My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 120

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 120

Deku and Bakugo Join the Fight

Right at the start of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 120, we learn something new about Shigaraki. He already upgraded his quirk so his Decay spreads. And he already obtained All-for-One. But, we now find out he also learned to control his Decay.

The fact that he can control his Decay is big. It means he can destroy large areas without harming his allies. That wasn’t previously possible. If Shigaraki used his upgraded Decay quirk, his allies would have to flee or risk getting caught up in it.

So, what this new control over his quirk does is make it so Shigaraki doesn’t have to fight alone. And that removes one of the only weaknesses he had left. If he couldn’t control his Decay, he’d typically have to fight multiple heroes on his own or hold himself back. Not anymore.

Endeavor fighting Shigaraki from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 120
Endeavor fighting Shigaraki

The other obvious weakness Shigaraki has is the existence of Eraser Head. But, being unable to use his quirks doesn’t seem like that much of a detriment for Shigaraki. He’s still able to fight Endeavor, Gran Torino, Deku, and Bakugo at the same time. That just goes to show how overpowered he is when he has his quirks.

It’s because Shigaraki is still so strong without his quirks that Deku and Bakugo had to get involved. If they waited for more pro heroes to arrive, Shigaraki would have already taken down Eraser Head. And Deku realized that without Eraser Head, the heroes stand no chance.

Based on the rest of the episode, I no longer think Shigaraki will take down Eraser Head. Instead, he’ll escape thanks to Gigantomachia. As far as I know, Gigantomachia isn’t suddenly going to become weak if Eraser Head looks at him. So, once he arrives, Shigaraki can escape.

Gigantomachia Makes His Escape

I don’t remember what Gigantomachia’s quirk is. But, he’s basically a walking mountain. Or, as he’s referred to in this episode, a walking disaster. The reason I’m bringing up his quirk, though, is that he’s not like Mt. Lady, who can grow to an enormous size.

Gigantomachia is always that size. So, Eraser Head’s quirk isn’t going to make Gigantomachia shrink. If he used his quirk on Mt. Lady, she would shrink. And, by the way, Mt. Lady’s normal height is 5’4″. Suddenly, she’s my favorite pro hero.

Anyway, we saw that even Mt. Lady was no match for Gigantomachia. He’s larger, stronger, and faster than she is. And there aren’t many other pro heroes who could stand a chance of stopping him. One of the few was Midnight. But, we saw how that turned out. Dabi and Mr. Compress were able to deflect her attack.

Mt. Lady trying to stop Gigantomachia from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 120
Mt. Lady trying to stop Gigantomachia

So, what kinds of quirks could stop Gigantomachia? One-for-All might be able to defeat him. But, I doubt Deku would be able to. It’d have to be All Might using One-for-All. Other than that, you need more than strength to take Gigantomachia down.

In theory, Midnight’s quirk could put him to sleep. I’m sure Shigaraki’s Decay would work on Gigantomachia. And we saw in the next episode preview that Mudman’s quirk worked, at least temporarily. Other than those, I can’t think of a quirk that would stop him. Can Rock Lock lock people in place?

I’m pretty sure ice quirks can’t stop him because he’d break through it. And the same is true for similar materials, like cement.

Now that I’m thinking about it more, Shigaraki actually has 2 quirks that can stop him. Both Decay and All-for-One would work. All-for-One would work better than Eraser Head’s quirk.

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Yao-momo’s Choice

So, I previously mentioned that Midnight’s attempt to stop Gigantomachia didn’t work. After she failed, she called up Yao-momo to tell her to try the exact same thing. Surely, trying to put Gigantomachia to sleep wouldn’t fail twice in a row, right?

Well, the students have some things going for them that Midnight didn’t. For starters, there are a lot more of them. Most of the Class 1-A and 1-B students are here. That’s way more than just Midnight and Kamui Wood. And Kamui Wood didn’t even get to do anything because of Dabi’s flames.

But, numbers aren’t all the students have on their side. Because they have greater numbers of people, they also have a greater variety of quirks. By using a bunch of their quirks together, they have a much better chance of accomplishing the plan. Yao-momo’s and Mudman’s quirks, in particular, are going to be useful.

An injured Midnight from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 120
An injured Midnight

Mudman can slow down, or even stop, Gigantomachia. And thanks to Yao-momo, all the students can effectively use Midnight’s quirk. She created jars of anesthetic that the students can throw at Gigantomachia. And, in theory, a concentrated enough dose will put him to sleep.

There’s one problem for the students, though. And it’s the same problem Midnight and Kamui Wood ran into. There are villains riding on Gigantomachia’s back. Dabi, Spinner, Himiko, Mr. Compress, and Skeptic are there. And from what I remember, Midnight didn’t warn Yao-momo about this. All she knows is that something big is heading her way.

Gigantomachia is a big enough problem on his own. But, he doesn’t think. So, it wouldn’t be that hard to trap him given the resources the students have. But, they’re going to have to deal with Dabi, as well. And that’s why I don’t see them succeeding.


What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 120? Is Shigaraki still too strong even without the use of his quirks? Are you team Mt. Lady or team Midnight? And what do you think would happen if Eraser Head used his quirk on Gigantomachia? Let me know in the comments.

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