Cop Craft Episode 6

Cop Craft Episode 6

Need for Speed

For those who didn’t read my most recent episode review of Okaa-san Online, the reason this Cop Craft episode review is on Wednesday rather than Monday is due to technical difficulties. Simply put, the episode wouldn’t load for me so I had to write about something else in the meantime.

But now that I’ve seen the episode, let me just say that it was interesting. On one hand it was a “pointless” episode due to its episodic nature and lack of a plot that really mattered. On the other, we learned a few things about Kei, Tilarna, and differences in their two worlds.

The world differences are the ones which most interest me. I wonder if we’ll ever get to see Tilarna’s home world beyond the Greater Gate. I assume we’ll get to see the other side at some point towards the end of the series, but at the same time it’s not something that needs to happen.

So far Cop Craft has actually been pretty good about its world building. Sure, we might not know exactly where the locations we’ve seen are in comparison to each other, and we haven’t seen beyond the Greater Gate, but there’s more to world building than that.

World building doesn’t have to be about the physical world like we might expect from a traditional fantasy series that gives us a map of its world. Worlds can also be built via information about people who live in various places and their customs. This latter form of world building is where Cop Craft excels.

Hentai Smugglers

The main plot of this episode is that Kei and Tilarna are attempting to get to the bottom of a “hentai” smuggling operation. I know it’s not really hentai, but I’m pretty sure Google will penalize my site if I use the P-word instead — though maybe it does that when I write the word hentai too.

Anyway, there’s some sort of crime happening involving a Semanian escaping in a truck from police. When Kei and Tilarna stop said truck, it turns out to be full of hentai magazines. I don’t remember if these magazines were stolen or not, but they don’t contain anything illegal so the transport of them alone isn’t a crime.

However, this is when we learn something interesting about Tilarna’s world, they don’t have hentai. Okay, so that alone isn’t really interesting, but the bigger point is that they don’t really have photography in any form. I won’t say they don’t have it at all, because it’s implied they do to a small extent, but it’s not widespread.

Tilarna reading hentai from the anime series Cop Craft
Tilarna reading hentai

We know that Tilarna’s world is one in which swords and magic are used in combat, so sure, photography isn’t a given. But even so, this is a pretty important discovery from a cultural perspective. If hentai has such a big underground market in the other world, imagine the opportunities for legal forms of trade.

Magic may make many forms of technology obsolete, but it’s clear that things like cameras and video cameras would be wildly popular. On the other hand, what kinds of things could be imported to Earth from beyond the Greater Gate? Besides illegal drugs made from fairies of course.

Oh, and we also learned that Tilarna doesn’t know where babies come from. Though perhaps Semanians really do reproduce in a different way — unlikely.

Kei’s new set of Wheels

After the initial hentai bust, Kei’s car gets totaled due to Tilarna’s incompetence. Some other police asked him to move his car, but he flashed his badge so this was no longer an issue. Even so, Tilarna took it upon herself to move his car, but didn’t know what a parking break, or park in general, was.

The car rolled down a hill and was hit by an oncoming truck. It then burst into flames as cars tend to do (I guess Kei had a Tesla). After this we learn that Kei loved his car more than life itself, and he said some racist things to Tilarna in retaliation for her actions.

However, I don’t really think Kei cared all that much about that car in particular. Instead, he was just mad that he never got a government issued car and so it was his personal car which got destroyed. And he wanted to play up this fact in front of the chief so that he would get him a new car.

Kei ditching Tilarna in his new car from the anime series Cop Craft
Kei ditching Tilarna in his new car

Strangely, although the police force was initially too cheap to issue Kei a car to use, they now seem to have bought a Ferrari for him. I’m not sure why they figured this would be a good use of their funds, or how they think that car isn’t going to stand out like a sore thumb, but good for Kei.

Tilarna, Destroyer of Cars

Unfortunately for Kei, his life with his new car is short-lived, as Tilarna totals it by the end of the episode. In her defense, since totaling his first car she’s taken driving lessons with Cecil and has become a much better driver. However, that doesn’t mean she’s a safe driver who understands the value of objects like cars.

Honestly, the second car crash of the episode was a work of art. If you don’t know what I mean, go back and watch the scene when Tilarna crashes Kei’s new sports car towards the end of the episode. It looks like the 3D models for the cars involved were thrown into a blender.

Don’t get me wrong, Cop Craft’s animation has never been good, but this was pretty low-tier animation.

I also can’t forget to point out that while learning to not crash cars with Cecil, Tilarna (and the viewers) learned that Kei used to have a younger sister. We can assume she died, but we don’t know how it happened. Perhaps it happened during the initial war against the Semanians after the Greater Gate appeared.

Either way, we’re told by Cecil that perhaps Kei sees Tilarna as a surrogate for the sister he once had. But don’t worry, Kei x Tilarna shippers, being siblings, even related by blood, has never stopped anime before. Though I’ve previously mentioned that I don’t really want their relationship to go in a romantic direction.

Romantic relationships are neat and all, but some of the best male/female pairs in anime aren’t romantic in nature. Just look at Koyomi and Shinobu from the Monogatari seriesIt’s been too long since I connected something to the Monogatari series.


What are your thoughts on this episode of Cop Craft? Do you find the world building in this series to be interesting? Do you find the quality of animation to at least be entertaining at times? And what do you want to see come from the relationship between Kei and Tilarna? Let me know in the comments.

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