Ascendance of a Bookworm Episode 32

Ascendance of a Bookworm Episode 32

Priestess for Sale

At the start of Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3 Episode 32, we saw a meeting between 3 nobles and the High Priest. All these nobles (and the High Priest, for that matter), are out to get Myne for various reasons.

The one female noble, for example, is the mother of the knight executed for harming Myne. Although her son wasn’t a good person, I can understand why she would hold a grudge. It’s not quite clear who the other two nobles in this meeting are, though.

I’d imagine that at least one of them has their hand in the ink trade since that’s Myne’s latest venture. I don’t remember if any of them mentioned the assassination of the previous ink guild master. And since I’m not going to go back to check, I’ll assume it wasn’t brought up in the meeting.

Nobles who are out to get Myne from the anime series Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3 Episode 32
Nobles who are out to get Myne

What the nobles and the High Priest seem to have settled on at the end of the meeting is selling Myne off. Before Lord Karstedt can adopt Myne, they plan to sell her to a noble from a neighboring land. Somehow, selling a child across borders involves filling out less paperwork.

Now, I’m realizing that the High Priest and the nobles don’t know about the plan for Karstedt to adopt Myne. So, in reality, their plan isn’t to sell Myne off before he adopts her. It all seems to be nothing more than a coincidence. But, which side will come out on top?

Of course, this evil plan to get rid of Myne isn’t going to work. But, I’m curious to see if they spring their plan before Myne’s adopted by Karstedt. Or, will the High Priest be the one in for a shock when Karstedt adopts Myne before she’s sold?

Baby Dirk

So, while Myne got a new baby brother in Episode 31, the orphanage got a new baby orphan in Episode 32. Unfortunately for this orphan, fate dealt him the worst hand possible. Of course, I’m referring to the fact that his name is now Dirk. All I can think of when I hear that name is Dirk Hardpeck.

Not only is this kid going to grow up as a slave to the church, but he has to do so with the name Dirk? If he’s lucky, the chickenpox he came down with at the end of the episode will kill him.

Also, speaking of Dirk’s chickenpox, it seems likely that they’re going to spread. Delia already came into physical contact with Dirk after he became sick, so she’s bound to be next. From there, it’ll spread throughout the orphanage — at least among the children there.

Baby Dirk from the anime series Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3 Episode 32
Baby Dirk

And, since Myne comes into contact with everyone in the orphanage on a daily basis, she might get it too. But, even if she doesn’t, I’m assuming that she’ll bring the disease home to her baby brother, Kamil. He’ll be fine. But, that could be some added drama that doesn’t have to do with the plot to sell Myne.

Moving away from Dirk’s chickenpox, one of the issues with raising him in the orphanage is that he needs milk. There are plenty of grey-robed priestesses around, but none of them are producing milk. So, for now, the next best option is to give Dirk goat milk.

But, we already know of two new mothers who may be able to help out. One is Myne’s mother and the other is Corinna. I’m sure that one of them would be willing to help out with Dirk. Or, there’s also Dirks’ mother.

Myne Invents Colors

Speaking of Dirk’s mother, I’m confident that it’s Heidi, who was also introduced in this episode. Heidi is young, has a husband, and has the same hair color as Dirk. I’d even say that she looks like the silhouette we saw of the woman handing Dirk over to the church.

It’s possible that Dirk won’t be a permanent resident of the orphanage. Once Heidi and her husband start making fat stacks of money with Myne’s colored ink, they could take him back. Unless, that is, there’s some rule against taking children (free labor) back from the church.

Anyway, Heidi and her husband Josef are artisans who have been making Myne’s black ink. Heidi loves everything about ink and even before Myne brought it up, she was thinking of colored ink. Heidi also went out of her way to gather materials to make colored ink.

Colored ink from the anime series Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3 Episode 32
Colored ink

What doesn’t make sense to me is that colored ink didn’t exist in this world until now (or so it seems). If you can make colored paint, I don’t see why you wouldn’t also have colored ink. Isn’t the basic process the same? It’s oil and mineral powder. How has this not existed before now?

On top of that, why is the colored ink treated as some secret process known only to Myne? Heidi gathered all the materials herself. All she has to do is mix them together. It’s not like that requires Myne’s knowledge. Am I supposed to believe that Heidi knew what materials she needed, but not the basic step that comes next?

Aside from those mysteries, there’s one mystery that seems to be intentional. Why don’t the oil and mineral combinations create the expected colors? They even managed to create yellow, a primary color, by combining two other colors. Magic, perhaps?


What do you think of Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3 Episode 32? Do you think Karstedt is going to adopt Myne before she’s sold off? How do you feel about the name Dirk? And why do you think the ink colors don’t come out as expected? Let me know in the comments.

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