Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror Episode 10 Review

Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror Episode 10 Review

Invitation to Tokai

Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror Episode 10 took a turn I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t think Yohane would receive an invitation to another audition in Tokai. But, one of the women who judged her original audition saw her performance at the festival.

Interestingly, she only gave Yohane an invitation. It was a group performance. But, I guess none of the other girls stood out enough to receive invitations. With that said, I’m predicting that the audition is going to involve all nine members of Aqours. I mean, it has to, right? This is a Love Live! spin-off, after all.

We also got a little bit of foreshadowing about that in this episode, too. When Yohane was practicing calling her mother, she said something important. She mentioned that this time, she wasn’t going to rely on anyone else. She’d go to Tokai and audition on her own.

Yohane disassociating from the anime series Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror Episode 10
Yohane disassociating

Of course, Yohane was in Tokai on her own at the start of the series. So, what does she mean by this? Well, she may have physically been there alone. But, she was receiving financial support from her family. Remember, she didn’t have a job at the time.

However, Lailaps views her statement about not relying on anyone else differently. Lailaps believes that Yohane should be relying on others. She doesn’t come out and say that. But, it’s pretty clear that Lailaps thinks Yohane should rely on her friends. She’s not alone anymore; there are other people who want to support her.

And, that’s why I’m expecting the audition to involve the full Aqours group. Yohane might think she’s going to audition on her own — even up to the last minute. But, the other Aqours members are definitely going to be there. And they’re going to perform, too.

See You Soon, Yohane-chan!

For now, the expectation is that Yohane is going to Tokai on her own. And, word of that spreads all over Numazu. Though, as the news spreads, things get a bit twisted. Yohane going to Tokai for an audition becomes Yohane going to Tokai to represent Numazu on a big stage.

And, because of that misunderstanding, the town rallies behind Yohane. They’re excited for their small town to gain some recognition in the big city. And, even when some people find out that it’s actually just an audition, that doesn’t change how they feel.

Since returning to Numazu, Yohane has become a fixture of the town. Everyone knows who she is thanks to her fortune-telling-turned-odd-job business. She’s helped out everyone in town at one point or another. And, they’re grateful for everything she’s done. So, it’s only right that they now support her.

Mari Ohara and Riko Sakurauchi from the anime series Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror Episode 10
Mari Ohara and Riko Sakurauchi

Yohane’s audition is also only three days away from when she receives the invitation. That doesn’t leave much time for the townspeople to wish her well and say their goodbyes. So, Dia decides that they’re going to throw a going away party. I guess it’s part two of the Numazu festival.

It’s a bit unclear what this going away party was originally meant to entail, though. We don’t actually get to see it all come to fruition. Though, we do see how it started.

Kanan constructed a stage with the help of some of the other girls. Hanamaru baked some Yohane bread to give out during the event. And Dia gave a long-winded speech on the stage before introducing Yohane to the crowd.

The last thing we see before the calamity strikes is Yohane giving a speech of her own. So, is that all the party was? If so, that’s pretty lame.

The Calamity Strikes Back

As I mentioned, the calamity interrupts Yohane’s going away party. But, luckily, Lailaps arrived just in time to warn Yohane that danger was coming. Though, Yohane didn’t exactly relay that information to the crowd. And there wasn’t much time before the calamity struck, anyway.

However, we did get some important information from this interaction. We can now say for certain that Yohane is the only one who can understand Lailaps. Despite being on stage when Lailaps yelled at Yohane that it wasn’t safe there, nobody else heard her. She had to tell Yohane to tell them.

Oh, and also Lailaps wasn’t initially at the party because of the calamity. She’s the only one who realized that the festival didn’t stop the calamity. So, she was keeping an eye on it. And, it’s possible that Lailaps knows the truth behind the calamity, as well.

Yohane within the calamity's miasma from the anime series Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror Episode 10
Yohane within the calamity’s miasma

We know from Episode 9 that Yohane wished Lailaps could speak when she was younger. But, who did Yohane actually cast that spell on? Did she grant Lailaps the ability to speak only to her? Or, did she grant herself the ability to understand Lailaps?

I’m starting to think that the latter might be the case. Lailaps doesn’t seem to be a normal wolf. She’s as smart as a human. And, Yohane has commented on how large she’s grown multiple times. We also don’t actually know where Lailaps actually came from. So, could she have come from beyond the calamity’s rift?

That would certainly explain some things about Lailaps. But, we should also keep in mind that she’s not the only unusual creature in Numazu. Shishinoshin, Hanamaru’s giant pig, also isn’t normal. And then, there are the ghost creatures who live with Mari on Warshimer Island. Are they calamity residents?

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror Episode 10? Do you think Yohane is going to do the audition, or stay in Numazu instead? What did you think of her going away party? And, how do you feel about my theory that Lailaps might be connected to the calamity?

As I said earlier, I’m pretty convinced that the audition is going to happen. And, that’s going to involve all nine members of Aqours. Yohane’s going away party also seemed too formal to actually be fun. And, I’m actually still unsure about my Lailaps theory.

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