Fruits Basket Episode 5

Fruits Basket Episode 5

I’ve Been Fooling Myself

The time has finally come. Tooru has received word from her grandfather that the renovations to his house are nearly complete and that she can now move back home with him. The outer walls are still unfinished, but other than that it’s basically a brand new home.

Nobody in Shigure’s house wants Tooru to leave, not even Tooru herself, but they all knew that this day would eventually come. From the start she was always meant to be a temporary guest, but over the weeks, or months, that she’s been living with the Soumas she’s gotten used to being a part of their family.

However, Tooru tries to make the best of every situation she finds herself in, and this one is no exception. She rationalizes this change by saying that even if she can no longer live with the Soumas, at least her grandfather’s new home will be better than living out of the tent.

And, it’s not all bad. It’s not like she’ll never get to see Yuki or Kyo ever again; they’re all in the same class after all. But, what’s most important is that Tooru gets to keep her memories of her time living with Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo.

Moving Home

At her grandfather’s new house we discover that Tooru doesn’t really have the best relationship with her extended family. Her relationship with her grandfather is good, but that’s about it. The reason this matters is because now that the house is larger, it’s not just Tooru and her grandfather living there anymore.

Along with those two, Tooru’s aunt and two cousins are also in the house, and it’s clear that they don’t think very highly of her. Tooru was most likely taken in by her grandfather after her aunt refused to take her in.

In this new house she also has to share a room with her female cousin, and this cousin doesn’t attempt to hide her displeasure at the situation. But, even so, Tooru continues to try to make the best out of her new life.

Tooru Honda from the anime series Fruits Basket
Tooru Honda

It’s then revealed that Tooru’s aunt had hired a private detective to find out where Tooru had been staying. I thought this was going to cause an issue for the Souma clan due to their secret, but it turned out not to be a big deal (yet).

Basically Tooru’s male cousin is working to become a police officer, and her aunt wanted to make sure that Tooru wasn’t dishonoring their family name by doing anything that would reflect the Hondas in a negative light. I still feel like this private investigation will be brought up again later on though.

But, as I mentioned, while Tooru doesn’t have a good relationship with her aunt and cousins, she does have a good one with her grandfather. And, he even stands up for her against the rest of the family when they’re putting her down (even if he calls her Kyouko instead of Tooru).

He also tells her that while she’s welcome to continue living with him and the rest of his family, Tooru shouldn’t feel that she needs to stay there if she doesn’t want to. He recognizes that perhaps she was happier when living with the Soumas, and to him that’s what’s most important.

A Daring Rescue

Unfortunately for Tooru even if she wants to go back to living with the Soumas she can’t exactly just invite herself back into Shigure’s home. However, luckily for her, Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo all want her to come back, especially Yuki and Kyo.

When she left their home, she made sure to give them a note with her new address on it just in case. Yuki takes this note and goes off in search of Tooru because he wants her to come back. Upon learning that Yuki did this, Kyo runs off after him because he wants to bring her back too.

Despite how these two are constantly fighting, they work together to find Tooru and bring her back. It seems she’s the one person who can make the two of them put aside their differences.

But, before breaking into the Honda home, which they most certainly do, they spy on the Hondas through a window. As Yuki explains to Kyo, they need to be sure that coming back to live with them is what Tooru wants as well before they essentially kidnap her.

The good news is that it doesn’t take long for Tooru to say that she wants to go back to living with the Soumas, and when she does so Yuki and Kyo spring into action. Yuki stands up to Tooru’s male cousin while Kyo whisks her away in an unromantic fashion.

Welcome Back

Surprisingly, we also finally learned why this series is called Fruits Basket, or at least where the name originates from. Fruits basket was a game Tooru’s class played in elementary school, but she was always picked on and left out.

Yuki and Kyo Souma waiting for Tooru Honda from the anime series Fruits Basket
Yuki and Kyo waiting for Tooru

Now that Yuki and Kyo have come to rescue her from her family home and take her back to theirs, Tooru finally feels like she’s been included. And, it’s not just Yuki and Kyo who welcome her back. Even Shigure is waiting for her return, and we can assume Kagura will be glad to know Tooru is back as well.

Shigure even reveals that the usually calm and collected Yuki was torn up by Tooru’s absence, which says a lot about how his character has developed since the start of the series. Since Kyo already has Kagura, it now seems even more likely that Tooru is going to end up with Yuki.

It was nice to see that all the Souma’s we’ve officially met so far think of Tooru as a member of their family despite the fact that she’s really an outsider. Honestly, I wouldn’t really even mind if the series ended without Tooru and one of the Souma boys getting together as long as they all remain a happy family.


So, what did you think of this week’s episode of Fruits Basket? I enjoyed it, and it seems to set up a future conflict with the private investigator. I’m thinking that it’ll later be revealed that he learned something about the Souma clan secret.

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