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Mitsudomoe anime series cover art

Series Overview

Mitsudomoe (みつどもえ) is a slice of life comedy series about the Marui sisters, triplets who terrorize their 6th-grade teacher (and classmates) with their antics. Comedy is one of the more subjective genres, and with Mitsudomoe, I think that’s especially important to keep in mind.

The comedy in this series definitely isn’t for everyone. For the first three or so episodes, it wasn’t for me. But I will say that if you manage to get beyond the beginning of the series, it does get better. How much better, I’ll leave for you to decide.

At the start of the series, there are quite a few bodily fluid gags — which isn’t something I’m a fan of. I’m very glad that the entire series wasn’t like that. However, the entire series is full of boob, underwear, and other mild sex jokes.

This is why I say that Mitsudomoe really isn’t for everyone. Generally speaking, I don’t think a series all about that is very interesting. But I will admit that some of the jokes involving that content are funny. For me, however, it was all the other jokes that really made the series enjoyable.

Yes, I do think that overall, Mitsudomoe is an enjoyable watch. Does every joke land? No. But the ones that do are great. And, for the most part, I think the best jokes in the series are the ones that are the most absurd.

There are so many jokes and gags that probably wouldn’t ever happen in real life in this series. However, they’re just on the border of what’s feasible. But then there are some jokes that build on pre-established ideas and take them way beyond what you expect. Those are the funny ones.

Main Characters

Yabe “Yabecchi” Satoshi is the homeroom teacher of the Marui triplets. He’s a new teacher who’s basically been thrown to the wolves by being placed in charge of the three troublemakers of the grade (or the entire school).

Before I get into the Marui sisters individually, I’d like to point out that their names are Mitsuba, Futaba, and Hitoha. Their names reference the numbers 3, 2, and 1 respectively. However, they don’t relate to those numbers in the way you would expect.

Normally you’d think that the eldest sister would have the number 1. But in this case, the eldest is 3. Is this actually important? No. But other characters do sometimes refer to the sisters by the number of their birth order, which makes it even more confusing.

Yabe, Mitsuba, Futaba, and Hitoha from the anime series Mitsudomoe
Yabe, Mitsuba, Futaba, and Hitoha

Mitsuba is the eldest Marui sister. She’s sadistic and wants everyone else to be her slaves. Aside from the sadism thing, she’s probably the most normal of the three. She’s also concerned with her weight but doesn’t seem to be successful in reducing it.

Futaba is, in my opinion, a much better character than Mitsuba. She’s extremely athletic and displays superhuman strength on numerous occasions. But, she’s very simple-minded and has an obsession with boobs. She can apparently tell sizes by sight alone.

Hitoha is my favorite of the three. Originally, I didn’t like her because her character started off as just being the gloomy and anti-social one of the three. However, she gets the most development throughout the series, and I think I can safely say that I like her more than Futaba.

A lot of the gags featuring Hitoha, especially after the start of the series, have to do with her attempting to come out of her shell and having it backfire. Usually, this takes the form of her having conversations with people who think she’s talking about something entirely different.

Best and Worst Parts

For this section, I’m going to spoil some of my favorite and least favorite gags and jokes of the series. For my favorites, I’ll choose one that focuses on each of the Marui sisters. Let’s start off with my least favorites, though.

I believe it was in the first two episodes that my least favorite gags are found. One of them involves copious amounts of urine getting everywhere thanks to the clumsiness of the school nurse. I don’t think I need to explain why I don’t enjoy urine gags.

The other worst gag involves copious amounts of… snot. As I mentioned at the start of this review, I’m not about bodily fluid gags. I just think it’s gross, not funny. Unlike the urine one that focused on all three girls, this one just focused on Futaba.

Mitsuba stepping on Yabe from the anime series Mitsudomoe
Mitsuba stepping on Yabe

It’s actually hard for me to pick my favorite Hitoha joke. But I think I’m going to go with Hitoha just being in Yabe’s apartment unnoticed all day on the weekend. The comedic timing of that skit was extremely good with Hitoha revealing she’d actually been there all day after Yabe lies and says he always notices her.

For Futaba, it’s much easier for me to pick a favorite gag. She wants her father to practice for the sports festival with her ahead of time, but he’s on the other side of the school gate. So she takes his hand and proceeds to smash his head into the gate while trying to pull him through. A simple gag, but a funny one.

Lastly, my favorite Mitsuba gag is when she finally comes face to face with someone who does want to be her slave — the mother of her class rival, Sugisaki. Mitsuba’s reaction to a grown woman wanting to be dominated by her was priceless.


If it weren’t for the first three episodes of the series, I’d probably give it a 7, which I’m actually a bit surprised by. But, because those first episodes were a real struggle to get through, I have to give Mitsudomoe a 6/10 overall.

Despite definitely not being for everyone, including myself at times, I do think it was a funny comedy. With that said, I would never recommend this comedy to someone out of the blue. I’m not about to start going around shilling this series to people.

I guess before I wrap this up I should also comment on the OP and ED. The ED isn’t anything special. But the OP definitely grew on me over the course of the series (I generally don’t skip them). The visuals are okay, but the song is pretty good if you pay attention to the lyrics.

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