Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill! Cover Art featuring the members of Night Raid
Akame ga Kill! Cover Art


Akame ga Kill! is a dark action-fantasy anime about an assassination group known as Night Raid. Tatsumi, the main character, comes from a small village and was intending to join the Empire’s army for his village, but in the end he becomes part of the anti-Empire group Night Raid which is where the story really begins.

In the world of Akame ga Kill! there are special weapons known as Imperial Arms which the members of Night Raid use as well as select members of the imperial army. While some of these arms are actual weapons, others such as Incursio are more armor than weapon.

Imperial Arms Incursio
Imperial Arms Incursio

Night Raid

Tatsumi, as mentioned before, is the main character. He is the newest member of Night Raid at the start of the series and as such does not posses an Imperial Arm until later on. He fights with a standard sword and is for the most part what you expect from a main character type.

Akame is the titular character of the anime and the ace of Night Raid. She wields a cursed sword which can kill anyone with one cut as her Imperial Arm. Her younger sister is her counterpart in the imperial army.

Bulat is a former imperial soldier who defected to Night Raid and brought his Imperial Arm Incursio with him. Incursio is an armor type Imperial Arm with multiple abilities, one of which is invisibility. Bulat generally wields a spear when fighting.

We’ll do the next characters together because I find them generally boring. These are Sheele and Lubbock. Sheele uses a giant pair of scissors as her Imperial Arm and Lubbock uses a wire-gadget-thing which can be used both offensively and defensively.

Leone is a fighter who likes to get up close and personal. Her Imperial Arm gives her lion-like strength and agility and she uses her fists to beat down enemies.

Next we have the obligatory loli, Mine. She uses a sniper which is called Pumpkin for some reason. Honestly I think everything about her is a little out-of-place within the context of the rest of the anime.

“Finally” we have the leader of Night Raid, General Najenda. She’s not that important in the grand scheme of things so we’ll just leave her at that.

Later on there are also two newer members of Night Raid. These are Susanoo and Chelsea. Susanoo is actually a humanoid Imperial Arm and Chelsea specializes in undercover operations by using her Imperial Arm which allows her to change her appearance.


While I thought Akame ga Kill! was good, and I didn’t mind the ending, apparently the anime is very different from the manga. The anime kind of wraps everything up while the manga keeps going on so even though there is more to the story, I’m not sure if we’ll ever get a second season of Akame ga Kill!

I originally had this anime at an 8, but after re-watching it I decided it’s more of a 7/10 so that’s what we’re going with. I think that if some parts of it had been more serious, such as no sniper loli or giant pair of scissors, then it would have been a better show.

While I prefer the second OP, here is a link to the first because the second could include spoilers if you pay too much attention to it.

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