Chained Soldier Episode 8 Review

Chained Soldier Episode 8 Review

A Late-Night Visit from Tenka

Chained Soldier Episode 8 reveals what Tenka wants with Yuuki. She’s looking for companionship. She doesn’t want him because he can fight (with the help of Kyouka’s ability). And, she’s not particularly interested in making him the caretaker of the 6th Squadron.

All she wants is to be in a romantic relationship with him. He impressed Tenka with his loyalty to Kyouka. And, she thinks he’s pretty cute, too. In fact, she doesn’t even want to steal him from Kyouka. She’s fine with just being able to date him in their free time.

This episode changed my mind about Tenka. Before this, I wasn’t really interested in her. She has a cool peach ability. But, I wasn’t much of a fan of her personality or appearance. Now, though, I’m viewing her personality more favorably. She’s kind of cute.

Shushu interrupting Yuuki and Tenka from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 8
Shushu interrupting Yuuki and Tenka

Of course, that doesn’t mean I want to see Yuuki end up with Tenka. I’m still on team Shushu, even though I like Himari a lot, too. Shushu’s relationship with Yuuki is the cutest and I want her to succeed. But, I also recognize that isn’t likely to happen. This looks like more of a harem situation.

Alright, so, at the start of Episode 8, Tenka makes a late-night visit to Yuuki’s room. This isn’t the first time she’s done this. But, it’s the first time she’s done it while Yuuki was awake. Previously, she entered his room and stared at him while he slept like a psycho.

Something I’m a little surprised about is how Yuuki rejected Tenka’s advances. He didn’t outright reject her. However, his reaction to her advances isn’t the same as his reaction to Kyouka, Himari, and Shushu. Kyouka and Himari are a bit different, though, since they’re compelled to “reward” him.

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Kyouka Loans Out Her Slave

I think in one of the earlier episode reviews, I mentioned how we’d only get “reward” scenes for Kyouka and Himari. At the time, I thought only Kyouka and Himari could use Kyouka’s Slave ability. Kyouka can obviously use it. And, Himari can use it thanks to her Learning ability.

Based on that, it seemed impossible for any other characters to become Yuuki’s “master.” And, that would mean that none of the other characters would have to give him a reward. However, that wasn’t exactly a problem. Shushu rewards Yuuki anyway because she likes him.

We now know that other characters can become Yuuki’s master and be compelled to reward him. Apparently, Kyouka can loan out her slave to anyone she wishes. But, she didn’t realize that the person she loans her slave to is the one who has to provide the reward.

Shushu Suruga from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 8
Shushu Suruga

Since Kyouka’s still the one using the Slave ability, she figured she’d still have to reward Yuuki. She’s still the one whose energy the use of the ability drains in this situation. As you might have guessed, though, that would be less interesting. It’s more interesting for more girls to reward Yuuki.

So, in Episode 8, both Nei and Shushu try out being Yuuki’s master. And, like when Himari took control of Yuuki, he changes into a different form for both Nei and Shushu. Yuuki’s Nei form enhances his senses and gives him X-ray vision. His Shushu form is slow but powerful.

Since it was only a test, the rewards Yuuki got here weren’t that exciting. Nei gave him a kiss on the cheek. But, you could argue his real reward for working with her was seeing through the other girls’ clothes. And, his reward from Shushu was her bandaging the arm she crushed.

Human and Shuuki Meeting

It turns out that the Supreme Commander of the Mato Defence Force wants to have a meeting with the Shuuki. Specifically, she wants to have a meeting between the MDF commanders and the humanoid Shuuki. But, why would she want this?

The existence of the humanoid Shuuki changed the situation within Mato. If there are humanoid Shuuki capable of speech, then they could be as intelligent as humans. And if they’re as intelligent as humans, war might not be the only solution. It’s possible that there could be a diplomatic solution to the Mato problem.

So, let me make a prediction. I think that there ultimately will be a diplomatic solution. But, that seems like it won’t happen until the end of the series. I’m predicting that Yuuki will be the key to this because his sister is one of the humanoid Shuuki. And, you know, because this is a harem series.

Shikoku watching the Mato Defense Force from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 8
Shikoku watching the Mato Defense Force

One big problem standing in the way of diplomacy, however, is what the humanoid Shuuki are after. From what I remember, we still don’t know what their goal is. Though, we know that Yuuki’s sister believes the Shuuki are on the correct side of history.

If the Shuuki’s goal is to eradicate humanity, then diplomacy can’t work. But, if it’s almost anything else, there may be common ground to be found. Who’s to say that humanity and Shuuki can’t live side by side?

Another problem is that not all of the humanoid Shuuki appear to be on the same page. Shikoku (the snake girl), for example, finds humans interesting. But, the other humanoid Shuuki we see with her in this episode doesn’t exactly agree. And, the male humanoid Shuuki we previously saw doesn’t like humans. So, there’s some internal politics going on.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Chained Soldier Episode 8? Which of the girls would you most like to see Yuuki end up with? Do you like that Kyouka can now loan Yuuki out as a slave to others? And, do you believe the humans and Shuuki can find common ground?

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