Chained Soldier Episode 9 Review

Chained Soldier Episode 9 Review

Wholesome Rewards

Over the past two episodes of Chained Soldier, Yuuki received some wholesome rewards. In Episode 9, he picked up Kyouka like a princess and got a kiss from her. That’s pretty cute if you ask me. And, in Episode 8, he got a kiss on the cheek from the adorable Nei-senpai.

These rewards are quite different from some of the other rewards we’ve seen Yuuki receive. You know, things like bathing with Kyouka and Himari or having Kyouka sit on his face. So, here’s my question to you. Do you prefer these wholesome rewards over the dirty ones?

I’m not sure which I prefer. I like the wholesome rewards. But, at the same time, the dirty rewards are a major part of the series. Like, I don’t think the series would be very popular without them. I know I certainly wouldn’t be as interested in it.

Yuuki kissing Kyouka while carrying her from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 9
Yuuki kissing Kyouka while carrying her

But, something I was thinking about while watching Episode 9 is that there needs to be a balance. The wholesome content is what makes me get invested in the characters. I’ve liked Shushu from the start because she has a crush on Yuuki. And I liked Himari and Tenka a lot more once we saw their cuter sides.

However, if there’s no ecchi content, Chained Soldier isn’t all that exciting. I could watch plenty of other anime if I want good action and romance. The ecchi content is what makes this series more unique.

Now, there was some ecchi content in this episode. We got to see Coco licking Yuuki all over. But, that wasn’t quite the same as some of the previous ecchi content in the series. First of all, it wasn’t uncensored. And second of all, it didn’t tie into Yuuki’s fantasies, which is important.

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Humanoid Shuuki Are People Too

We got to see a pretty different side of the humanoid Shuuki in Episode 9. The fact that they’re sentient and have personalities is nothing new. Even Yuuki’s sister still being herself despite her current appearance isn’t new. But, we hadn’t yet gotten to see them acting like humans.

Things like Aoba and Coco wrestling and laughing together are what’s new. Or, the other, unnamed humanoid Shuuki going about their daily lives in the village. When we see things like that, it illustrates that the humanoid Shuuki are still people.

And, Aoba points out something very important. The Shuuki that Yuuki and the MDF usually fight are 100% monsters. However, the humanoid Shuuki were all humans at one point. They know what it means to be human. And, they probably still have human family members who are missing them.

Naon Yuno (and Coco Zenibako) from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 9
Naon Yuno (and Coco Zenibako)

Considering all of this, it’s no wonder that Yuuki believes there’s a path to peace. The Commander in Chief of the MDF wants to set up a meeting between both sides. So, if the humanoid Shuuki are still human to an extent, they should be able to find common ground.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem possible right now. Aoba, Naon, and Coco reject meeting with the MDF and declare that they’re going to continue to fight. I’ll get into why I think this is their stance in the next section. But, I want to point out that I still believe that there will be peace in the end.

Yuuki’s the bridge between the two sides. The girls of the MDF like him, so he has a decent amount of sway there. All the humanoid Shuuki like Aoba, so she similarly has sway in her domain. And since they’re siblings, they should be able to work things out.

Peace Was Never an Option

Okay, so why isn’t peace an option (currently)? We don’t know for sure just yet. But, we can infer some things from what little the humanoid Shuuki said. In particular, what Aoba said. And, the first thing is that they view the MDF as their enemy.

There was nothing said about humanity being the enemy of the humanoid Shuuki. At least, not from these three. Some of the other humanoid Shuuki might not agree with that. But, it’s specifically the MDF that Aoba, Naon, and Coco have an issue with.

So, what did the MDF do to them? As far as we know, nothing. After all, the MDF only recently learned of the existence of humanoid Shuuki. At least, as far as we know. It’s possible that the higher-ups already knew. And, it’s possible that they did something to the humanoid Shuuki in the past.

Naon, Aoba, and Coco from the anime series Chained Soldier Episode 9
Naon, Aoba, and Coco

What could they have done? Did they commit humanoid Shuuki genocide? Again, it’s possible. But, something else Aoba says seems to imply something different. She says that the reason the humanoid Shuuki look the way they do is due to the Mato Peaches.

However, we also learn that Aoba never ate a Mato Peach — at least not when Yuuki knew her as a human. So, did she decide to start eating them once she arrived in Mato? Did she have to in order to survive after the Mato incident that took her away?

Or, was the MDF responsible for her disappearance and current situation? Did they kidnap and experiment on her? I’m going to predict that’s the case. I’m predicting that the humanoid Shuuki were created against their will by the MDF. And, I predict that only those at the very top know about this. It’s a conspiracy.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about Chained Soldier Episode 9? Do you prefer the wholesome or ecchi rewards Yuuki gets? How do you think one becomes a humanoid Shuuki? And, why do you think they view the MDF as their enemies despite a proposed peace agreement?

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