Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 275

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 275

Mozu and the Marten

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 275 didn’t go down exactly as I expected. But it was close enough. I figured Mozu would be arrested for trafficking rare animals. That didn’t happen. However, I was right about Tsuzura going to work for Maruta.

Unfortunately, we never got a name for Sasuke’s Senri Hawk. That’s one of the things I wanted from this arc. And, we never got confirmation that Yuki was a Senri Hawk, as well. It’s obvious to the viewer that he is. But, I wanted to see Mozu’s face when she found out.

Speaking of Mozu, we learned a bit about her background and why she’s in her current line of work. When she was younger, she was a poor nobody. And her feelings of worthlessness were only reinforced when she got lost in the forest. Nobody came looking for her.

Tsuzura reacting to his mother selling his pet from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 275
Tsuzura reacting to his mother selling his pet

However, Mozu’s life turned around at this time, as well. While lost in the forest, she came across a rare, white marten. When she brought the animal back to town with her, she was suddenly the center of attention. And so, to remind herself of her humble beginnings, she wears the marten’s pelt around her neck.

This origin story tells us everything we need to know about Mozu. She’s a psychopath. She’s incapable of understanding the feelings of others. And she views everyone and everything as pawns for her to use for her own gain.

The way she treats her son and his pet hawk reinforces this. Mozu finds someone to sell her son’s pet to. But, it gets worse. The person set to buy Yuki doesn’t want to keep him as a pet. They want to kill, stuff, and display him. And Mozu is fine with this.

Senri Hawk + Sharingan

I wasn’t sure what to think when Sasuke offered up his Senri Hawk in exchange for Tsuzura’s freedom. Why would he do this? What’s his plan? I couldn’t think of any good answers. And then, I started thinking that maybe this was it for his new Senri Hawk.

Was Sasuke going to give up his new Senri Hawk and end up with Yuki instead? No. That thought didn’t last long. A white Senri Hawk doesn’t fit Sasuke’s style. Also, it doesn’t make sense for (current) Sasuke to abandon his Senri Hawk after it showed loyalty to him.

It didn’t take long for us to get our answers. Sasuke used his Sharingan to control his Senri Hawk. Shortly after Mozu put it in its cage, it collapsed and seemed on the verge of death. She then ordered a necropsy on it, and that’s when everything went wrong.

Sasuke's Senri Hawk controlled by his Sharingan from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 275
Sasuke’s Senri Hawk controlled by his Sharingan

How much of what happened next was Sasuke’s plan is unclear. Once the Senri Hawk was out of its cage and on the operating table, it woke up and went on a rampage. As it flew around, Rakuen’s defense system shot at it and broke the cages housing the other animals.

What I don’t know is whether Sasuke planned for his Senri Hawk to free the other animals. It’s possible that this was part of the genjutsu he put the Senri Hawk under. Or, that could have simply been a side effect of the Senri Hawk trying to escape.

Regardless of which is the case, it’s clear that Sasuke never meant to give his Senri Hawk away for good. He planned for it to become sick, get taken out of the cage, and then reawaken and return to him. The rest might have been a bonus.

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The Missing Train

What I really wasn’t expecting from this episode was for it to set up the next arc of the anime. It’s one thing for the next episode preview to feature the next arc. But, we got a significant portion of Episode 275 dedicated to setting it up.

After getting his Senri Hawk back, Sasuke tells Boruto that he’s not returning to the Leaf Village. Boruto’s supposed to go back on his own. Instead, Sasuke will be heading off to track down Code’s whereabouts. Remember Code? The last remaining member of Kara? Yeah, he’s kind of forgettable.

Anyway, Boruto catches the Thunder train and we see that there’s quite the variety of people on board. There are some Hidden Stone shinobi, including a boy about Boruto’s age. And there are also some Hidden Mist shinobi with a captive.

Boruto waking up in a prison from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 275
Boruto waking up in a prison

Boruto and the other passengers fall asleep and the train mysteriously heads off course. When they wake up, they’re no longer on the train and are instead in some kind of prison. In the prison, we get to see a few more people who were presumably on the train as well.

One detail I noticed has to do with the Hidden Mist captive. When we first see him on the train, he has explosive tags on his arms. But, when we see him next in the prison, the explosive tags are gone. He’s still shackled, though. So, whoever kidnapped the train passengers realized they could use the explosive tags.

I don’t know what this upcoming arc is going to be like. But, I’m looking forward to it. It could be some kind of tournament arc. Or it might be a prison escape arc. Whatever it is, it seems interesting based on the setup we got.


What do you think of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 275? Were you hoping Yuki being a Senri Hawk would be revealed? Did Sasuke’s hawk with his Sharingan remind you of Itachi’s crow with Shisui’s Sharingan? And are you excited for the next arc? Let me know in the comments.

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