Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 276

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 276

Welcome to Ouga’s Maze

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 276 starts the next arc of the anime series. This arc feels like it’s anime-original. I don’t know because I don’t read the manga (I like to go into each episode blind). But, even if it is anime-original, it seems like a fun arc.

A bunch of people, Boruto included, wake up in a mysterious facility. The last thing they remember before waking up is being on the Thunder Train. Then, an old guy shows up and tells them they survived a chemical plant explosion that the train got caught up in.

This old guy is Ouga, who later refers to himself as the lord of the maze. We don’t know if the story he told about the chemical plant explosion actually happened. It probably didn’t. But, what matters now is that Ouga wants to perform an experiment on his captives.

A broken puppet of Ouga from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 276
A broken puppet of Ouga

Now, there’s a correction I’d like to make from my Episode 275 review. Last week, I said that the captive rogue shinobi originally had explosive tags on his arms. And I said they were later taken off. It turns out they’re seals, not explosive tags, and them missing later on was a mistake.

Also, I was initially thinking that Sasuke’s presence would void this entire arc. My logic was, “well, he can use his Rinnegan to open a portal to another dimension, thus freeing everyone.” But then, I remembered that he doesn’t have his Rinnegan anymore.

Anyway, before the tests begin, Ouga kills one of the Hidden Mist shinobi to make an example out of him. Boruto then attacks him, and it’s revealed that Ouga is a puppet. Another Ouga appears shortly after and announces that there are 5 tests in total. And whoever survives wins their freedom.

First Test: Collapse

The first test of Ouga’s maze is Collapse. In this test, the competitors find themselves on a stone grid floating in the middle of a void. The stone is brittle, and blocks of it crumble away over time. To pass the test, competitors much reach a platform above the grid before they fall.

It’s a simple enough test. But, there are two things that make it a challenge. First, not everyone is a shinobi and so they’ll need help. And second, not everyone is helpful, regardless of if they’re a shinobi or not.

So, at this point, we should probably run through some of the characters. Starting with the Hidden Mist shinobi, there are 2 remaining (Ouga killed the other one). One of these is Anaguma, an older shinobi. And the other is a rogue shinobi, Rokuro, whom Anaguma captured. By the end of the test, only Rokuro remains.

A Hidden Cloud kunoichi from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 276
A Hidden Cloud kunoichi

We also have an unnamed kunoichi from the Hidden Cloud village. She blackmails an unnamed guy with a briefcase of cash into paying her to help him survive. There’s also an unnamed Hidden Grass shinobi. And there’s Shamo of the Hidden Stone village, who helped Boruto open the window on the train.

Boruto also isn’t the only Leaf shinobi present. Kiseru Gankubi is another Leaf shinobi who claims to know Konohamaru. During this first test, he helps Boruto and Anaguma save as many non-shinobi as they can.

Two non-shinobi who also help others are Namua and Yatsume. Namua is a tall, bald man who looks like he could be a priest. Yatsume is a mystery, though. I’m calling her a non-shinobi only because she doesn’t have a forehead protector. She acts, moves, and feels like a shinobi. I’m interested to find out where she’s from.

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14 Competitors Remaining

By the end of the first test, there are 14 competitors remaining. The named characters are Boruto, Kiseru, Shamo, Rokuro, Yatsume, and Namua. The others are the Grass shinobi, Cloud kunoichi, briefcase guy, an old couple, and 3 other women.

Of the named characters, I could see Namua and the Grass shinobi not surviving all 5 tests. Boruto (obviously), Kiseru, Shamo, Rokuro, and Yatsume all seem like survivors, to me. Same with the cloud kunoichi, the briefcase guy, and the woman wearing pink.

The other 2 women, I don’t have high hopes for. One of them already lost her husband to the first test. And the defining characteristic of the other is that she’s wearing purple. As for the old couple, I’d like to see them make it out alive. Would the series really kill off a nice old couple like that?

Yatsume introducing herself to Boruto from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 276
Yatsume introducing herself to Boruto

At this point, I should mention Kakesu. Kakesu is the woman who unlocked Rokuro’s handcuffs. By doing so, she indirectly killed Anaguma. Though, he would have died anyway even if she didn’t uncuff Rokuro. Still, Anaguma would rather die with Rokuro than let Rokuro go free — that’s how dangerous Rokuro is.

Unfortunately for Kakesu, she dies shortly after this when the ground crumbles away. Throughout the whole episode, Kakesu is the only named character who died.

Back to the survivors, there are a few factions that have appeared. Boruto, Kiseru, Shamo, and Namua are allies. We can also assume the old couple and the three women will be sticking with them, too.

Then, there’s the Cloud kunoichi and the briefcase guy. And the Grass shinobi and Rokuro both appear to be on their own. Yatsume is the odd one out because she’s half allied with Boruto and half on her own.


What do you think of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 276? Do you think Sasuke would have made a difference if he was here? Where do you think Yatsume is from? And which of the remaining 14 competitors do you think will die next? Let me know in the comments.

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