Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 7 Review

Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 7 Review

Azure in Trouble!

Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 7 was a pretty good episode. But, considering it was a Magia Azure episode, I thought it would be a bit better. The best content came toward the end. And, for the most part, the rest of the episode was fine.

In Episode 7, Azure has to come to terms with the fact that she’s been changed by Magia Baiser. As we’ve seen over the course of the series, Azure has become a masochist. She no longer has the drive to fight Baiser. Instead, she wants Baiser to dominate her.

If this was happening in a vacuum, that would be one thing. But, Azure’s failings don’t only affect her. They affect Magenta and Sulfur, as well. If Azure isn’t pulling her weight in the fights against Enormita, it’s three against two. Though, whether or not that actually matters is up for debate.

Nero Alice and Magia Baiser from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 7
Nero Alice and Magia Baiser

Sure, when fighting Enormita, Azure isn’t doing much to help her teammates. However, does she need to? Baiser and Nero Alice don’t want to destroy the magical girls — they want to play with them. It’s only Leoparde who wants to see the magical girls disappear.

So, with that in mind, fights against Enormita aren’t very high-stakes. Enormita isn’t attacking civilians or anything like that. They’re only fighting the Tres Magia and primarily doing so because it’s fun.

If the Tres Magia were fighting a monster that was attacking the city, things would be different. Azure would likely be helpful in a situation like that. The only way she wouldn’t be is if it was a tentacle monster. Then, she might happen to get herself captured again.

But, I guess every second spent fighting Enormita is a second wasted. The Tres Magia could be doing other things.

Magical Girl Exhibition

I thought there weren’t ever going to be other magical girls or Enormita villains in this series. We see some other girls in the opening for Mahoako. But, I assumed those girls would be part of some third party.

However, Episode 7 features some additional magical girls and villains. So, let’s start by going over what we know about the three new magical girls. And, that shouldn’t take too long because we basically know nothing about them. We know that they exist and we know what they look like. But, that’s it.

Well, I guess there are technically four new magical girls. The first of them is Magical Girl Miracle Mimiru. She could be a real magical girl. But, it seems more likely that she’s a made-up magical girl. We only see her within the context of an anime.

Utena Hiiragi at a magical girl exhibition from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 7
Utena Hiiragi at a magical girl exhibition

Alright, so the other magical girls. Utena and Sayo both attend a magical girl exhibition. And, in this exhibition, we see a lot of different magical girl outfits. But, other than the Tres Magia (and Miracle Mimiru), we only see pictures of three other magical girls. So, I’m guessing these three will appear in the series at some point.

The first is a girl with pink hair and a blue, gold, and white outfit. The second is a girl with blonde hair and a green and white outfit. And, the third is a girl with short orange hair and an orange and white outfit.

I don’t remember seeing any pictures of these three together. But, I’m going to assume that, like the Tres Magia, they’re a magical girl unit. Though, it’s not like magical girls have to work in teams of three. We know that Magia Magenta started off as a solo magical girl.

The Fall of Azure

Toward the end of Episode 7, we see Baiser almost break Azure. She tortured Azure to the point that Azure almost ceased being a magical girl. She almost fell to the dark side and even began begging “Mistress” Baiser to punish her more.

Unfortunately, this is where Utena and I have differing opinions regarding magical girls. Once Azure stops fighting back, Utena loses interest. Utena doesn’t torture the Tres Magia simply because she wants to torture them. She enjoys seeing magical girls struggling and fighting their hardest despite being tortured.

If Azure stops fighting back, then there’s no point. She wouldn’t even be a magical girl any longer. And, as we know, that’s very important to Utena. She doesn’t want to torture just anyone. It has to be a magical girl who’s fighting back against her or it’s not worth it.

Magia Azure looking up at Magia Baiser from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 7
Magia Azure looking up at Magia Baiser

Baiser decides to fly off before Azure breaks completely. But, what would have happened if she didn’t? What if she accepted Azure as her torture slave? Well, at the very end of the episode, we see what that might look like. Azure, would cease being a magical girl altogether.

The new magical girls may or may not show up in the series. But, we know for a fact that four more members of Enormita will. There’s a group of three — one dressed like a ship captain, one like an assassin(?), and one like a nun. And, there’s a woman who appears to be the leader of Enormita.

These Enormita villains are the real deal. They’re closer to Leoparde than Baiser or Nero Alice. They actually want to defeat magical girls — and they do defeat magical girls. So, while they’re still Enormita members, I think they’ll be in conflict with Baiser.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 7? Do you think we’ll get an episode like this for Magenta and Sulfur, too? Will the three new magical girls ever show up in the series? And, which of the new villains’ designs do you like the most?

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