Chained Soldier Episode 7 Review

Chained Soldier Episode 7 Review

Tenka Izumo’s Ame-no-Mitori

Chained Soldier Episode 7 confirmed what Tenka Izumo’s peach ability is. She can manipulate space — and we see her do this in two specific ways in this episode. But, it’s possible that she can use this ability in additional ways, as well.

Back in my review of Episode 6, I theorized about what Tenka’s ability could be. And, at the time, I wasn’t sure if creating portals was unique to her. Though, I was pretty convinced that her ability had to do with the portals to some extent.

Well, now we know. The portals are unique to Tenka. And, they’re not exactly portals in the sense that I was thinking of them. Like, yes, they’re portals. But, more precisely, they’re wormholes created by her space manipulation. She can enter a wormhole in one place and exit from it in another.

Tenka Izumo using her peach ability Ame-no-Mitori from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 7
Tenka Izumo using her peach ability Ame-no-Mitori

Creating wormholes alone would be a pretty powerful ability. However, that’s only part of what Tenka can do. We also saw her create a black hole to suck in her opponent. And, if the villain wasn’t saved by his ally, that would have been game over for him. There’s no coming back from that.

From what I saw, there also doesn’t appear to be a drawback to Tenka using her ability. Like any ability, she’ll get worn out if she uses it too much. But, we saw her use it quite a bit here and she didn’t look tired afterward.

Now, the craziest thing about Tenka’s ability is what it means for the 6th Squadron. They have members who can control both time and space. And, yet, they’re not even the strongest of the Mato Defense Force squadrons. So, what kinds of overpowered abilities do the other squadrons have?

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Twice the Work, Twice the Reward

In the most recent fight against the shuuki, Yuuki did something new. He became the slave of two masters (Kyouka and Himari) at the same time. This made him even more powerful than if he was the slave of only one of them.

Before I continue, I want to point out once again that this is likely the most masters he’ll ever have. I mentioned this in one of my earlier episode reviews. But, only Kyouka and Himari can become Yuuki’s master because it’s part of Kyouka’s ability.

So, I doubt we’ll ever see an even more powerful Yuuki with three masters. He might get another power-up in a different way. But, it won’t likely be through the addition of another master. Now, with that said, this power-up also doesn’t seem like something we’re going to see used often.

Kyouka and Himari undressing to bathe with Yuuki from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 7
Kyouka and Himari undressing to bathe with Yuuki

Yes, having two masters made Yuuki twice as strong. But, it also came with twice the cost — both for Yuuki and for his masters. Yuuki was worn out more than usual. This could be due to the number of shuuki he fought. However, it also seems to be due to his power output while in that form.

Luckily for Yuuki, having two masters means he gets two rewards. And, the reward he got this time was bathing with Kyouka and Himari. That’s a pretty good reward. But, the reward itself seems to be based on how hard Yuuki worked.

So, if he had two masters and he did a little bit of work, he might get a normal kiss from each of them. But, because he fought so many shuuki in this battle, his reward was greater. That’s why this was the most sexual reward he’s received, so far.

Visiting the 6th Squadron

In the second half of Episode 6, Kyouka, Himari, and Yuuki visit the 6th Squadron’s headquarters. Tenka, Yachiho, and Sahara are there, as expected. But, Tenka also mentions that they have other members who are currently out.

We don’t know how many other members the 6th Squadron has. However, we know there’s more than one since Tenka mentioned members (plural). And, we know one of the people not currently at their HQ is the caretaker. Though, I’m going to assume the 6th Squadron’s caretaker isn’t a man like Yuuki.

What about the other member(s)? There may be only one other aside from the caretaker. And, if that’s the case, I’d expect them to fulfill a role similar to Nei in the 7th Squadron. After all, Tenka, Yachiho, and Sahara are all combatants. Well, Tenka’s also a support type. But, they’re not dedicated supports like Nei is.

Yachiho Azuma in the gym from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 7
Yachiho Azuma in the gym

Speaking of Nei, she’s the titular character in the next episode. And the reason I’m bringing that up is because it implies we won’t meet the other members of the 6th Squadron just yet. If we were, I’d assume the episode to be named after one of them.

There are some other things we learned about members of the 6th Squadron I want to mention. The first is that Yachiho has an obsession with Himari. We knew she secretly liked her younger sister. But, after seeing her room, it’s clear she’s obsessed.

Yachiho isn’t the only member of the 6th Squadron who likes someone from the 7th. Tenka is also interested in Yuuki. And, at the end of the episode, she asks if Kyouka would be willing to give him to her. I doubt Kyouka will allow this since only she (and Himari) can bring out Yuuki’s potential.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Mato Seihei no Slave Episode 7? Is Tenka’s or Yachiho’s peach ability stronger? Were you surprised that Shushu didn’t try to insert herself into Yuuki’s reward this week? And, why do you think Tenka wants Yuuki? Does she have a crush on him or is there another reason?

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