Assault Lily: Bouquet Episode 7

Assault Lily: Bouquet Episode 7

Riri’s New Pet

I’m going to be honest, the introduction of Yuri kind of throws a wrench in my predictions regarding this series. But, I don’t think it messes anything up too bad. Also, while you may think that Yuri’s introduction raises a lot of questions (which it somewhat does), it actually answers a few as well.

Yuri doesn’t exactly mess up my predictions regarding Riri and Yuyu’s roles in the series and how I think the other girls won’t be that important. However, it messes up a lot of things regarding the legion dynamic and what the future of the series is actually going to look like.

We’ve known that legions include nine Lilies, so how is a tenth member going to change things? And, will Yuri serve a special role, such as by being the bridge between Lilies and HUGE? We know they’re connected, but with the introduction of Yuri, that connection could be altered significantly.

Yuri, Yuyu, and Riri from the anime Assault Lily: Bouquet
Yuri, Yuyu, and Riri

To really understand what Yuri’s impact on the story is so far, we need to take a look at where she came from. She was found in what I’ll call an organic pod that washed ashore with the remains of a HUGE. And prior to that, we saw a ghost military ship that was full of these organic pods get attacked by HUGE.

As far as I understand it, the HUGE attacked that ship because they were drawn to the magie of the hibernating Lilies on board. This is similar to why HUGE specifically target Lily schools.

But why were there Lilies in organic pods aboard that ship? That seems to imply that Lilies are manufactured by the military. And since we know that there’s a fine line between Lilies and HUGE, does this mean that Lilies are really just incomplete biological weapons meant to become HUGE?

Origin of the Lilies

I’m not sure what the exact purpose of the Lilies is just yet. However, it’s becoming more clear that the Lilies aren’t exactly what they seem. I don’t just mean in regards to their connection with the HUGE, but rather their origin as well.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned how Lilies dying seemed to be a very regular thing. After all, Misuzu stated that it was a Lily’s destiny to die in battle against the HUGE. If that’s the case, then all former Lily’s have met this fate. And to add to that, we saw how many Lily’s one of the HUGE that attacked had killed.

But, if every Lily is destined to die in battle, why would families send their children off to become Lilies? It just doesn’t make sense. Even if the Lilies don’t know what’s going to happen to them, surely the adults understand that there has never been a Lily to make it to adulthood.

Miliam Hildegard von Guropius from the anime series Assault Lily: Bouquet
Miliam Hildegard von Guropius

And, this is where Yuri’s introduction comes into play. Perhaps all Lilies are like her. Perhaps every Lily is manufactured specifically to be a Lily and then raised by a family as a human until they’re ready to be trained.

I considered the possibility that the Lilies all had manufactured memories and weren’t actually raised by humans, but that doesn’t actually make sense. For example, we know Riri and Yuyu came into contact when they were younger, and there was even a shop owner in Riri’s hometown who knew her.

But if we consider that even that shop owner didn’t know Riri’s name or ask Yuyu if she knew Riri, things start to make sense. I don’t think Lilies are viewed as people in this society. They’re just weapons that are expendable.

The New World Order

The big question that arises out of this episode is, for what reason would the Lilies be created? I’m going to spoil Madoka Magica in order to explain this, so if you don’t want to be spoiled on that series, just skip down to the conclusion.

So in Madoka Magica, we know that magical girls were created so that they would eventually turn into witches and release a vast amount of energy in the process. This energy was then collected and used by some unknown space civilization. Makes sense, I guess.

But why would Lilies be created? Assuming that Lilies and HUGE are one and the same just like magical girls and witches, it doesn’t make sense to manufacture Lilies to fight HUGE. All that would really do is make more HUGE, right?

Tazusa Andou from the anime series Assault Lily: Bouquet
Tazusa Andou

I think there are two categories of Lily. We have those which are students at the Lily academies, and we have those which aren’t, like Yuri. The academy Lilies are made to fight the HUGE, but more so, they’re made so that the HUGE are lured to specific points away from main civilization hubs where they can be destroyed.

These Lilies do add to the number of HUGE, but, hopefully, destroy more HUGE than they create in the process.

The Lilies on the ship, like Yuri, aren’t designated for this same purpose. Whoever the school director was talking to on his call knows this and is trying to keep it a secret. Why else would they specifically want to take control of Yuri and not the other Lilies? There’s something unique about her.

I think she’s a Lily that’s used as a weapon against other countries and that the government doesn’t want that information getting out. Or, maybe I was wrong about all Lilies being manufactured. Maybe it’s the fact that Lilies are being manufactured at all that the government wants to hide.


What do you think about Assault Lily: Bouquet episode 7? Do you think that all Lilies are manufactured? Are they all really destined to die? And what about Yuri in particular? How do you think she’ll change the dynamic of the legion? Let me know in the comments.

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