Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 8 Review

Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 8 Review

Here Comes the Lord Squad!

Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 8 formally introduces the Lord Squad of Enormita. Well, to be precise, the Lord Squad isn’t exactly part of Enormita. But, I’ll get to that in a bit. First, who are these new villains and what do we know about them?

First of all, these four are the founding members of Enormita. Their villain names are Loco Musica, Leberblume, Sister Gigant, and Lord Enorme. As you can probably tell, Lord Enorme is the leader. And, the organization appears to be named after her. She’s the one who’s seeking world domination.

We don’t yet know what Leberblume’s and Lord Enorme’s abilities are. But, we do know what Loco Musica’s and Sister Gigant’s are. Loco Musica fights using sound and Sister Gigant can turn into a giant. Even if we hadn’t seen them use their abilities, you may have been able to guess them based on their names.

Loco Musica from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 8
Loco Musica

Now, what is Lord Squad? At first, I assumed it was just the internal name for these four within Enormita. But, that’s not the case. The founding members of Enormita actually decided to leave the organization. Their new group is Lord Squad.

But, why would they have left Enormita? It doesn’t make any sense. Enormita is their organization and it’s named after Lord Enorme. So, why not kick Magia Baiser, Leoparde, and Nero Alice out? Why let those three (and Venalita) take over Enormita by creating a new organization?

This split also shows us that Venalita’s role is a bit more complex. Did he grant the members of Lord Squad their powers? Or, did he join them after the fact? And, why is he now supporting Baiser’s group? I assume he founded Enormita and always intended for it to be what Baiser has turned it into.

Villain Power Levels

One of the seemingly important things we learned in Episode 8 is that there are villain power levels. From what we’ve seen, the more stars a villain has on her body (the head or neck), the stronger she is. So, with that in mind, who’s the strongest and who’s the weakest?

So, you may have noticed the stars on the Lord Squad members. In fact, Loco Musica even points hers out. She, Leberblume, and Sister Gigant all have three stars. Loco Musica’s stars are on her neck. Leberlume’s are on her right upper arm. And Sister Gigant’s are under her left eye.

Lord Enorme has four stars going down her forehead. So, from that, we know she’s the strongest of the group (duh). But, how do the Enormita girls stack up? That’s something that might surprise you due to how the Lord Squad girls spoke to Leoparde.

Leberblume from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 8

Okay, so, the Lord Squad girls made fun of Leoparde for having no stars. From what I can tell, they’re correct. Unless Leoparde’s stars are hidden somewhere, she doesn’t have any. And, that would make her the weakest of the villains because Baiser and Nero Alice both do have stars.

Nero Alice has three stars across her forehead. This means she should be on par with the majority of the Lord Squad. That also makes sense considering how powerful Nero Alice’s ability can be if used right. What about Baiser, though? Her star count isn’t as clear-cut.

Baiser has one star under each eye. That’s two. But, her pupils are also stars. Do those count? If so, that’s four. And, her horns each have a star on them. If those count, that’s six. And, when she goes into her crazed mode, the single stars under her eyes multiply into four each.

Loco Musica the Idol

From the title of the next episode, it seems like we’ll be getting more Loco Musica content next week. But, let’s go over what we saw of her in this episode. As I mentioned earlier, her ability lets her fight with the power of music.

Why music? Because she dreams of being the world’s most popular idol. And, she believes that following Lord Enorme is her best way to accomplish that. Once Lord Enorme conquers the world, she’ll obviously appoint Loco Musica as the number one idol. At least, that’s Loco Musica’s logic.

Unfortunately for Loco Musica, she’s probably right about that being her best option. She’s definitely not going to become a popular idol the traditional way. She’s terrible at singing and can’t come up with good lyrics to save her life. But, at the very least, her performance gave me a good laugh.

Sister Gigant from the anime series Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 8
Sister Gigant

We don’t know how old Loco Musica is. Though, I suspect she’s also a middle school student like Baiser, Leoparde, and the Tres Magia. And, I’m going to guess that Leberblume is the same age, as well. Sister Gigant and Lord Enorme seem older based on their physiques.

Anyway, at the end of the episode, Loco Musica returns to HQ after failing to defeat Leoparde and Nero Alice. When she does, Lord Enorme punishes her by forcing her to strip and then whipping her. From this, it’s pretty clear that there’s a toxic work environment over at Lord Squad.

So, my prediction is that Loco Musica is going to split off. I’m not sure if she’ll join the Enormita girls — she might. But, I think she’s going to realize that being part of Lord Squad isn’t good for her. She’s not going to become an idol that way.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Gushing over Magical Girls Episode 8? Which member of the Lord Squad is your favorite, so far? How many stars do you think Magia Baiser actually has? And, do you think Loco Musica is going to defect from the Lord Squad back to Enormita?

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