the episode, let me just say that it was interesting. On one hand it was a “pointless” episode due to its episodic nature and lack of a plot that really mattered. On the other, we learned a few things about Kei, Tilarna, and differences in their two worlds.

The world differences are the ones which most interest me. I wonder if we’ll ever get to see Tilarna’s home world beyond the Greater Gate. I assume we’ll get to see the other side at some point towards the end of the series, but at the same time it’s not something that needs to happen.

So far Cop Craft has actually been pretty good about its world building. Sure, we might not know exactly where the locations we’ve seen are in comparison to each other, and we haven’t seen beyond the Greater Gate, but there’s more to world building than that.

World building doesn’t have to be about the physical world like we might expect from a traditional fantasy series that gives us a map of its world. Worlds can also be built via information about people who live in various places and their customs. This latter form of world building is where Cop Craft excels.

Hentai Smugglers

The main plot of this episode is that Kei and Tilarna are attempting to get to the bottom of a “hentai” smuggling operation. I know it’s not really hentai, but I’m pretty sure Google will penalize my site if I use the P-word instead — though maybe it does that when I write the word hentai too.

Anyway, there’s some sort of crime happening involving a Semanian escaping in a truck from police. When Kei and Tilarna stop said truck, it turns out to be full of hentai magazines. I don’t remember if these magazines were stolen or not, but they don’t contain anything illegal so the transport of them alone isn’t a crime.

However, this is when we learn something interesting about Tilarna’s world, they don’t have hentai. Okay, so that alone isn’t really interesting, but the bigger point is that they don’t really have photography in any form. I won’t say they don’t have it at all, because it’s implied they do to a small extent, but it’s not widespread.

Tilarna reading hentai from the anime series Cop Craft
Tilarna reading hentai

We know that Tilarna’s world is one in which swords and magic are used in combat, so sure, photography isn’t a given. But even so, this is a pretty important discovery from a cultural perspective. If hentai has such a big underground market in the other world, imagine the opportunities for legal forms of trade.

Magic may make many forms of technology obsolete, but it’s clear that things like cameras and video cameras would be wildly popular. On the other hand, what kinds of things could be imported to Earth from beyond the Greater Gate? Besides illegal drugs made from fairies of course.

Oh, and we also learned that Tilarna doesn’t know where babies come from. Though perhaps Semanians really do reproduce in a different way — unlikely.

Kei’s new set of Wheels

After the initial hentai bust, Kei’s car gets totaled due to Tilarna’s incompetence. Some other police asked him to move his car, but he flashed his badge so this was no longer an issue. Even so, Tilarna took it upon herself to move his car, but didn’t know what a parking break, or park in general, was.

The car rolled down a hill and was hit by an oncoming truck. It then burst into flames as cars tend to do (I guess Kei had a Tesla). After this we learn that Kei loved his car more than life itself, and he said some racist things to Tilarna in retaliation for her actions.

However, I don’t really think Kei cared all that much about that car in particular. Instead, he was just mad that he never got a government issued car and so it was his personal car which got destroyed. And he wanted to play up this fact in front of the chief so that he would get him a new car.

Kei ditching Tilarna in his new car from the anime series Cop Craft
Kei ditching Tilarna in his new car

Strangely, although the police force was initially too cheap to issue Kei a car to use, they now seem to have bought a Ferrari for him. I’m not sure why they figured this would be a good use of their funds, or how they think that car isn’t going to stand out like a sore thumb, but good for Kei.

Tilarna, Destroyer of Cars

Unfortunately for Kei, his life with his new car is short-lived, as Tilarna totals it by the end of the episode. In her defense, since totaling his first car she’s taken driving lessons with Cecil and has become a much better driver. However, that doesn’t mean she’s a safe driver who understands the value of objects like cars.

Honestly, the second car crash of the episode was a work of art. If you don’t know what I mean, go back and watch the scene when Tilarna crashes Kei’s new sports car towards the end of the episode. It looks like the 3D models for the cars involved were thrown into a blender.

Don’t get me wrong, Cop Craft’s animation has never been good, but this was pretty low-tier animation.

I also can’t forget to point out that while learning to not crash cars with Cecil, Tilarna (and the viewers) learned that Kei used to have a younger sister. We can assume she died, but we don’t know how it happened. Perhaps it happened during the initial war against the Semanians after the Greater Gate appeared.

Either way, we’re told by Cecil that perhaps Kei sees Tilarna as a surrogate for the sister he once had. But don’t worry, Kei x Tilarna shippers, being siblings, even related by blood, has never stopped anime before. Though I’ve previously mentioned that I don’t really want their relationship to go in a romantic direction.

Romantic relationships are neat and all, but some of the best male/female pairs in anime aren’t romantic in nature. Just look at Koyomi and Shinobu from the Monogatari seriesIt’s been too long since I connected something to the Monogatari series.


What are your thoughts on this episode of Cop Craft? Do you find the world building in this series to be interesting? Do you find the quality of animation to at least be entertaining at times? And what do you want to see come from the relationship between Kei and Tilarna? Let me know in the comments.

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Cop Craft Episode 5

Cop Craft Episode 5

Lonesome Vampire

Let me start of today’s review with a complaint. The fifth episode of Cop Craft was way too dark. I don’t mean that it had a dark plot. I mean that it was difficult to see what was going on in many scenes. My screen brightness is even maxed out and I couldn’t see what was going on half the time.

A more minor complaint is that I would have liked for the good animation to be used for the fight against the vampire instead of Tilarna figuring out where the vampire is hiding. But, I’ve already accepted that this series isn’t really going to have well choreographed and animated fights.

However, aside from those complaints I think this was a good episode overall. It had a good mix of the modern world and fantasy monsters that I wanted from this series all along. I’m not sure if the anime will continue to go in that direction, but I definitely enjoyed this arc more than the last.

To set the stage for the next section of this review, the vampire escaped after Kei and Tilarna fought it in the morgue hallway. Kei sprayed it with a fire extinguisher, which apparently vampires are weak to. This was never actually explained, but Tilarna mentions that using the fire extinguisher was the right choice.

Vau e Deie

Now that she’s on the run, the vampire goes after a second victim, some random truck driver. After sucking him dry, she has enough power to use magic, and she uses a spell which creates clothing out of black flames. This spell is called Vau e Deie, and that name will probably never be important again.

But let’s talk about it anyway.

Vau e Deie is a relatively low tier spell which doesn’t seem to do anything more then serve as a visual effect over the body. While it looks like black flames, there’s no evidence to suggest that it generates heat or protects the user in any way. It’s also unclear why the vampire chose to use this exact spell.

The argument could be made that she wants to cover up her body because she’s naked, but at the same time she doesn’t seem to have an issue with being seen naked. I kind of get the feeling she views humans and other life forms as nothing more than animals, so she doesn’t really feel embarrassed in front of them.

Tilarna Exedilica from the anime series Cop Craft
Tilarna Exedilica

Tilarna, on the other hand, does get embarrassed. We learn that she too is capable of using Vau e Deie, but refuses to do so when Kei requests her to show him. The reasons for her refusal showcase some of this spell’s shortcomings.

First of all, the user must not be wearing any clothes. This already rules out Tilarna using it because she’s not about to strip just to show Kei a spell. It also doesn’t make sense that the user must be naked. Why can’t the flame cloak reside over clothing? Will it burn the clothing up somehow?

The second issue is that if there’s a break in the user’s concentration, the spell will be undone. I’d imagine that if Tilarna did attempt to use this spell in front of Kei, her concentration wouldn’t be focused enough for it to last for long knowing that if the spell is undone she’ll be left naked.

But, the unfortunate fact that Tilarna didn’t strip and show off this spell aside, this spell gives us a small insight into how magic works in this series. We can assume that like Vau e Deie, any spell will fall apart if the user loses focus, perhaps even the spell Tilarna uses when she goes into battle.

Book of Niba & The Greater Gate

This episode also begins to piece together everything that we know about the series so far. We don’t yet know exactly how the psychic bomb from the first arc ties in just yet, but it’s becoming clear that everything is leading up to something.

Zelada was the mastermind behind that crime, and he seems to be the one who had the vampire brought to Earth too. He claims he wasn’t, and perhaps this is the truth, but he plans to use the vampire for his own goal either way.

And what is his goal? Well, we don’t know. But we do know it has something to do with an ancient book called the Book of Niba. An ancient book which the vampire just so happens to have knowledge of.

The vampire getting shot (seen through night vision) from the anime series Cop Craft
The vampire getting shot (seen through night vision)

So how does the vampire and Book of Niba tie in to the rest of the plot though? Well, it turns out that the Greater Gate — the gate connecting Earth to Tilarna’s world — is a legend referenced within the Book of Niba. And now everything is beginning to make sense.

In the first arc we were told that Zelada’s end goal is to cause distrust between the people of Earth and those from beyond the Greater Gate. He wanted to set off the psychic bomb to showcase the power the aliens had, and to make the humans fearful of it.

Perhaps he now wants information on the Greater Gate so that he can close the portal connecting the two worlds. As a wizard, my assumption is that he’s from beyond the gate, but his goal really seems to be segregation, not the outright extermination of humans.


But what do you think Zelada’s goal really is? Do you think he only wants to separate humans and aliens? Do you think there’s an even darker plan he’s keeping to himself? And, what’s your guess for the origin of the Greater Gate? Let me know in the comments.

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Cop Craft Episode 4

Cop Craft Episode 4

In the Air Tonight

I know I’m always saying that the most recent episode of every series is the best episode so far, but I really mean it. Episode 4 of Cop Craft is the best episode of the series up to this point. Sure, it’s not perfect, but I think it got rid of most of my concerns regarding the series as a whole.

The first act of the episode continues the same story arc we’ve been following from the start of the anime. That is, there’s some evil organization which allied with alien drug dealers so that they could create psychic weapons of mass destruction.

Previously I expressed my thoughts on how the whole terrorist group route didn’t really feel right for this series. Well, it seems that’s not actually going to be the focus of the series anymore… or is it?

Kei and Tilarna successfully defeat Zelada, the Red Wizard, and “defuse” the psychic bomb. But this doesn’t exactly go as planned. Zelada was never confirmed to have been killed and the fairy who was the catalyst for the psychic bomb sacrificed herself to save Kei and Tilarna.

The fact that this arc ended in a Deus ex machina aside, I think it was for the best that the arc ended when it did. I’m sure Zelada will come back into the series later on, but the terrorist organization route just never felt right to me for this series, so I’m glad to see a shift away from it.

But what’s next for Kei and Tilarna? Does the fact that Zelada’s plot was foiled and the fairy died mean they’ll go their separate ways? Kei seems to think so.

Kei & Tilarna’s Slice of Life Adventures

Luckily for us, and Kei I guess, Tilarna decides not to return home after her mission to rescue the fairy ended in failure. Instead, she decides that there are plenty of other crimes on Earth she can assist in stopping, and is formally promoted to the rank of detective within the police agency.

She also continues to live at Kei’s place, and is shown to be wearing much more casual attire. Will we now get to see Tilarna in all the various outfits showcased in both the OP and ED for the series? I hope so. Tilarna may actually be the best girl of the season, so more content of her is always welcome.

I also like how Kei just accepts that Tilarna lives with him now. It truly is the perfect setup to a slice of life comedy series. An old, angry cop living with a teenage alien. That said, I know that’s not what this series is going to become, and I’m thankful for that.

Tilarna Exedilica holding Kei's cat from the anime series Cop Craft
Tilarna holding Kei’s cat

But there is one thing I wonder about in regards to the new relationship between Kei and Tilarna. What exactly is their relationship and what is it going to become? I like the dynamic they have now, which is that of two, somewhat equal, crime-stopping partners, but I get the feeling this might not always be the case.

Sure, they’ll probably remain as what I just laid out on paper, but I think their true relationship is going to shift. In this episode we’ve already seen the two of them “flirting” with each other as one of the other cops put it. So will their relationship turn romantic?

I hope it doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for some good romance, but not every series needs it. I view Tilarna more as Kei’s student than anything else, so I think romance would only hurt the good dynamic they have going on.

But it was I, DIO!

Let’s talk about the new arc which began in the latter half of this week’s episode. This is what I really wanted to discuss because I have some strong feelings about how this arc has gone down thus far. I’m not criticizing the story itself, but the choices the characters made within it.

To set the stage, some alien criminals robbed a grave and then were caught while transporting the coffin they stole. Nothing too suspect yet other than the fact they stole the entire coffin rather than the valuables inside of it. However, things quickly take a turn straight out of a bad horror movie.

Not only is there a mysterious coffin involved, but said coffin has something written on it in an ancient, alien language. If the coffin was the first red flag, the ancient writing on it is the second. I don’t know about you, but ancient writing on spooky coffins is a no from me (not actually, I’m a historian).

Tilarna Exedilica reflected in the vampire's eye from the anime series Cop Craft
Tilarna reflected in the vampire’s eye

But it’s not as if those are the only two red flags. When Tilarna attempts to read the ancient writing, she can only decipher a few words. And what are some of the words she can decipher? “Blood” and “moon.” At this point, if you’re anything like me, it’s obvious what’s about to go down.

There’s a coffin with ancient writing on it that includes the words blood and moon. If that doesn’t scream “vampire,” then I don’t know what does. And yet, they decide to not only open the coffin, but take the mummified body out to undergo an autopsy.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the fact that the morgue is the most dimly lit place on the planet. You think I’m staying in a dark, quiet morgue alone with a mummified body that’s obviously a vampire? No thanks.


Despite how much I disagree with the choices made by our protagonists when confronted with what’s obviously a vampire, I do think this is a good direction for the series. Fighting against out-of-this-world monsters just feels right for this duo rather than taking down more real-world criminals.

But what do you think? Would you rather the series continued on how it had been going? Or do you prefer the more supernatural turn it’s taken in this last episode? Let me know in the comments, as well as who you think could be best girl of the season if not Tilarna.

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