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The Promised Neverland 2nd Season Episode 2

The Promised Neverland 2nd Season Episode 2

A Tale of Two Worlds

The Promised Neverland 2nd Season episode 2 was a surprisingly good episode. There wasn’t action or thrills of any other variety. But it had a lot of great world-building. And, as it turns out, that world-building began with a literal explanation of the current state of the world.

According to Sonju, the world as the children know it has been this way for 1,000 years. Previously, they thought that the appearance of the demons and the eradication of humanity was a relatively recent event. That’s not the case. He also explains that the only place you’d find humans nowadays is on the farms, of which there are many.

However, the really big reveal comes when Sonju mentions that the world is actually split into two sides. On one, where they’re currently located, you have the demon’s domain. And on the other, you have the human’s domain. Also according to Sonju, when this split happened 1,000 years ago, some humans were offered to the demons to be bred as a source of food — which lead to the farms.

Sonju from the anime series The Promised Neverland 2nd Season

This explanation of the world actually sounds fairly familiar. In Somali and the Forest Spirit, the world is set up in a similar way. Somali, a human child, is abandoned on a continent run by monsters who eat humans. A forest guardian finds her and travels with her to reach the human continent.

That’s basically the same plot that we’re seeing here in The Promised Neverland.

It’s also important to note a few things about Sonju’s story. First, he’s only heard of this human side of the planet — he hasn’t seen it. Second, he’s never heard of anyone getting there. And third, it doesn’t really make sense for the humans to offer some of their own up to the demons to be bred for food. What do they get out of it? Peace? Both sides got peace, so why did the humans pay this added tax?

Surviving the Great Outdoors

In this episode, we also learned a bit more about Sonju and Mujika specifically. They’re not necessarily “good” demons. But they don’t eat humans, so in that regard, they are “good” in the eyes of the children. I’ll get into why they don’t eat humans later on, but they also don’t support the idea of human farms or many of the other norms of demon society.

And since they’re friendly to humans, Sonju and Mujika have decided to escort the children to the coordinates where they believe they’ll find a hidden human settlement on the demon side of the planet. But, if there’s a human side of the planet, why aren’t they headed there?

That will no doubt be their ultimate goal (if the human side really does exist at all), but they have some other goals to accomplish along the way. Not every child was rescued from the farm they fled. We know that Phil was left behind, and I believe they left behind every child under two years old as well. So, they want to rescue them.

Mujika teaching the children to cook from the anime series The Promised Neverland 2nd Season
Mujika teaching the children to cook

There’s also the fact that other farms exist around the world. With this knowledge, Emma and Ray decide that they need to free the children of all those farms too. Basically, they plan to completely eliminate the practice of eating humans on the demon side of the planet.

Anyway, during their travels, Sonju and Mujika plan to teach the children everything they’ll need to know in order to survive in the wild. This includes what plants are edible, how to cook, how to hunt, and more. But, it’s unlikely that they’ll teach them how to fight demons considering they seem to largely be pacifists.

Rather than actual combat training, my guess is that Sonju might teach them how to make the smoke bombs he used when he rescued Ray. He might have some other non-combat tactics to teach them as well in case they’re cornered.

Religion of the Demons

One of the most interesting aspects of this episode was how it touched on religion in demon society. We don’t know exactly what their religion is, but the Sonju claims that he and Mujika abstain from eating humans for religious reasons. Many religions have bans on certain food items, so that’s not all too surprising.

But the fact that the only creatures Sonju claims they won’t eat are humans might give us a hint about their religion. On one hand, it could simply have to do with their religion not believing in the domestication of animals for food — which is what the humans are to demons.

On the other hand, their religion may have originated with the deal that the humans and demons made 1,000 years ago. This makes much more sense to me. The founders of their religion were probably the demons who wanted peace with the humans. And there was probably an anti-peace faction that demanded the farms be created.

This would also explain Sonju’s limited knowledge about the human side of the planet. Perhaps he knows it exists solely due to the teachings of his religion. It’s possible that it’s not even true, and that it’s just a story meant to illustrate some values held by the religion’s followers.

Emma praying over a vida plant from the anime series The Promised Neverland 2nd Season
Emma praying over a vida plant

One more thing I want to mention regarding demon religion as a whole is that there does seem to be some truth to it. By this, I mean that it doesn’t appear to be blind faith. There is a single, observable proof that some aspect of demon religion — not necessarily the one Sonju and Mujika follow — is real.

Of course, I’m talking about the vida (life) plant. This is the plant that the demons pierce through the hearts of the children when they’re harvested from the farms. As Sonju explains, these plants are actually used to pierce the hearts of all creatures the demons consume.

The first reason the demons do this is to make some kind of offering to the gods. The second reason is so the blood from the creature is drained, thus preserving the meat for longer. But interestingly, the plant only drains the blood when a prayer is offered — that’s observable proof that there’s something to this religion of theirs.


What do you think about The Promised Neverland 2nd Season episode 2? Do you think Sonju’s story about there being two halves of the world is true? What do you think the other human farms will be like? And what do you think the origin of Sonju’s and Mujika’s religion is? Let me know in the comments.

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The Promised Neverland 2nd Season Episode 1

The Promised Neverland 2nd Season Episode 1

Into the Wild

My Twitter followers voted for The Promised Neverland 2nd Season to be reviewed weekly over Dr. Stone: Stone Wars, so here we are. And honestly, I think this is going to be a much better anime than Dr. Stone anyway. However, I’m not sure that this season is going to end up being better than the first.

Just from this first episode alone, the series seems very different from the first season. There’s been advanced technology in the series from the start — such as the tracking chips implanted in the ears of the farm animals children. But I don’t remember there being anything like the hologram map featured in this episode.

It’s a fully-interactive, touch screen, hologram map hidden within a pen. And it even has password protection. The fact that there are items like this apparently just lying around tells us a few things. First, this series will likely contain even more advanced technology going forward. And second, that someone was able to leave that pen at the farm.

Emma gesturing to a hologram map from the anime series The Promised Neverland 2nd Season
Emma gesturing to a hologram map

I’m a bit concerned with how advanced technology is going to be used in the future of this series. I think it could very quickly spiral into some crazy sci-fi story that has nothing to do with the original premise. But at the same time, the manga is over and I haven’t heard of anything like that happening.

Though to be fair, I have heard that it gets weird, so who knows.

As for how the pen got into the farm, I don’t believe that was answered in the previous season. We know that Norman left it behind for his friends, but how did it originally get to the farm? Someone connected to Mr. Minerva must have infiltrated the farm to place it there. Or, perhaps he was once a caretaker there himself.

Demons on the Hunt

Hopefully, we get an explanation of the different kinds of demons at some point. For now, we’ve seen what appear to be four different types of demons. Though, it could actually be three or even five, as I’ll get to in a bit.

The primary demon that’s hunting the children is bipedal and has a mask-like face with two eyes positioned vertically. It’s very large compared to the children and carries a massive sword. This demon is the leader of a group of quadrupedal, wolf-like demons.

These wolf-like demons have the same faces as the bipedal one that leads them. They’re even capable of speech, though it’s clear that they aren’t the same rank as the bipedal demon. They’re more like if you had (very large) hunting dogs that possessed human-level intelligence.

A demon from the anime series The Promised Neverland 2nd Season
A demon

There’s also the monster that was originally chasing the children and was eventually decapitated by the bipedal demon. I’m not sure if this one specifically counts as a demon, though. It was more like a wild beast that didn’t possess intelligence. So for now, I’ll just call it a monster.

The final two demons could be the same type, or they could be different. These are the female demon who saved Emma and the group of children, and the male demon, Sonju, who saved Ray.

Despite them also being bipedal, I’m going to classify these two as separate from the “bipedal demon” mostly due to their size. They’re human-sized, with the female demon being the same height as Emma and Ray, and Sonju being about the size of an adult, male human. The female demon definitely looks different from the bipedal demon in other ways, though.

For now, it’s unclear if the female demon and Sonju are the same type of demon.

Good Demons?

One of the big questions we’re left with at the end of the episode is whether the female demon and Sonju are “good.” I assumed that the female demon would be an antagonist before watching the episode simply based on the cover art for this season.

The cover art is split down the center with the demons on one side and children on the other. And it even features the female demon as the demon equivalent of Emma. But after watching the episode, maybe that split down the center wasn’t what I should have been focusing on.

Instead, perhaps we’re supposed to focus on the fact that the female demon and Emma are sitting at the same table together. There are other similarities as well. Such as how Emma and the other kids are flanked by the farm they fled from, while the female demon and Sonju are flanked by the silhouettes of other demons — who they may have similarly fled from.

The female demon from the anime series The Promised Neverland 2nd Season
The female demon

The idea that there could be good demons out there is an interesting one. It makes sense because that would make it easier for people like Mr. Minerva to have found refuge outside the farms. But on the other side of things, it doesn’t really make sense because, you know, they’re demons.

But hey, a storyline about how someone who looks evil actually isn’t evil is pretty standard in anime. Just look at the recently completed DanMachi III if you need an example. I’m just not sure how I’ll feel if these demons really do turn out to be good. That would be pretty cliché.

I’d be much more interested if these demons are simply members of a different faction, but not necessarily allies of humans. It’s clear that they’re fighting against the demons who were chasing the children. But perhaps rescuing the children isn’t their goal. They may be just as evil but in a different way.

This is a Weekly Shonen Jump series, though. So I shouldn’t get my hopes up too high.


What do you think of The Promised Neverland 2nd Season episode 1? Do you mind the CGI that was used for the monster in the forest? Do you think having vertical eyes is practical in any way? Probably not. And do you think the female demon and Sonju are going to be good or bad? Let me know in the comments.

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My review of the next episode is available here.

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The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland anime series cover art
The Promised Neverland


The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Neverland / 約束のネバーランド) was potentially the best anime of the season. The only other series that I think could compete with it is Kaguya-sama: Love is War. But, comparing the two is pointless simply because they’re so different.

However, what I think makes this series so good are all the twists and turns in the story. And because of this, it’s extremely easy to spoil. So, to try to keep spoilers to a minimum while still giving an accurate summary and review of the series, I’ll be including spoilers from the first episode, and maybe some smaller ones from later on.

That said, towards the end of the review I’ll have a spoilers section which goes into the bigger spoilers in more detail. If you haven’t watched this series yet, and don’t want some of the biggest twists to be spoiled, I highly recommend skipping that section.

So, what’s the series all about? Basically there’s a house with a bunch of kids in it all being raised by a single woman whom they refer to as “Mama.” The house is said to be an orphanage of sorts, and by the age of 12 every child has been adopted and shipped off to live with their new family.

Or, that’s what the very beginning of the first episode wants you to think. In reality, the orphanage is a farm and the children are the cattle. Beyond the plot of land they call home is a giant wall separating the farm from the outside world which is controlled by demons who eat human brains.

And, apparently the brains of 12-year-olds are the tastiest (I wouldn’t know from experience), so that’s why none of the children are left on the farm past their 12th birthday. That said, they can still be shipped out well before their 12th birthdays, but in those cases they’re considered lower quality products.

But, the real plot of the story begins when some of the children find out the truth about their home and must devise a plan to escape from the farm. Will they all make it out of the farm? And, what kind of world awaits them on the other side of the wall?


There are a decent number of characters in this series, and I’m sure some of the more minor ones will play a bigger role later on in the series. But, for now I’ll just be covering the four characters who played the biggest roles in this first season: Emma, Norman, Ray, and Isabella.

Emma is the protagonist of the series, and one of the three 11-year-olds living on the farm. As we learn, the way one gets to stay alive on the farm until their 12th birthday is by having good test scores. It seems that the brains of smarter children taste better, and so they’re given the longest time to develop.

However, being smart isn’t enough. The children also need to be physically fit as well. One thing we learn later on in the series is that although the demons only seem to eat the brains, the quality of the entire package matters.

As for her personality, Emma is like the Naruto of the series, which is a comparison I’ll make specifically so I can compare Ray to Sasuke later on. She loves all of her siblings, and after learning the true nature of the farm she’s determined to escape with all of them, even if it would be easier to leave the young ones behind.

But, although Emma is one of the three top scorers at the farm, her two best friends, Norman and Ray, are better at planning and critical thinking than she is. Emma often lets her emotions guide her, which is dangerous in a game of life and death.

Norman and Ray from the anime series The Promised Neverland
Norman and Ray

Next we have Norman, who’s kind of like the mid-point between Emma and Ray. He’s basically just as good at strategizing as Ray, but can also occasionally let his emotions get the better of him, especially when Emma is involved.

He and Emma were the first two of the children to find out the truth about the farm, and it was he who convinced Emma not to reveal what they learned to anyone else. While Emma was panicked, Norman was able to stay calm and logically think about the best course of action despite the circumstances.

Ray is the third and final of the 11-year-olds, and as I mentioned is like Sasuke in a lot of ways. He’s good at strategizing, acts like he doesn’t care about things even though he does, and even just looks like Sasuke in general with his emo haircut.

If Emma is the emotional one, and Norman is the middle ground, then Ray is the full-on critical thinker of the trio. While Emma wants to escape from the farm along with all the other children, Ray is more realistic and believes the trio should escape on their own, or only with a handful of the older kids.

He understands that the younger kids would just slow the rest of them down and increase their chances of getting caught. Further, without knowing what the outside world is like, there’s no guarantee that it’s any safer beyond the walls.

The final character I want to briefly mention is Isabella, also known as Mama. Isabella is the “mother” of the farm and is the sole adult in the lives of the children. She works for the demons who run the farm and is the main antagonist for the first season of the series.


There are three to four fairly big spoilers I want to discuss in this section. The first is how Ray has the ability to remember literally everything ever since he was born, and possibly even before that. This is another reason I liken him to Sasuke, because they both have crazy powers that change everything.

The fact that Ray can remember everything means that he remembers what life was like before being sent to the farm as an infant, and even knows who his birth mother is. Honestly, I think this was a pretty bad twist in the series on its own.

However, while alone it would have been a bad twist, and I do think it’s a pretty dumb one, it does set up some future plot points which have the potential to be pretty interesting. I’ll come back to this shortly.

Next we have sister Krone, another adult who was sent to the farm to help Isabella once it was discovered that some of the children found out the secret of the farm. From what I’ve seen, she’s already been dissected as a character by a lot of other people, so I don’t have anything else to say about that.

However, at one point she reveals the process by which human girls can survive past their 12th birthdays to become a sister or mother. After rigorous physical and mental training, these girls who proved themselves to be good candidates as children are given a child of their own to raise.

This is essentially the final test to see if they’re ready to be in charge of a bunch of children. But, since sister Krone keeps a stuffed, baby doll, I kind of thought this is what she meant when she said they were given a child of their own to raise; that they were simply raising a doll.

It turns out this isn’t the case, and that the mother candidates are actually forced to give birth to a child and then raise it for the first two or so years of its life. We later learn that these children born from the mother candidates are then shipped off to live on the farms and be raised as food for the demons.

And, this is where the point about Ray remembering his whole life comes back into play. In the very last episode of the season it’s revealed that Ray is actually Isabella’s child. Ray always knew this was the case, but even Isabella didn’t until he revealed it to her.

This may be the reason Isabella chose to use Ray as her informant. But, regardless of whether or not that was the reason, I’m hoping we learn more about how the familial relationship between those two affected each one.

The final spoiler I want to mention is Norman being shipped out of the farm to his death. While the rest of the children believe he’s dead, I think it was made pretty clear to us that he’s actually still alive. Rather than being killed by a demon, we see him get invited into a side room of the tunnel which leads to the outside world.

I don’t know anything about the manga other than a few panels I’ve seen which make it look like the series is going to head in an entirely different, and stupid, direction, but I think we’ll see Norman again. In what capacity we’ll see him, I’m not so sure.

We know that only girls can be selected to survive past their 12th birthdays to become the caretakers of the children, so why would Norman be kept alive? Is he actually a girl? That’s unlikely. Perhaps males are needed for breeding purposes. Or, my craziest theory, perhaps some male children are turned into the demons that eat humans.

Maybe we’ll see Norman return later in the series, but this time he’ll be one of the demons. I don’t really know why this would happen, but it’s just a possibility I came up with.


So, have you watched The Promised Neverland? If so, what did you think of the series? What are your thoughts on the spoilers I mentioned? Let me know in the comments.

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My review of episode 1 of the 2nd Season is available here.

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